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Kimberley Summer Theatre Society

Kimberley Summer Theatre 2013 Season

Kimberley Summer Theatre (KST) is moving in a bold new artistic direction in 2013, presenting an adult-oriented comedy and adding a large-scale musical to our summer programme. Our upcoming season will run from July 9 through August 17 and will include 21 performances of Self-Help, a farce by acclaimed Canadian playwright Norm Foster, in the 120-seat theatre at Centre 64 and nine performances of the Royal Shakespeare Company's adaptation of The Wizard of Oz at McKim Theatre, which seats over 500. The Kimberley Summer Theatre School will once again run two month-long instructional camps, one for students aged 7 to 10 years, and one for students aged 11 to 14 years, from July 16 through August 11. The 2013 season will be overseen by experienced producer Tony James of Victoria. Local director Tanya Laing-Gahr will direct Self-Help, and Truus Verkley, artistic director at Puddle of Mud Productions, will direct The Wizard of Oz. Students in the KST School, along with members of the Kimberley Dance Academy and other local youth, will be cast in auxiliary roles in The Wizard of Oz

Kinesis Dance somatheatro

Ulysses Waltz

This project integrates the creation phase of a new work Ulysses Waltz which focuses on the collaboration of Choreographer/Lighting Designer and Set Designer involving all collaborators skills into the creation. In Ulysses Waltz, Paradise is equated with light and the notion of paradise is explored. Terezakis uses James Joyce's modern Ulysses as his muse; the journey to find light is one of stark contrasts. Five dancers cut through space limited by defined structures and lighting influences. The Waltz, a motion around a fixed body or axis, describes a time that existed before our existence was tainted by temptation and distraction. Situations of familiar domesticity contrast with more ethereal elements of rapture and bliss. Vital to the creation process is the early engagement of both lighting and set. The team will build and manipulate tensions, layer the physical movements with psychological significance and create emotional contrasts. The grant ensures valuable time is set aside for this key phase, and the commitment of expertise is secured to allow for such innovative work.

Kinsight Community Society

Youth Employment Initiative

A three year project with a long range goal to expand community capacity to successfully engage youth who have developmental disabilities in sustainable, paid employment. It is intended to increase employment opportunities and the overall rate of employment for youth aged 15 – 19 years in the TriCities. This will be accomplished through the provision of supports to bridge Secondary school students aged 15 – 19 years from school work experience placements into paid part or full time employment and by expanding the pool of paid employment opportunities in the TriCities through the active pursuit and education of potential employers.

Kitty Cat PAL Prevent A Litter Society

Healthy Holding Cages for Intake and Adoption Areas

To increase our capacity to accept cats in need into our Society while providing the best care possible which includes isolating new intakes that appear ill from new intakes that appear healthy. In 2014 we would like a much needed isolation room to be roughed in and finished, in the same manner as our intake room was in 2013. The part of this project we are applying to Vancouver Foundation for is for the longer-term stay holding cages, as well as the 2 of the same cages for adoption areas, as sometimes the kitties will be staying more than a week in the cages and we want to provide a healthy environment for them. With large, multi-level, easy to sanitize cages, this new equipment will increase our ability to care for the cats, increase the cats’ welfare while they stay in the cages which in turn aids the “show quality” of adoptable kittens. Often, irritability in kittens that can’t play and climb is an obstacle that inhibits adoptions. These new cages will help our Society’s overall community image and help overall capacity building.

Inclusion Langley Society

Youth Works 2013

This initiative proposes to provide support to twenty secondary school students to increase their attachment to the labor market after school hours, weekends and throughout the summer months. These supports will be offered to youth in grades 10-12, including youth who are transitioning out of high school. The initiative proposes to complete a discovery process with each student, in collaboration with school and family partners, ascertain each individual's employment skills and interests and match them with a suitable employment opportunity. Individuals will be provided with the required on the job support and job coaching to ensure success in their workplace of choice. Securing part-time and after school employment is the most potent support we can offer students to ease and support the transition to adult life. This is the most common experience for typical youth, but remains a largely illusive opportunity for students with disabilities. Students graduating school with job experiences on their resumes will have a greater likelihood of securing employment after graduation.

