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Standard Size

Since 1965, Vancouver's architectural direction could be defined as one 'without architects'. First, through the proliferation of the mass-produced, builder-designed 'Vancouver Special' houses in the 60s to 80s, then through the master-planned and developer-led creation of over one hundred podium-style condominium towers in Downtown Vancouver. Widely labelled 'Vancouverism' and lauded as a model for global urbanism, Vancouver is often referred to as one of the most livable cities and simultaneously one of the most unaffordable - a contradiction emerges. Ken Lum's "Standard Size" is comprised of a replica Vancouver Special scaled down in size based on the difference in property value from 1986 to present. The project reveals an ideology of globalization, where development is accepted as infinitely repeatable in any context or culture and notions of 'livability' are flattened into a global metric, in what Urbanist Andy Yan calls an 'insecurity of belonging'. Standard Size holds up a mirror to Vancouver's spatial commodification and simultaneously to a global reality.

3H Craftworks Society

Sewing and Socializing: Skills Development for Sustainability (hereafter SDS)

Driven by market changes, Craftworks has recently evolved from a business model reliant on retail sales to a more sustainable contract services business model. In order for the new model to supplement our program, SDS was developed to address an identified need for broader skills development, increased earnings, and socialization. SDS will expand participants' capacity through skills workshops (e.g. industrial sewing, embroidery, beading) that are tailored to our participants' learning styles and skill level. Acquiring these new skills will allow participants to access additional in-house earnings opportunities, otherwise not afforded to them. SDS will also provide more frequent opportunities for socialization through a regular schedule of monthly workshops that are conducive to peer learning. SDS will increase Craftworks' capacity by improving our knowledge of training facilitation and add competitive skills that will enable us to market ourselves as a full-service provider.

A Rocha Canada

Cultivating Holistic Education in Surrey Schoolyards

In partnership with the Surrey School District (SSD), Cultivating Holistic Education in Surrey Schoolyards will initiate three schoolyard farms in inner city secondary and/or elementary schools, and facilitate food literacy learning in five elementary schools over the next three years. Cultivating Holistic Education In Surrey Schoolyards will: 1) address root causes of social, economic and ecological inequity, by promoting food sovereignty, including access to and control over ones food sources, 2) offer hands-on sustainable agriculture education (the schoolyard farms will be tools for teachers to teach English, Math, Health and Science to all students, as well as to facilitate learning specifically for Aboriginal and Special Education programs), and 3) provide spaces for community celebration, cross-cultural connection and relationship building. Alongside A Rocha staff and SSD teachers, SSD children will grow food, learn new skills, be empowered to take ownership of the food they grow and become passionate about what they eat, as well as to celebrate the fruits of their labour.

Adoptive Families Association of British Columbia

Speak-Out Youth Group

The Speak-Out Youth Group fills a vital gap in existing resources by supporting and encouraging youth in-and-from government care to continue exploring permanency options. This youth led program engages and empowers youth to share their stories, build networks, create resources, gain valuable life skills, advocate for systematic change, and raise awareness about the need for permanent families for all children in government care. The Speak-Out Youth Group is an established program that provides peer support and a vital sense of permanence to its members while facilitating youth participation in community outreach.

Allan Brooks Nature Centre Society

Improving Okanagan Habitat Connectivity "Going from here to there"

Improving Okanagan Habitat Connectivity 'How do we get from here to there' is an educational outreach initiative that will provide the tools to understand and take action on the results and recommendations from the Biodiversity Conservation Strategy project and also to help the general public to understand why connected ecosystems and wildlife habitat corridors are an essential part of maintaining biodiversity and ecosystem services in the Okanagan region. Both the SOSCP and the OCCP are working on a Biodiversity Conservation Strategy for the Okanagan region. The strategy promotes a “big-picture” landscape view of the region and provides a framework for considering conservation options for entire ecosystems and watersheds that go beyond municipal or rural boundaries and includes all land-tenures. The project that we are presenting here forms part of the implementation of the Biodiversity Conservation Strategy.

