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Nuu-chah-nulthaht/WCVI Aquatic Management Society

The Future is Born from the Seeds of the Past

West Coast Aquatic Management Society proposes an intergenerational leadership project that brings together successful people who have a strong connection to the West Coast of Vancouver Island with young First Nations who show leadership capacity. The program will provide an opportunity for leaders to mentor youth in business, governance, management and science, thus building bridges between generations and building capacity in the region. One of the key opportunities that WCA has identified in its extensive consultations is building capacity of young leaders in the region by connecting them with leaders. Traditionally NTC youth were involved in mentorships (haa-huu-paa), but that system was broken by the residential schools. We believe that good leadership is key to making things happen. Part of leadership is passing on the wisdom from those who have been successful to those who will be successful. Mentorships that are created in response to specific community needs and the mutual interests of the mentor and apprentice will benefit everyone.

Okanagan Indian Educational Resources Society

Syilx Indigenous Land-based Learning Project

This project proposes to create land-based learning experiences that incorporate Syilx (Okanagan) aboriginal perspectives to deliver enhanced K-12 curriculum for all learners in priority classes in public and band-operated schools throughout the Okanagan region. This 1-year proposal covers Phases 1-2 of this multi-phase project, including: - creation of at least 15 site-specific outdoor learning experiences that deliver enhanced K-12 curriculum in sustainability, life sciences, arts, social studies, social justice, leadership, and aboriginal culture and language. Teaching units will be co-created through professional development workshops and collaborative processes involving school staff, Syilx knowledge keepers, elders, and students; - a completed budget, schedule, and evaluation plan for subsequent multi-year delivery and evaluation of teaching units (Phases 3-4) to be delivered at ECOmmunity Place: an 82 acre living classroom bordering the City of Penticton. Completion of Phases 1-2 is required before a multi-year proposal for delivery of Phases 3-4 can be developed.

Old Massett Village Council

Saving the Haida Language one hour at a time

The main goal of this project is to improve the Haida language capacity on Haida Gwaii to ensure our endangered Haida language survives. 10 adult language learners who already have some basic language skills and who are teachers in some capacity will take part in a master-apprentice program with 4-6 fluent elders all over the age of 80. The Apprentices will learn from the elders once/day. The Apprentices will also volunteer to create resources and to study another hour/day and teach others. We will create our own Master-Apprentice monitoring and evaluation forms for all learners and elders to use based on Leanne Hinton's resources. We will host a Master-Apprentice workshop to teach people how to use the Haida language even if not fluent. The Total Physical Response, TPR will show learners and elders how to stay in the language when trying to learn. Lastly, we will record the Elders for future educational projects and then create a Lesson-Learned video to share our project with others.

Other Guys Theatre Company Society

BC In Song - Creating Legends

Folk music traditions exploit story telling as a means to pass historical lessons from generation to generation. Artistic Director Ross Desprez is inspired to build a richer folk tradition on the west coast of Canada and to acknowledge our past through song and story. Paired with this interest in folklore is Desprez's theatrical bent which is constantly searching for new and interesting ways to convey stories through dramatic action. To this end the Other Guys Theatre intends to research and compile events from British Columbia’s past and experiment with ways to translate historical events into folklore. Our ultimate goal is to create a theatrical piece comprised of West Coast events by transforming them from simple events into folk legends through theatre, song and storytelling. Our process will involve exploring different folk story telling techniques and apply them to local events. At this early stage Desprez envisions a collection of dramatic stories and songs intended to enlighten the audience as to aspects of BC's history creating a West Coast folk music tradition.

Outdoor Recreation Council of B.C.

