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Friends Of The Summerland Research Station Gardens

Best Practices for Sustainable Water Conservation Landscaping in the Okanagan

The Summerland Ornamental Gardens are located on a 6 hectare site of national horticultural significance with extensive botanical collections of native & introduced ornamental plants set within a unique dry ecosystem. The Project will introduce & demonstrate leading edge water conservation practices & technologies and will mobilize the community by creating a water stewardship team to raise awareness of sustainable water conservation landscaping. This Project will have two main parts: • introduction & demonstration of ecological science based practices & technologies in the planning, design & management of xeric or dry landscapes • education about these practices for the general public as well as public and private sector targeted groups, together with measurement of the impacts of adoption of such practices The Friends are uniquely positioned with partners in local and regional government, educational institutions and the media, and expert advisors in water management and ecological science to lead water conservation landscaping using this major horticultural resource.

Gabriola Commons Foundation

Gabriola Commons Community Kitchen

A 26 acre parcel in the ALR, the Gabriola Commons contains large well-built structures dating from its former existence as a thriving goat farm. These include a 1200 sq.ft. cheese factory now in the process of being transformed into a community kitchen to be recognized by Provincial Health authorities as achieving commercial standards. Several stages have been completed in this transformation, including the donation of the elements of an entire commercial kitchen (from the renovation of a local children's camp), replacement of the roof, and upgrading of the infrastructure to meet current codes and to serve the plan for a future kitchen able to permit several teams of chefs to function concurrently, as well as a refrigerated room, dry storage room and means for dehydrating island produce. A grant will lead into the final stages of the renovation, transforming the donated kitchen into fully functioning elements fitting within a facility able to satisfy a broad spectrum of community needs as detailed in Section 15 : Goals and Objectives.

Galiano Club

The Galiano Club Community Food Program - The Way to Sustainability

Since 2008, the Galiano Club Community Food Program has provided skill building workshops, growing opportunities, coordinated community kitchens, pot lucks and the making and distribution of soup to vulnerable residents. The Club plans to examine the potential for the Food Program to become completely self-sustaining (including paying part-time coordinators) within the next three years by: • Identifying appropriate individuals for a “social enterprise” steering committee. (3 Board Members, as well as one of the coordinators, are attending the “Enterprising Non-Profit” workshops. The Food Program Steering Committee, plus additional community members, have been brainstorming potential ideas.) • Determining which other organisations are interested in collaboration in joint ventures that might be explored and piloted • Undertaking research into what other isolated island communities have developed and the outcome of their ventures • Determining what goods and/or services could be offered and how and where • Developing a business plan, implementation time line and marketing strategy

Georgia Strait Alliance

Amplifying Community Voices - Stop Expansion of Tanker Traffic in Georgia Strait

The Georgia Strait region is faced with a serious threat from Kinder Morgan's proposal to build a second pipeline along the TransMountain route to carry diluted bitumen from the Alberta tar sands to the Lower Mainland and the corresponding increase in tanker traffic transporting it to refineries in Asia and the US. The public, local governments, other conservation groups and our own members have expressed their concern over the proposed expansion and the accompanying increased risk of an oil spill. GSA is taking a leadership role in helping to coordinate the efforts of organizations working to stop the pipeline expansion and ensuring the public is informed about Kinder Morgan's plans, the associated risks, and what individual citizens can do to raise their concerns through the complicated consultation processes. GSA will also build on our existing relationships to serve as a link between governments, the shipping industry and environmentalists and ensure that the real costs of an increase in tanker traffic and decisive action to reduce the risks are considered.

Get Bear Smart Society

Fundraising Collateral Creation - Book: Joy of Bears

To create a small hardcover photo book 5"x7", 96 pages as fundraising collateral that is also educational. Projected return on investment is 68%. The images of bears in the book will be chosen for their impact on people's emotions; how effectively they reduce fearful attitudes and instill a healthy respect. E.g. a photo of a bear standing on its hind legs reveals their phylogenetic similarity to people, helping people to understand that bears are not that unlike us, and moving them toward a more compassionate feeling and enlightened attitude without going to the other extreme: making bears seem like "pets". Other photos will inspire joyful reactions; perhaps depicting moms interacting with their cubs; or smiling bears. Accompanying text will be geared to accomplish the same. The size of the book was purposely chosen to be small to keep costs down; be easy for stores to display as well as easy for people to pick up and pack along. Suggested retail will be $9.95 - a price point that will produce maximum sales. Books to be sold within 3 years. See section 16 re: profitability.


