Awarded Grants

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Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra Society

Inspiration from the Professionals

The Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra 'Inspiration from the Professionals' project is an initiative that will provide 115 young VYSO musicians an opportunity to work closely and intensively with dynamic young professionals from the metro Vancouver community. These young VYSO musicians will be greatly enriched with musical knowledge and inspiration through this mentorship. The mentors engaged for this 2013 project are the talented young men, Anthony Chung, Alex Chung and John Littlejohn, of the local and professional ensemble named, Infinitus Trio. The 'Inspiration from the Professionals' partnership project will comprise of one weekend of collaborative rehearsals, workshops and one final public performance. VYSO Debut and Junior musicians and the Infinitus Trio professionals will share the language of music on the concert stage, at Vancouver's beautiful Kay Meek Centre on Mother's Day, May 12, 2013.

Vibrant Surrey Poverty Reduction Society

The Collaborative Research Project on Poverty in Surrey

The research project has compiled existing data from a wide spectrum of sources including local level measures and indicators as well as key socio-demographic and economic data available through the Census. The analysis of the data has produced an overall picture of poverty in Surrey who is affected, what are the key challenges facing people living in poverty, and what measures or actions are working to address the issue? The research project has identified a number of policy issues that have significant impact on people living in poverty. These policy areas are transportation, housing, income and supports. Fact sheets have been developed and will be presented at a community forum, where stakeholders will help to create an Action Plan that identifies key activities to be pursued by various sectors in the community – social service agencies, businesses, and local and senior levels of government. This collaborative work will enable Surrey-based community agencies to plan and evaluate programs, to establish need for services, and to influence public policy.

Victoria Brain Injury Society

Survivor, Supporter, Success!

The “Survivor, Supporter, Success!” program provides volunteer and employment training and mentorship to brain injury survivors. A large percentage of survivors are unable to return to their previous professions post-injury and must find gainful employment or volunteer opportunities in an environment that works with their disabilities. This program aims to rehabilitate and retrain survivors so they are able to volunteer or re-enter the workforce. Participants complete a peer support training course which enables them to become certified peer support volunteers. They develop transferable skills, including active learning and listening, problem solving, critical thinking, social perceptiveness, time management and communication skills. Once in their position as peer supporters, they support other survivors during their rehabilitation. This mutually beneficial program enhances the capacity and self-confidence of the peer supporters and is utilized as a stepping stone to paid employment, while providing recent survivors with educated, understanding peer mentors.

Victoria Cool Aid Society

Community Casual Labour Pool

The "Community Casual Labour Pool" project matches individuals looking for short-term work placements with local employers, generating income and opportunity for people with disabilities.

Victoria Disability Resource Centre

A GPS to Meaningful Employment for Persons with Disabilities

We want to create a continuum of sevices that will resutl in concrete systemic change and facilitate the employability of persons with disabilities. An individualized, non-prescriptive approach will encompass the entire process of reaching sustainable employment. This model will begin with a comprehensive person centred planning process that addresses barriers the individual encounters. Clients will be provided with a facilitated strategic planning process. Then the client will be matched with a mentor who will support them towards their employability goal. Secondarily, the VDRC has a history of facilitating disability awareness training with various stakeholders. However, this training has not been designed specifically with a focus on employment issues. We intend to modify this training to increase employers' awareness of and comfort level with addressing disability issues. Following the training, we will develop a workplace based mentorship program so that there is cross learning between the employer and person(s) with disabilities. Also, to follow on the work developed with employers by the Community Council's Quality of Life Challenge, we would develop a community based employer network interested in addressing systemic issues related to disability.

