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Coast Mental Health Foundation

Low Barrier Employment for People with Mental Illness

For the past 30 years, Coast Mental Health has operated supported employment programs for people with severe mental illness. We have observed the difficulty people with severe mental illness have in returning to work due to the symptoms of their illness, their medication and their lack of confidence. Coast has seen that opportunities to work need to have structured expectations but offer the client flexibility, time to practice good work skills and to become accustomed to working. In 2009,Coast had the opportunity to develop a new low barrier employment program, the” Street Cleaning Crew” with funding from the City of Vancouver. The project hires and trains people with mental illness in skills required to clean community sidewalks, gutters and alleys of refuse and debris. The workers are supported by Peer Support Workers and supervised on the job by project staff until they regain their independent work skills. Once they reach that point the clients are encourage to find other paid employment if that is appropriate for their health.

Victoria Disability Resource Centre

A GPS to Meaningful Employment for Persons with Disabilities

We want to create a continuum of sevices that will resutl in concrete systemic change and facilitate the employability of persons with disabilities. An individualized, non-prescriptive approach will encompass the entire process of reaching sustainable employment. This model will begin with a comprehensive person centred planning process that addresses barriers the individual encounters. Clients will be provided with a facilitated strategic planning process. Then the client will be matched with a mentor who will support them towards their employability goal. Secondarily, the VDRC has a history of facilitating disability awareness training with various stakeholders. However, this training has not been designed specifically with a focus on employment issues. We intend to modify this training to increase employers' awareness of and comfort level with addressing disability issues. Following the training, we will develop a workplace based mentorship program so that there is cross learning between the employer and person(s) with disabilities. Also, to follow on the work developed with employers by the Community Council's Quality of Life Challenge, we would develop a community based employer network interested in addressing systemic issues related to disability.