Bring Back the Bluebird Reintroduction Project: a symbol of environmental hope

We are working toward returning the Western Bluebird to the Georgia Basin area of BC. We have partnered with the Province of BC, the Nature Conservancy of Canada, Salt Spring Island Conservancy, Ecostudies Institute, North American Bluebird Society, Victoria Natural History Society, and the American Bird Conservancy to undertake a 5 year reintroduction program. In this 2012-2013 project, we will translocate 5-10 pairs of adult Western Bluebirds from healthy source populations in Washington and release them on Vancouver Island or an adjacent Gulf Island. Community members are vital to the project's success, through participating directly or stewarding habitat. We will provide public education about the birds, as well as the ecosystems they depend upon. Project evaluation will assess the number and health of birds, as well as community engagement and conservation actions. Bringing this beautiful bird back to southwestern British Columbia is a powerful symbol of environmental hope: showing that it is possible to re-establish a part of our natural world that has disappeared.

Golden and District Community Foundation

Golden's 6th Annual MasqueParade

Community arts activities will begin in December 2011 culminating in the festival week with the Masque Costume Ball on Friday, Feb. 17 and the Spirit Square Pageant/Parade & Street Dance on Saturday, Feb. 18, 2012. The MasqueParade is a community arts celebration that honours the history and cultural heritage of our mountain home. The 2.5 months of community engagement hearkens back to a time when neighbours joined together to make their own entertainment and bring meaning to their lives through celebration. It is about nurturing the artist in all of us and creating opportunities for self-expression. This community art making process engages young and old and draws upon our cultural diversity to create a theatrical spectacle that celebrates who we are and where we live.

Golden Community Resources Society

Golden Youth Engagement Project

The Golden Youth Engagement project is a collaborative youth-lead project that enhances opportunities for youth and strengthens the links between youth and the community. This project aims to empower youth to be leaders in our community and enhance civic engagement opportunities for youth. The Golden Youth Engagement project will operate out of the newly created Golden Youth Centre. The Youth Center will create formal and informal engagement opportunities between the community and youth and serve as a bridge between youth and the community. Key community organizations have committed to providing in-kind staff support to engage with youth out of the Youth Centre by committing to working or volunteering at of the Youth Centre one evening per month as well as co-facilitating workshops and activities with youth and youth centre staff.

Gordon & Marion Smith Foundation for Young Artists

Know Your Treasures

"Know Your Treasures" 2013 Exhibition in the new Gordon Smith Gallery. The "Know Your Treasures" exhibition will introduce the community to the extensive teaching collection of Canadian art which North Vancouver School District's Artists for Kids program has acquired since 1990. This outstanding community owned resource depicts significant ideas developed by 48 of our country's leading artists. The AfK collection will also become the basis for on-going winter exhibition and education programming for the Smith Gallery in the future. Engaging the community with this new public art gallery and developing pride and ownership in this new artistic resource is the primary goal of the "Know Your Treasures" exhibition. Through broad marketing, the development of an exhibition catalogue, an artists symposium, school and community programs, weekly artist talks, interactive displays and introducing a 'Treasures' gift shop, audiences young and old will gain a greater knowledge of Canadian artists, their work and the important role visual art plays in our contemporary culture.

Health Arts Society

Beethoven, Bob and Borealis in BC

In this project the distinguished pianist Robert Silverman and British Columbia's principle string quartet, the Borealis String Quartet, will be undertaking a substantial series of concerts across British Columbia in 2013. It is the intention that the Society look for opportunities for these performers to play public concerts as well as to play two hundred 45-minute concerts in residential care environments. The performers have expressed a keen interest in undertaking these concerts. The Society has established a relationship with the homes to which these programmes will be provided and anticipates an average of forty attendees at each concert. In 200 concerts, an audience of 8,000-10,000 will be reached.