Victoria International Development Education Association

From the Heart: Enter into the Journey of Reconciliation

This is an arts-based civic engagement project designed to give non-Indigenous Canadians a way to become personally involved in the work of reconciliation with Aboriginal people. It's inspired by Dr. Paulette Regan's bestselling book, Unsettling the Settler Within: Indian Residential Schools, Truth- telling and Reconciliation in Canada. Our approach is to leverage the power of the arts to activate a constructive public conversation about this relationship. We will partner skilled teachers/trainers with a culturally diverse group of youth, adults and seniors to work through a facilitated process of engaging with preconceptions about First Nations in Canada. Then, in collaboration with professional theatre artists, the group will create scenes, stories, songs and art expressing what, for them, shifted perceptions of what they thought they knew. The wider public dialogue begins when audiences attend an Immersion Theatre production where they will encounter the groups' mini performances along a journey through an astonishingly beautiful indoor labyrinth all during the summer of 2013.

Victoria Philharmonic Choir Society

A workshop on & performance of Monteverdi's "Vespers" in March & June 2013

The idea for doing large scale choral works like Monteverdi's 'Vespers' arose because very few of them are put on in Victoria. It is a major mandate of the Victoria Philharmonic Choir (VPC) to fill that need. We do so for the sophisticated audience for this type of music in Victoria and are rewarded with sell-out concerts. We typically have almost 100 players on stage for such works as the B minor Mass (June 2012) and the two-orchestra St. Matthew Passion of JS Bach in 2010 and 2011. Upcoming is Handel's dramatic Oratorio 'Israel in Egypt' in October 2012. Continuing this tradition we intend to perform the 1610 “Vespers” by Monteverdi. It will be performed on June 15 2013 in St. Andrews Cathedral in Victoria with vocal soloists and a professional union orchestra. This work sums up the best of what music had to offer four hundred years ago. In preparation for the 'Vespers' we plan a choral workshop in March 2013 on the music of Monteverdi. This will rehearse the VPC for the concert, and give invited singers a chance to improve their skills.

Watari Research Association

Transition to Independence Program - TIP II


Wildlife Rescue Association of British Columbia

Website Development

The WRA is planning a complete redevelopment of its website. This project will provide important new features, services and upgrades that will create a better communications tool to engage, inform and inspire the community about our important work for wildlife.

Wildsight Living Lakes Canada

Aquatic Habitat Index (AHI) and Archaeological Overview Assessment (AOA)

CCRIFC and its partners (also known as the Kootenay Lake Partnership) are in the process of developing a lake management plan that will be used throughout communities on Kootenay Lake as an over-arching directive on activities and development. As a component of a three-part lake study (the Foreshore Inventory and Mapping complete), the aquatic habitat index (AHI) and archaeological overview assessment (AOA) will feed into shoreline guidelines for the lake. This grant will support a two-fold study (AHI/AOA) that will be conducted simultaneously and integrated into a final guidance document. It will include a fish and wildlife inventory, detailed habitat assessments and an archaeological study to determine the natural and cultural values for each lake segment. The inventory will be used to develop an ecological health index of the shoreline and related upland area, which will indicate zones of sensitivity (e.g. wetlands, tributary outlets, native grasslands, wildlife habitat and corridors, biologically productive areas, and traditional and contemporary culturally significant sites)

Young Parents Support Network

Becoming Family: for Indigenous, non-Indigenous & newcomer young parents

In consultation with young parents we have developed a project which includes individualized coaching in life skills, parenting and goal-setting; group programs; and two Support Worker positions specializing in working with Indigenous and newcomer families. Partners include the City of Victoria and the Victoria Immigrant & Refugee Centre to provide a weekly group; and the Esquimalt Nation to provide programs to families living on local reserves. The target population for this project are Indigenous, non-Indigenous and newcomer young parent families who live with complex risk, including poverty, homelessness, abuse, neglect, fetal alcohol and narcotic effect, racism, low literacy, and sex trade involvement. This project will provide individualized support to young parents and their children through: i. a home-visitation program, ii. programs for families on local reserves; iii. an Indigenous Support Worker to ensure accessibility to our programs; iv. a Family Support Worker specializing in working with newcomer families, & v. a weekly fitness-wellness support group with childcare.