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Friends Of The Summerland Research Station Gardens

Best Practices for Sustainable Water Conservation Landscaping in the Okanagan

The Summerland Ornamental Gardens are located on a 6 hectare site of national horticultural significance with extensive botanical collections of native & introduced ornamental plants set within a unique dry ecosystem. The Project will introduce & demonstrate leading edge water conservation practices & technologies and will mobilize the community by creating a water stewardship team to raise awareness of sustainable water conservation landscaping. This Project will have two main parts: • introduction & demonstration of ecological science based practices & technologies in the planning, design & management of xeric or dry landscapes • education about these practices for the general public as well as public and private sector targeted groups, together with measurement of the impacts of adoption of such practices The Friends are uniquely positioned with partners in local and regional government, educational institutions and the media, and expert advisors in water management and ecological science to lead water conservation landscaping using this major horticultural resource.

Pacific Parklands Foundation

Restoration of Guichon Creek - Bioswale Building & Bank Restoration

Guichon Creek, situated on the BCIT campus, has been undergoing restoration work by the BCIT Fish, Wildlife, and Recreation program and the Rivers Institute. Catching the Spirit youth will work with these organizations on the restoration efforts, in particular, work on the interception of sediment and urban runoff pollution that is currently affecting the health of the creek; home to both cutthroat trout and coho salmon. This hands-on project is an opportunity for youth to help restore the creek and its habitat. The project includes the building of a bioswale, a native vegetated drainage ditch that catches and filters sediment and pollutants from urban runoff, providing cleaner less polluted water for the creek. The banks of the creek will be restored through removal of invasive species and planting of native species to improve the creeks biodiversity. Fence building along the creek's riparian area will help delineate the sensitive area of the creek. CtS Youth will learn planning, leadership and restoration techniques important for the stewardship of fish and wildlife habitat.

The Sustainability Institute of Canada

Environment and Diversity Forum Series

Ethno-cultural communities across Canada have shown a strong desire to participate in environmental programming, that they have a concern about the environment and quality of life, and that Environmental NGOs (ENGOs) historically just have not worked with them. ENGOs have now come to realize that they have as much to learn from different ethno-cultural communities as these groups have from them, and that they become stronger and more relevant to the communities they work with when there is sincere collaboration. We are holding a series of one-day environment and diversity forums in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg and Toronto to: 1. Share knowledge, experiences and best practices in engaging and developing collaborative relationships with ethno-cultural communities; 2. Discuss ways how ENGOs are promoting diversity within their organizations; 3. Compare and contrast environment and diversity initiatives in various cities; 4. Share these findings with other Canadian ENGOs and the general public; and, 5. Inspire ENGOs to develop their own environment and diversity initiatives.