Heiltsuk Tribal Council

Bridge to Learning

The Bridge to Learning Program will support adult learners who have not been in the education system for 15 years or more. It will provide the following activities: 1. Adult Learning Educational preparation and Learning Plans - Assessment testing, Learning plans, Program placement 2. Lifeskills Program - Time management, Organizational skills, Essential Skills Program - are needed for work, learning and life; are the foundation for learning all other skills; help people evolve with their jobs and adapt to workplace change. 5. Heiltsuk Cultural Traditional Learning 6. Art and Cultural Program - Students will participate in a traditional art class where they will make a drum and will also participate in traditional food gathering depending on season. 7. Bridging the gap - reconnection to the community elders - Elders will be invited into the classroom to support the adult learners.

Hope in Shadows Inc.

Developing the Hope in Shadows and Megaphone Vendor Program

This project will substantially develop the Hope in Shadows and Megaphone vendor program by expanding its reach while filling gaps in the support and training that vendors receive. The project's objectives - to increase vendors' sales and the number of active Megaphone vendors, to help vendors build their skills and to provide them with meaningful social connections - were developed after consulting with vendors and staff from successful North American street newspapers. This project will achieve its objectives through hiring a full-time vendor coordinator who will organize training workshops, team-building events and meetings for vendors. In addition to these group activities the coordinator will support and encourage vendors through field visits and individual check-ins. The co-ordinator will also do outreach to make vendor opportunities accessible to homeless and low-income people while building support for vendors among residential and business communities. This project will allow for the continuation of a Vendor Advisory Board, which had a successful three month trail in 2011.

Independent Living Vernon


IL Vernon is partnered with Neil Squire Society to deliver the EmployAbility Program. This program runs 3.5 days/ week for 12 weeks at a time, 4 times per year. Participants do distance learning on the computer about employment topics, through a virtual classroom (eg. Moodle). In the afternoon, participants have group activities that focus on health and wellness: smart shop tour, agency visits, or discuss topics such as communication skills or managing your disability. Consumers are given the choice about what topics are covered that are relevant to them. There is a significant need for one on one support for consumers and increased focus on self esteem. IL Vernon is requesting funding to increase staff support from 20 hrs/week to 35hrs/week to meet the increased need for individual support. This increased time will provide time for one on one appointments, work through the 13 week "The Gift of Self Esteem" curriculum and develop a personal planning PATH document, which uses graphic facilitation to create a visual plan of employment goals.

James Bay Health and Community James Bay Community Project

Creative Play Drop-In - Immigrant Outreach

The James Bay Community Project currently provides Drop-Ins for parents and their young children (0-5 years) at our Family Centre. The free programs provide enjoyable activities while facilitating the development of supportive social networks for both parents and children and promoting participation in community life. They also provide an accessible and non-threatening 'gateway' or entry program for families to access community-based support services and health care, including other programs at JBCP. Increasing numbers of immigrant families in our community require access to these kinds of programs and face unique challenges in attempting to do so. We want to increase accessibility of the programs for immigrant families, and improve our ability to support their learning and integration through collaboration with the Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria (ICA). ICA will assist JBCP understand immigrants' needs and assist with interpreting, translation of promotional materials, mentoring our staff, etc.).

Jewish Community Centre of Greater Vancouver

Bagel Club Catering Social Enterprise Year 3

The Bagel Club Catering Social Enterprise project is a catering business that specializes in Vegetarian Mediterranean Cuisine. This service offers high quality food while training and employing adults with special needs. Participants learn all the elements of how to work and operate a catering business. These include meal preparations, food safety, and customer service. Participants are paid an hourly rate for their service. This is led by Bagel Club Catering trained staff, assisted by outside professionals such as chefs, nutritionists, and business people. Participants are trained and employed with Bagel Club Catering with the goal of part time employment. This project meets the growing need of training and employment opportunities for able special needs adults. Our persons served want to contribute to their community and society. It heightens their self worth and allows them to increase their income and lessen reliance on government funds. In addition, we see that in the past year there is a great need for this business in the community.