Healthy Forests-Healthy Communities

The 'Healthy forests-Healthy communities' is a non-partisan volunteer led and delivered initiative designed to catalyze discussion, dialogue and debate regarding BC forest lands management. Based on the 20 HFHC Community Dialogue Sessions held in 2011, forest dependent communities are concerned over the future of their forests and their sustainable contributions to the local economy. A 2012 activities plan has been designed to build on these results to provide more detailed recommendations and community actions. The input will be acquired from communities and concerned citizens through: 12 1-day workshops to obtain views from experts and senior implementation people; 15 1-day community workshops as a basis for community dialogue regarding community recommendations on the specific changes; reports based on the dialogue from all the workshops and summarized into a final report; 30 communications sessions informing communities of the 2011 - 2012 dialogue results and recommendations submitted to decision-makers, decision-maker influencers, communities and concerned citizens.

Oweekeno-Kitasoo-Nuxalk Tribal Council

Nuxalk Language Documentation

Our goal is to record our language for learning purposes. We need to work with dedicated language learners to get our language systematically recorded. We have elders who spoke Nuxalk as their first language but do not speak it on a daily basis any longer. They need to practice to remember their fluency. We will hold practice/immersion sessions with those who are interested in doing the work of being recorded. We have a team of motivated workers who realize the urgency of having our authentic speakers recorded. We have many people who understand but cannot speak. The pronunciation and conversational-flow must be recorded while we have authentic speakers. It cannot be learned correctly from books, it must be heard over and over again. This portion of our language revitalization efforts is the focus of this project HOWEVER there are simultaneous efforts to teach and practice and digitize existing recordings as well. This will be ongoing work.

Oxygen Art Centre

High Muck a Muck: Playing Chinese

High Muck a Muck: Playing Chinese is a multidisciplinary collaboration with poet Fred Wah, composer Jin Zhang, performers and designers Bessie Wapp and Thomas Loh and director Nicola Harwood. Responding to historical narratives of Chinese immigration and to contemporary tensions regarding China's emerging power, the artist team will create a mobile game application and a live interactive event.

Elephant Mountain Literary Festival

The Elephant Mountain Literary Festival, to be held in Nelson July 12 to 15, 2012, will present readings and talks by Canadian authors Lisa Moore (Newfoundland novelist, winner of the Commonwealth Writers' Prize and Giller Prize nominee), John Vaillant (nonfiction author, Governor-General's Literary Award and Writers' Trust Nonfiction Prize winner), Fred Wah (poet, Governor-General's Literary Award Winner and longtime Selkirk College and University of Calgary writing instructor); and Sheri-D Wilson (director of The Banff Centre's Spoken Word program, and founder and executive director of the Calgary International Spoken Word Festival). Representatives of Anansi Press, Freehand Books, and Caitlin Press will provide a snapshot of the current state of Canadian literary publishing. West Kootenay authors will be featured at a BC Wines/local writers pairing. Other events planned include writers' and publishers' panels, a cabaret-style evening featuring young local spoken word artists, a three-hour spoken word workshop, and a presentation on writing the local.

Pacific Animal Foundation

Wa Kayachtn Chet Kw'inexw (We Honor Our Animals)

SNAPPS is made up of volunteers dedicated to improving the welfare of animals through humane approaches within Squamish Nation's traditional territory. Volunteers provide daily support through feeding feral cats at their commune, tra/neuter/return animals, animal vaccinations and identification, follow-up with households on animal care and health, administration and fund-raising. As our reserves are spread throughout the lower mainland and Howe Sound, being able to provide a high level and consistent quality of service using volunteers to our community members (on- and off-reserve) is a challenge. This project would enhance the capacity of the organization through volunteer and fund-raising development to enable SNAPPS to develop short and long term strategic planning around the management and control of animals - domestic and free-roaming.

Pacific Community Resources Society

Youth Supported Housing Program Extension


SAUDER FLOW THROUGH DONATION/GRANT - Youth Supported Housing Program Extension

Youth Supported Housing Program Extension

Pacific Parklands Foundation

Restoration of Guichon Creek - Bioswale Building & Bank Restoration

Guichon Creek, situated on the BCIT campus, has been undergoing restoration work by the BCIT Fish, Wildlife, and Recreation program and the Rivers Institute. Catching the Spirit youth will work with these organizations on the restoration efforts, in particular, work on the interception of sediment and urban runoff pollution that is currently affecting the health of the creek; home to both cutthroat trout and coho salmon. This hands-on project is an opportunity for youth to help restore the creek and its habitat. The project includes the building of a bioswale, a native vegetated drainage ditch that catches and filters sediment and pollutants from urban runoff, providing cleaner less polluted water for the creek. The banks of the creek will be restored through removal of invasive species and planting of native species to improve the creeks biodiversity. Fence building along the creek's riparian area will help delineate the sensitive area of the creek. CtS Youth will learn planning, leadership and restoration techniques important for the stewardship of fish and wildlife habitat.