Learning Buddies Network of the Lower Mainland Society

Learning Buddies Network tutoring (LBN)

Dr. A. Lipson, a pediatrician conceived of LBN in 2008. She observed a population of disadvantaged struggling grade 1-4 learners whose self esteem was faltering related to low school achievement. These children could access high quality medical care and pediatric assessment, yet their family circumstances did not allow access to simple one-on-one learning support and mentoring. She saw an unmet need for support for these children who typically have social and/or educational disadvantages. The idea of LBN was to pair secondary school or UBC students seeking meaningful volunteer experiences with these children. We provide one-on-one trained tutoring weekly in their schools in group sessions, focussing on academics, games, providing mentoring and instilling confidence. The children of interest attend inner city schools and may be disadvantaged economically and/or socially. LBN has grown and developed our own resources, and now provides reading and math volunteer tutoring in 15 programmes in Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby.

Learning Disabilities Association of B.C Fraser South Chapter

Develop and Implement a Volunteer Multi-Sensory Math Tutoring Program for Children between the ages of 7-14

Develop and Implement a Volunteer Multi-Sensory Math Tutoring Program for Children between the ages of 7-14

Longterm Inmates Now in the Community

Reintegration, Restoration and Food Security

This collaboration is a natural fit. Our goals are very similar as is the client group of both organizations. SoleFOOD will provide training to and mentor the people working at Emma’s Acres, and share its expertise around intensive agricultural production and marketing. L.I.N.C. will provide trained people who have graduated from Emma’s Acres to work at SoleFOOD. L.I.N.C. and SoleFOOD together will plan crops to grow that they can share between the organizations. With the collaboration, both L.I.N.C. and SoleFOOD will utilize their well established partnerships, positive media profile as well as L.I.N.C’s national expertise in peer support and knowledge about men and women transitioning out of prison or who are already in the community. We believe that this project demonstrates the L.I.N.C. Society mission statement in action and fosters growth in the individuals that we are working with as well as the community that we are serving

Lu'ma Native Housing Society

Aboriginal Youth Mentorship & Housing program

Our Society plans to provide an Aboriginal Youth Mentorship & Housing program to support 30-50 youth annually, aged 16-24 who are transitioning from foster care to adulthood. This figure includes 15-20 youth who we currently house plus youth living elsewhere for whom we will provide outreach for. The program will provide an Aboriginal mentor, Mentor Assistant, & Housing Navigator to engage our youth in activities that will better guide their development of becoming a productive citizen with a strong cultural identity who is a good tenant and neighbour. We will adopt the Jim Casey Initiative to help our youth set up an Aboriginal Youth Board so they can become effective self-advocates. We will bring Lu'ma's existing community partners to create a Community Partnership Board. The two Boards will develop resources, opportunities & advocate for changes in services & public policy. Implementing the Jim Casey Initiative, we will offer our youth an 'Opportunity Passport' to open doors to financial planning, asset building & employment.

Made in BC - Dance on Tour Dance Society

Province-wide Community-Engaged Dance Residency Program

This project pairs regional communities with professional dance artists for intensive periods of learning and artistic collaboration. Community participants explore artistic ideas, build relationships and learn new skills while dance artists enrich the social relevance of their practice by working with a diversity of people. Projects planned for 2013-14 include: Mar. 16- Apr. 14, 2014. Dance artists from Joe Ink will visit Stewart, Prince Rupert, Terrace and Kitimat to deliver a series of workshops. Participants collaborate with artists to create a dance piece which is showcased in public at the end of each week. Feb. 9-15th, 2014. Vertical dance troupe Aeriosa will visit Revelstoke to deliver a series of vertical dance workshops and a public performance. Feb. 28- Mar. 4, 2014. Five members of Ewh Ayowh Hozdli, a Witsiit Wini dance and drumming group from Moricetown, will travel to Vancouver to explore cultural practices with Raven Spirit Dance and Dancers of Damelahamid and attend the Talking Stick Festival.