JustWork Economic Initiative

Social Enterprise Support Years 2 & 3

Our mission is to foster employment for individuals facing major barriers to work, particularly those with mental and physical disabilities. We do this through the social enterprises we support which provide (a) sustained, dignified, and meaningful employment for our participants and (b) a way for consumers to support social values through their purchases. Social enterprises have gained recognition as excellent tools for providing employment to individuals facing barriers to work, including those with disabilities. Through our own social enterprise work since 2006, we too have had success: 30 individuals facing major barriers had employment in 2010, 28 of these faced a disability, 17 of those 28 have been employed for more than one year, and 11 have been employed for more than two years.

Kaleidoscope Theatre for Young People

War of the Eagles

WAR OF THE EAGLES is an original Kaleidoscope Theatre work based on the novel by BC writer Eric Walters. Set at the Prince Rupert army base during World War II, we meet Jed - a Tsimshian/Caucasian boy, and his best friend of Japanese decent, Tadashi. Following the Japanese Canadian Internment, Jed must confront racism, the complexity of friendship, and his own mixed-cultural identity. The staging of WAR OF THE EAGLES on the historical site of Esquimalt's Macaulay Point, includes beach, ocean and dismantled gun turrets to reflect the themes of Walter's novel for youth by creating warlike or camp environments. Our young audience (jr/sr high school) will be guided through various outdoor spaces to provide an immersive, personal 'out-of-the-box' theatrical experience. Director Roderick Glanville will work with Dramaturg Ian Ferguson to create a physical and emotional journey for youth to reflect contemporary hope and understanding. Funding will support a key creation period followed by a production period. Support will help employ a larger cast (5 Equity actors, 3 youth) required.

Kamloops Art Gallery

Germaine Koh: Weather Systems

The KAG will present a major solo exhibition (April 6 to June 15, 2013) and will produce a publication on the work of Germaine Koh, both entitled 'Germaine Koh: Weather Systems.' The exhibition is comprised of works from the past two decades and new works made specifically for this presentation. Notably, the exhibition brings together for the first time Koh's series of three Fair-weather forces works, comprised of architectonic interventions that suggest a reciprocal relationship between human behaviour and natural or meteorological phenomena. Each work in the series connects the interior space of the exhibition gallery with the world outside, as a way of revealing our tendency to physically and conceptually separate built and natural environments and, specifically, the art gallery and the outside world. The exhibition and publication will support the artistic excellence of one of British Columbia's foremost contemporary artists. This project also exposes Kamloops audiences to a comprehensive grouping of Koh's work while broadening the scope of its audience to engage new communities.

Kamloops Interior Summer School of Music Society

KISSM Band Expansion Project

The project that we are proposing would be an expansion of our current, successful Band Program. This project is being implemented to respond to an identified need. After interviewing music educators, parents and students we found that additional levels of band education would greatly augment this very popular program. The Band Expansion project is being introduced to respond to the growing demand for a higher level of excellence in music education at KISSM. The project will integrate the existing three levels of band with an additional 4th level of advanced instruction intended for music students playing at a very high level who are wishing to go on to post-secondary music education. Additional master classes will be offered as well which will give our students and faculty the benefit of learning from their peers. This project will have numerous benefits, including improved level of play, increased awareness of music professionalism and a greater awareness of available arts opportunities.

Kelowna Art Gallery

Just Imagine

Just Imagine is a project about art and vision impairment. This project will explore what it means to be human, and the multitude of ways that people see, and respond to the world around them. It will provoke people to think beyond typical notions of 'seeing' and to consider the potential of creative expression. Just Imagine includes an exhibition curated by local blind artist Ruth Bieber, and numerous community programs. The exhibition features four artists, three from North America, and one from Germany. Community programs include a roundtable discussion about new ideas in the fields of art, psychology, and vision impairment, hands-on workshops for individuals who are vision impaired, Family Sunday's activities for the general public, and tour programs. Accessibility will be a major focus of the project. The exhibition brochure, didactic panels, and labels will be printed in both large format text and Braille. Works of art that visitors can touch, and a video of the artists speaking about their work will provide information for those who learn through touch and hearing.