Pacific Post Partum Support Society

Expanding Postpartum Assistance to Underserved Populations across B.C.

The Project is divided into two parts. 1.The Multicultural Training Program will address higher risks for postpartum distress in immigrant women by (a) directing 2 8-hour training sessions per year for 2 years, resulting in a total of 60 staff and volunteers based out of multicultural agencies (in any B.C. community requesting training) who would then in turn administer assistance to at least 200 immigrant mothers and families, and (b) recruiting 15 multilingual telephone volunteers with varied cultural backgrounds over 2 years to meet the needs of non-English speaking women across B.C. over our toll-free line. 2. The Remote Access Cognitive Behavioural Techniques & Skills Program will monitor 20-30 mothers in remote areas who otherwise may be unable to access medical professionals and facilitated groups. We implement 8 prescribed weekly modules with each woman over our toll-free telephone line, fostering skills to assist women with their recovery from postpartum depression/anxiety.

Pacific Symphonic Wind Ensemble

PSWE Youth Musical Initiatives

PSWE is made up of skilled musicians who have all benefited from inspiring mentors, and strong school music programs in our youth. It is part of our mandate to help school music programs and other youth musical groups through mentorship, collaborative events, and by performing with, and for, young musicians. We have created the PSWE Youth Musical Initiatives Project to expand our outreach to younger musicians. This program will include: - A joint concert with the North Vancouver Schools Honour band for 200 students and their families - Masterclasses on every band instrument with those students taught by PSWE members - A professional training session for young BC musicians on how to prepare live auditions which will feature video taped resources and live coaching - A Youth Soloist competition that allows talented young wind and brass players to perform with PSWE, get professional musical coaching, and a video tape of their performance - The first prize Soloist will perform in a professional concert with PSWE, bring 25 classmates, and have a professional recording for their resume

Pandora's Vox Vocal Ensemble Society

A Canadian Musical Feast

In 2012 and the spring of 2013, Pandora's Vox will prepare and perform repertoire that celebrates the diversity of Canadian songwriters while collaborating with guest artists: an Inuit throat singer, First Nations singer/ drummers, fiddlers, small orchestra, Vancouver Children's Choir, a local high school, Pro Arte Dancers, and others who help us represent the Canadian musical mosaic. In 2012, we will perform for at least 3 community venues in addition to our main 2 concerts in April 2013 at Centennial Theatre, North Vancouver and Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver. Repertoire will include great Canadian songwriters such as Stan Rogers, Connie Kaldor and Leonard Cohen; folksong arrangements from the Maritimes to the Prairies; arrangements of Donald Patriquin, Willi Zwozdesky, Ron Smail, Stephen Smith, and our own resident accompanist Anita Comba; and Canadian composer R. Murray Schafer's entertaining 'Gamelanâ'. First Nations will be an intrinsic part of our concert, from the opening prayer by a Squamish Elder to singing and drumming by Inuit and First Nations artists.

Pangaea Arts Society

Beneath the Northern Lights (working title)

We will create a 'Theatre for Young Audiences' production combining Inuit legends, physical theatre, mask, puppetry, video projection, and traditional throat-singing. When director Heidi Specht met Inuit storyteller and award-winning author Michael Kusugak, they found they shared common goals. Michael works hard to preserve his traditional culture and to share it with the world. Our production will inter-weave traditional stories with Michael's life; he will play himself both as a young boy and an adult as he struggles to adapt to a changing world. We will work together to seamlessly combine Michael's mastery of oral storytelling with Pangaea Arts' expertise in physical theatrical forms, in an effort to increase the range and appeal of his message – large polar bears, walruses, creatures from Inuit mythology will share the space with projections of northern lights, and audiences will see the inside of an igloo. We will target young audiences, while sending a message to all ages, encouraging others to find their own cultural stories and building bridges across communities.