Malaspina Art Society

MAS 25th Anniversary Project

Celebrate 25 years of the Arts in Powell River by way of an art bench design project for the benefit of the community of Powell River, British Columbia with the delivery of 25 benches with a painted panel done by a local artist and commemorative plaque on the back of each bench. The city has already approved this project and will help with the permanent installation. Call to Artists has gone out and submissions will be approved through a public display and the chosen designs by public vote. Those artists chosen will then begin their panels while the benches are being built. The unveiling ceremony and installation of benches will take place in August 2013. A brochure will be produced and information about the Malaspina Art Society forwarded to other cultural partners for dissemination on BC Ferries and websites.

Mandala Arts and Culture Society

Gait to the Spirit Festival 2013

There are several other festivals which focus on a specific dance style or demographic (such as Talking Stick, Flamenco Dance Festival, Tap Dance Festival). There is an evident need to sustain audience interest and to provide a platform, to those engaged professionally, for the practice and performance of a specific dance style. Mandala has been presenting and collaborating with various dance presenters for the past 20 years and has recognized the void in the presentation of the Indian classical dance forms within the Canadian context. It has determined that there is indeed a real need to fill this gap locally, by presenting an annual festival of Indian classical dance in B.C. highlighting the pulse, evolution and dynamism of these dance forms around the globe. The 4th edition of the Gait to the spirit Festival is scheduled for October 18 to 21, 2013 in Vancouver at the Scotiabank Dance Centre and the Jewish Community Centre. The festival will include performances including one with a four-piece orchestra from India, and will also feature workshops, master classes and a lecture.

Maple Ridge and Pitt Meadows Arts Counci

Exhibition catalogue Falling from Grace

In the spring of 2014, the Maple Ridge Art Gallery will mount an exhibition of selected tapestries of Barbara Heller and publish a comprehensive catalogue. This publication, which is the primary subject of our application, will include all the tapestries in the exhibition, statements by the artist on each piece, and essays by both the curator and a tapestry expert. The title, 'Falling from Grace', refers to the frequent appearance of birds in Heller's work and the symbolic role they play. They are generally falling from the sky or have already met their fate and are lying lifeless on the ground. In the world of Heller's imagination they utter a message of warning and call to action to prevent further destruction of both humanity and the natural environment. The catalogue will include two new works by Heller that highlight the rapidly declining population of the ancient albatross bird. This publication will attract valuable critical commentary, increase the attractiveness of the exhibition as a touring proposition, and serve as a lasting tribute to the artist.

Meal Exchange

VIU and UNBC Campus Food Systems Project

UNBC and VIU have been working with MX on the Campus Food Systems Project since 2011. The schools have created the Campus Food Movement and Campus Food Strategy Group respectively, and working to maximize the sustainability of the campus food systems through engaging the campus community, facilitating research projects, and supporting change in policies and operations. UNBC and VIU have identified the need to continue this work collaboratively, with support from a Healthy Communities Consultant (HCC), a Farmers Market (FM) and Greenhouse (GH) coordinator. Food insecurity remains a serious issue in both regions and each institution has the potential to support regional agriculture, provide meaningful learning opportunities and change the culture of food on campus. The HCC will gain an understanding of food procurement and consumption through a purchasing and consumer baseline assessment. With the support of a FM and GH Coordinator, these student leaders will provide opportunities for student leadership and engagement, food literacy collaboration across institutions in the region

Mount Currie Band

L.E.A.P. (Lil'wat Empowerment & Accessibility Program) Vocational

We want to create a sustainable vocational program for our Special Needs members. Our nurse coordinator would act as liason/lead for project. Key components would consist of contracting a Special Needs Vocational counselor to perform one-on-one vocational and needs assessments. Vocational counseling would then be provided on an individual basis. We would provide training in such areas as: basic computer literacy, resume building, interview skills, and small business planning. We would hold workshops with external professional facilitators. We would arrange preceptorship/job-shadowing opportunities, as many of these community members have never previously had experience or opportunity for employment. We would host a job fair where local and surrounding area businesses could present employment opportunities. Also, more students will be transitioning to adulthood in the next few years. The 2nd & 3rd years of this project would be expansions and growth of the first year, based on challenges, gaps, successes, and feedback that will likely evolve once the program is rolled out.