Kelowna Summer Theatre Festival Society

The Kelowna Summer Theatre Festival

The new Kelowna Summer Theatre Festival will offer a light summer fare of repertory theatre in an outdoor venue where it is hoped, it will be widely appealing for both local audiences and visitors alike. Our company members will be employed theatre school students, or recent graduates who are launching their careers in theatre. Such students will gain valuable experience having some significant roles in a repertory company, an asset for their resumes as well as a moderate income over part of the summer. Given the Okanagan's climate and surroundings, we believe that the idea of a seasonal outdoor theatre festival in Kelowna will be widely supported in the community. Running the KSTF as a repertory company, allows out-of-town patrons and residents with visitors, the opportunity to see more than one show if they are in town for a few days. We took the model of repertory theatre from other long-standing and successful companies from around the country.

Kitty Cat PAL Prevent A Litter Society

Marketing and Fundraising collateral creation

To date, the society's collateral visual materials have been hand-made by volunteers and last less than one year before they tear or break. We would like to have a few key pieces of signage professionally produced so that they will last years in aid of the long term capacity of the society to reach the community. Key Signage is needed, such as sandwich boards and rigid plastic banners announcing our presence at community events, durable tabletop display boards to feature what we do, and professionally produced pamphlets that the public can take home as reference. Also, There have been requests by schools and service societies for presentations from the society in order to increase fundraising activities. We would like to have produced a short informative documentary video about the society, what our volunteers do and the needs of the cats in our community. This video can be accompanied by a distribution of kid-friendly magnets in schools, so that they can take home something about the society and put it on the fridge, increasing the exposure of the society to the entire household.

Kokoro Dance Theatre Society

Life Project

The project for which we seek Vancouver Foundation support has the working title of 'Life' and we are commissioning composer Lee Pui Ming ( to write and record a score for a string quartet and commissioning artist Kai Chan ( to create a set for the work. We expect to use between five and eight dancers in the finished work depending on our other funding success, and we expect to give 8 performances of the work over a two week period. For this grant application, we are applying for only the costs related to the music and set commissions and creative costs. The production costs will be covering by our operating grants from the Canada Council for the Arts, British Columbia Arts Council, City of Vancouver, and box office revenue.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University Foundation

Phoenix Kwantlen Learning Centre (PKLC) Aboriginal Evening Program

The Phoenix Kwantlen Learning Centre (PKLC) is a unique adult literacy program designed to reach marginalized and multi-barrier learners. Operating since 2006 through an innovative partnership between Phoenix Drug and Alcohol Recovery and Education Society and Kwantlen Polytechnic University, PKLC is able to engage and assist learners by virtue of its location within a special integrated addiction services environment in the Whalley area of Surrey. An evening program expansion is needed for young and older Aboriginal adult learners who need to improve their basic academic skills in order to pursue new career and employment paths. Kwantlen faculty members will offer tuition-free Adult Basic Education (ABE) and assessment four evenings a week on-site at the PKLC for up to 68 learners. The program would be designed to teach basic skills through specialized curricula based on Aboriginal content, concepts, history and spirituality, involving Elders and activities in the community.

Ladysmith Family and Friends (LaFF)

LaFF Around Town - Connecting Families to Services and Strengthening Belonging

The idea behind LaFF Around Town is to consistently provide LaFF programming on weekends and evenings and in locations throughout the community to provide multiple points of access to be inclusive of as many families as possible. The idea originated through consultation with families who expressed the desire to strengthen their connection to the community, and through feedback from service providers showing that some vulnerable families were not accessing services. We will create a quarterly Calendar of Events promoting all local events for children ages 0-6 and their families hosted by LaFF and other member agencies of the Ladysmith Early Years Partnership (LEYP). The Calendar will be inserted into every Leisure Guide published and distributed by the Town of Ladysmith and will be inserted into other local print media. The Calendar will also be distributed through LaFF’s electronic newsletter, posted on our website, Facebook and in other social media as appropriate to ensure maximum access to community-based programs and services by the broadest possible audience of families.