Parent Support Services Society of B.C.

Grandparent Led Families Connecting For Change

We have worked with grandparents raising grandchildren (GRG) across the province for over 10 years . The need was identified by grandparents in our support groups, Grand Gatherings, legal seminars. and through our GRG email network. Our legal research 2007-2009 with U Vic School of Social Work confirmed the depth of poverty, inequity, barriers, discrimination, and health issues the GRG face. Our ongoing work in the province identified need and the growing number of GRG families. We will assist GRG to: learn about and protect their rights, develop problem prevention and solving skills, learn self-advocacy skills, learn about available resources and services; have a voice in improving provincial services and policies that have an impact on their families. There will be opportunities to connect with other grandparents, seniors, service providers, government representatives and the wider community. We will address issues of isolation and discrimination and connect grandparents with each other to become part of a larger network of similar families supported in community and by policy.

Partnership Afghanistan

British Columbia's Young Afghans (BCYA)

BCYA is committed to provide guidance to at-risk youth on how to reach their personal and academic goals through tutoring, mentoring or holding academic workshops. In line with BCYA's purpose to further the education of immigrant youth in the Lower Mainland, BCYA launched Afghan Free Tutoring and Open Workshops, or 'AFTOW' in early 2011. The project aims to support at-risk immigrant high schools students to achieve their academic goals. High school students are provided with a common study area every Sunday from 12pm to 4pm at the Burnaby Youth Hub. Volunteer tutors are available to provide one-on-one support to students with specific homework related questions. Tutors are available to help in a variety of high school subjects including Math, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Social Studies, History and English. In addition to tutoring services, students also have the option to attend weekly workshops on topics such as, "How to Set and Achieve Goals" and "How to Prepare for and Excel on your Exams'

Penticton Art Gallery

The End of the World as We Know It

The End of the World as We Know It, plays off the contemporary phenomena and endless fodder of conspiracy theorists who believe in the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21. Over the six weeks of the exhibition the gallery will be transformed by six unique teams of artists blending music, visual arts and dance in an exploration of contemporary electronic culture exemplified by the rave community. The tragic deaths due to individuals having taken tainted Ecstasy has once again cast a dark shadow over the rave community. The accompanying weekly workshops will provide frank and in depth discussions on all aspects of the culture and will bring together a range of experts, health professionals and artists in a highly publicized public forum to answer questions regarding all aspects of their culture and community. This is an opportunity for the community to come together in a public forum to talk about the rave community and demystify the culture and public perception and celebrate the transformative power of art, culminating with the all ages, End of the World Party on December 21.

Perspective Arts Foundation o/a New Forms Media Arts Society

"Locating the City" (Community Workshop/Performance/Exhibition)

The project involves mapping and visualizing the City of Vancouver, then creating a participatory installation with the images, sounds, and content recorded. The process begins with a workshop for participants (artists, practitioners, theorists, performers and audience/community members) around means of gathering visual data about the urban space. Over the week, participants will go out into areas of Vancouver and document imagery, sound, etc, using cellphone cameras, recorders and other mobile devices. Each area will then be 'mapped', with this content then forming the basis of a 'digital scrapbook' formed around the City itself. Mentoring artists will work with the groups to document info on their 'digital precinct' Each precinct will become a documentation hub, relaying the information to the central projection location. Captured imagery is then transferred online to the main installation space, the media will also be projected at other sites (e.g. Woodwards & Canada Line stations). In addition, we are expecting thousands more to view it online and through social media.