Movement Dance Productions Society

Pierced: A new full-length ballet by Joshua Beamish

MOVE: the company proposes support of Phase 3, Final creation and Presentation, of Joshua Beamish's new full-length work, Pierced. The work yields an innovative collaboration of leading artists from Royal Winnipeg Ballet (RWB), Pacific Northwest Ballet (PNB) & New York City Ballet in one creative process. In development since August 2011, the project exists in 3 phases. Phase 1 occurred in 2012 through the support of RWB, PNB in Seattle, the Manhattan Movement & Arts Centre, the Banff Centre and NYC's Jerome Robbins Foundation. Beamish created a series of short works which would eventually fuse into a cohesive full-evening structure. These shorts were presented by Dancing on the Edge in July 2012. Phase 2 occurs in Spring 2013 through the support of RWB and the American Dance Institute in Washington, DC. Beamish will create 2 final shorts. The various fragments of Pierced will be reworked and woven together during Phase 3's 3 weeks of creative residencies at Jacob's Pillow and Mission's Clarke Theatre. The work will be self presented Oct 25-26 at the Vancouver Playhouse.

Multifaith Action Society of B.C. (MAS)

Connection Through Spirit

Connection Through Spirit is a dynamic and interactive series of four youth-led interfaith dialogue forums culminating in a unique, all-inclusive 'un-conference' exploring our connection to Self, Family, Community, and Earth through spirituality. The purpose of this project is to provide youth of diverse cultural and spiritual backgrounds with opportunities to reflect upon and share with others the value of spiritual awareness, practice and tradition in the process of connecting to these four aspects of society. By engaging young people in intercultural and intergenerational dialogue on topics that are important to them, we hope to address the pervasive sense of disconnection and isolation that has become so endemic in modern secular society, build bridges between and within faith communities, and create constructive collaborations.

Museum of Vancouver

URBAN CORTEX: A Social Sensing + Connectivity Lab

CONTEXT: In Fall 2013, MOV will work with academic partners to create an interdisciplinary set of prototypes in which designers, artists and researchers will explore the intersection between urban space design, social capital and psychological effects of city life. In particular, they will be comprised of installations, interventions and experiments that test or boost trust and social capital. The public will be invited to experience and interact with these social design prototypes during a showcase at the Museum of Vancouver (Nov 2013). PROJECT: The proposed project will leverage prototypes and research generated through the planned academic partnerships, and extend their reach to a broad range of Vancouver communities through a series of targeted workshops, public space pop-ups, and charrettes throughout different neighborhoods in Spring/Summer 2014. A final, large public dialogue will also be convened. These events will share initial results, convene discussion, invite a greater number of participants through further experiments and refined opportunities for investigation.

Music on Main Society

Music on Main's "diffusion line"

'Diffusion line' (n) - a term used by fashion houses for a secondary line of products sharing core brand values with a couture line that helps establish new relationships with consumers. Music on Main's diffusion line will be comprised of 5 musical events created specifically for new audiences to experience classical, new, and genre-bending music for the first time. Each event will be a social gathering at which short 10- to 15-minute sets of serious music will be performed in non-intimidating environments, where audience members can mingle, meet and build community. The diffusion line is not about prescribing information about art or educating new audiences; it's about creating a space for meaningful exchange and presenting extraordinary music through a social dimension. It's about embracing art and artistic connections as a tool for building community through carefully curated events that are welcoming, open, and conducive to social interaction. The project will also allow Music on Main to engage Validated Learning as a tool for ongoing project development.

Musqueam Indian Band

Exchanging Musqueam's Cultural Teachings

The Musqueam have always lived in the area from Howe Sound through the Fraser River estuary. Vancouver area schools have few resources to help teach their students about the language, culture, and history of the local First Nations’ Musqueam. First Nations are culturally diverse, even among neighbours, so it is important to maintain community-specific teaching resources. We propose creating a kit to help teachers educate their students about Musqueam cultural heritage, and help the Musqueam community reach out to the public to respectfully share traditional knowledge. This teaching kit will be housed at Musqueam’s new Cultural Education Resource Centre and will be available for teachers to sign out on Musqueam’s website. The kit will include resources about the village of cesna?em – a key archaeological site in Canada, and the centre of a recent public discussion of Aboriginal rights. We hope to reach many schools within Musqueam Traditional Territory, beginning with local schools attended by Musqueam children to bridge cultural gaps between First Nation students and their peers.