Planned Lifetime Advocacy Network

Network for Belonging

The Network for Belonging Initiative aims to extend PLAN's Personal Support Network Model in the broader community, in particular we will work with partners from the Brain Injury, Drug and Alcohol addictions, and mental health communities. The common theme of isolation is deeply felt in these communities and through initial explorations our partners believe that the Personal Support Network model, when tailored to address their unique needs will be an important strategy to increase belonging and decrease the devastation of living life in isolation. The Initiative is not just about sharing the concept of personal support networks; it is about developing financially sustainable models to support their application. Building sustainable PSN models across our partner organizations will yield rich learning which we will capture and share. This learning will both guide future PSN model replication as well as inform the public policy aspects of the Network for Belonging Initiative.

Playwrights Theatre Centre

Write Space - a playwright residency program

Write Space is a flexible residency opportunity for emerging to mid-career playwrights, with residencies ranging from one week to three months, serving 20 writers in its pilot year. It is a new strategy to match playwrights to writing space, with a stipend to support their work. It is inspired by the success of our Associates and Colony programs and by the feedback provided by our writers. Virginia Woolf in A room of one's own, said it best: "a [writer] must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction" - or plays. We have identified space, time, financial support, and process planning as the necessary factors that take writers from good work to excellent work. Work intensives offer writers a chance to take the writing that often happens at the margins, and make it the centre of their lives for the duration of the residency. PTC will provide the forum to share the writers' experiences with their hosts and the wider community, and assist the writers to plan their next step. The program model will be shared nationally to increase creative approaches to residencies.

Port Alberni Association for Children with Developmental Disabilities

Family Friendly Transit Map

Our Alberni Children First Network in partnership with BC Transit and the City of Port Alberni have come up with a solution that will increase families abilities to access the transit system more easily in the Alberni Valley. Our project will create a family friendly riders guide for the Alberni Valley that would be easily accessible, visually resourceful, and considerate of all literacy levels. Together with our partners we will create the content for a family friendly map listing all services families’ access, deliver the completed map to our BC Transit Planning Consultant for graphic creation, and finally our Children First Network would be responsible for having these maps printed and distributed throughout the Alberni valley. Similar to the pads of maps used in Victoria to guide tourists to sites in the downtown core, our maps would show locations for medical clinics, day cares, First Nations organisations, landmarks, schools, health centres and other sites important to families in our community.

Positive Living Society of British Columbia

Stigma and access to health information in certain marginalized HIV communities (Mr. R. Paul Kerston/Dr. Mario Brondani)

HIV stigma may prevent people from being timely diagnosed and engaging in life-saving care. It may also prevent those who are HIV positive from seeking health educational information and services, particularly if they are from marginalized communities. To minimize stigma and to engage HIV-positive individuals in utilizing educational and support services, we need a good understanding of the roots of stigma and of the resources these community members need. Stigma can have many forms and be manifested in different manners. Despite the advance of readily available information and media, stigma remains held by the lay public and experienced by HIV marginalized individuals from Aboriginal communities and those who are refugee/immigrants, as the focus of this proposal. Within a community-based participatory research framework (CBPR), this proposed 2-year project will explore inductively the roots of stigma as experienced by HIV-positive members from these two marginalized communities, gathered in group discussions, and as held by lay individuals from the general public who are HIV-negative, gathered individually. The focus groups will be peer-led by volunteer trainees. Through collaborative thematic analysis from group discussions and interviews, this CBPR will enable us to identify the factors contributing to stigma and the educational and service needs of these marginalized communities. It will also inform the development of strategies to address and minimize stigma.

Positive Women's Network Society

Leading the Way: A Province Wide Peer Support Network for Women living with HIV

Leading the Way will establish a Province-wide peer support network that will provide gender-specific support and interventions for women living with HIV. Peer Mentor candidates will be chosen from a pool of women who have graduated from Leadership Training through the Pacific AIDS Network Leadership Institute, our current volunteer pool and from our long-standing members who have served as national and regional delegates. Participants will represent the mosaic of women living with HIV in BC. The network will be established in all health regions of British Columbia (two representatives from the Interior) and will work in partnership with local service providers to ensure women are receiving optimum care and support, and address the issues and community priorities identified in LEAD that are specific to women living with HIV.