Nanaimo Association for Community Living

COCO's Catering Project

The purpose of COCO's Catering Project is to help fulfill the cafe's mission. Catering will allow us to provide increased employment hours and expand the diversity of work experience for our staff with developmental disabilities. Catering has been identified as critical to helping the cafe achieve financial sustainability. It is anticipated that catering would also bring additional marketing and advertising benefits to the cafe, which would be incredibly beneficial for our small social enterprise. The project involves renovating the kitchen area, to offer more space that is suitably designed and equipped for preparing catering orders. This would greatly benefit our staff with developmental disabilities who can find working in confined spaces difficult and who also frequently suffer with back issues along with other mobility challenges. This renovation would allow us to undertake catering and at the same time better accommodate our staff with developmental disabilities by providing a bigger and more effectively designed workspace.

National Educational Association of Disabled Students

Finance Matters: An Informational Day on Financial Aid and Financial Literacy

Project Vision: Finance Matters will be an innovative and educational one-day event in Vancouver filled with workshops and interactive presentatations. We request support from the Vancouver Foundation for our event on financial aid and financial literacy for up to 100 incoming and current post-secondary students and recent graduates with disabilities. The day will comprise a series of presentations and discussions on a variety of topics including budgeting and managing money while in school, effective borrowing, accessing student aid, creative saving, financial planning and the Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP). The day-long session will include a demonstration of the unique financial aid portal developed by NEADS, ( Students will learn how to be more successful in seeking funding for their studies and saving for the future. This will enable participants to better manage their finances during school and beyond. Gaining greater understanding of financial aid opportunities will lead to reducing the amount of debt.

NEC Native Education College

Button Blanket Project

This unique opportunity to 16 students to partake in a sructured learning occurring on weekends and evenings opens the door to a population not presently able to participate in day-time classes. Participants are introduced to the art forms of the Northwest Coast peoples.They will learn about the history of the button blanket and in turn learn about the feasts and dances and the beauty of the potlatches where the button blanket is used. They will research the history of Northwest Coast cultural regalia. Students will create a button blanket with their own family crest or background. These blankets will be made in a traditional way. Each blanket is as different as the individual and depends on the background and culture or each person. The participants will reach out beyond the classroom to their community to get advice and guidance. This will provide an opportunity for wellness through culturally restorative practices.Participants in the Summer Button Blanket Project will have the option of using the completion of the course as a credit towards the BC Adult Grade 12 Diploma

Nelson CARES Society

Moving Together-Collaborative Process to Address Seniors Transportation Barriers

This project will be part of the Age Friendly Community initiative (AFC), a project of Nelson CARES. There is a wealth of literature identifying transportation as a significant barrier to seniors accessing health and community services, as well as social and recreational opportunities. An AFC survey of area service providers determined transportation to be the greatest barrier faced by seniors in the region. However, the issues surrounding transportation access here are too complex to address with a single project. Instead, this project will draw upon AFC's broad community support and influence to bring together relevant stakeholders to work collaboratively to meet concerns across multiple sectors. This project represents Phases 1 and 2 of a 3 Phase undertaking. In Phase 1 we will bring stakeholders together for an introductory/planning meeting, followed by a series of problem defining activities. In Phase 2 will identify strategic leverage points and develop an Approach Plan, producing a Findings & Recommendations report for Phase 3. (Phase 3 is part of AFC's ongoing work)

Newbark Canine Rescue Rehoming Society

Expansion of Intake and Adjustment Area

Improvement and expansion of intake facility – new fenced areas to provide dogs their own areas to relax and adjust. Allowing proper evaluation of temperament, provides area for adoption meet and greet, safe holding area for more than one dog (what we have currently.) Increase our ability to provide a safe place for more dogs in need mid-Island.