Archway Community Services

The Bridge Canine Care Program

The idea for this project originated with Diane Benaroch wanting to open a doggie day care and employ people with developmental disabilities to work at the doggie day care. Diane was concerned about the training of the individuals and how that would work. Diane met with the staff from the EPIC program with Abbotsford Community Services in May of 2014 where it was decided that a training program should be developed first and foremost. Through this project, we are hoping to build a bridge between people with developmental disabilities, dog trainers, and dog owners. The participants in this project will learn how to care for and train dogs and through the interactions they have with people involved in the canine industry will build relationships and connections that will provide them with jobs, friends and mentors.

Supported Community Involvement for Dedicated Dads

This 18 month Pilot Project aims to give dads who require supervised access with their child, an opportunity to enter the community approximately once a week with a professional mentor. Learning the skills necessary to handle primary parenting responsibilities, whether on a part time or full time basis, would be the primary goal. Over the past year, upwards of 20 fathers have contacted Abby Dads about providing supervised visits for their family. Due to time and staff constraints, all we were able to offer them was attendance at one of our drop-ins. Many dads take a back seat when it comes to co-parenting, especially when they haven't had an effective role model for a healthy, involved father. When relationships dissolve, some dads have not grown the necessary skills to take over being the primary caregiver, whether it is for an evening, a weekend, or full time. This pilot project will aim to better equip fathers to fulfill the primary caregiver role. The target audience will be fathers who have been asked to have supervised visits and who do not have MCFD involvement.

Art Starts in Schools Society


YoungStarters is a free arts mentorship program provided by ArtStarts that invites teens to take the lead in arts based community projects. The program is designed for creative-minded, ambitious young people. For five weeks in Summer 2015, the group will meet every Sunday at the ArtStarts LAB. Partnered with mentors who range from professional artists, arts administrators and community organizers, young people participate in workshops as they individually develop their own art project ideas. Each individual project will be given a $500 budget and space to explore ideas through a process based, arts integrated approach. By providing young people with the right tools, support and knowledge, YoungStarters activates young people's creativities while providing them with lasting, relevant skills and experiences. By focusing on community based projects, YoungStarters aims to engage the community through youth-led collaborations exploring diverse art forms.

Arts in Action Society

Groundswell: Grassroots Economic Alternatives

Groundswell is an eight-month training school for people under the age 35 to develop the skills to build sustainable enterprises, including but not limited to co-ops, self-employment, social businesses, collectives, non-profits and other grassroots economic configurations. We actively target low-moderate income and immigrant youth, primarily from the Eastside of Vancouver and suburban areas, particularly Surrey. We will expand over the next 3-5 years to serve 70 participants annually, which given the very significant interest seems entirely reasonable. Critically, our vision for Groundswell is to work with all graduates on a long-term basis to establish a lasting supportive network of community enterprises. This vision is not possible on our own, and thus we have been expending a huge amount of effort to collaborate with local community groups and other organizations working towards a new economy. We were met with an overwhelming response when we first opened for applications in Spring 2013 and already have a huge amount of interest with a swiftly-growing applicant list for 2014.

Enterprising Youth

Through this project we will utilize a small cohort of youth to demonstrate their potential for independence and the existing capacity within youth exiting care to participate in, and eventually manage, visible mainstream spaces in Vancouver - spaces such as business, alternate and post secondary education, and community discussions of social issues affecting youth directly. This will be done by recruiting 4-6 young people between 17-24 who have experienced government care to participate in the Groundswell Business Alternatives Program. Through the program, youth will develop a project (ex. a socially-conscious small business, branded product, a non-profit or campaign) which at the end of the program will be presented as a Gala comprised of potential funders, community advocates, alumni and financial mentors. After the Gala, youth will use the mentors, alumni, and staff to carry out their project in the chosen community. The youth will be supported to find a project that will succeed, and will be supported by a wraparound community committed to their success in their chosen venture.

The Housing Matters Media Project - The Renovation working title

The Arts in Action Society in partnership with the Housing Matters Media Project is seeking funds in order to further our ongoing work in building and sustaining informed networks of youth and concerned adults who are involved in seeking solutions to issues relating to affordable housing for youth, particularly for former youth in care. This community engaged media art project will increase the community's ability to voice its own ideas and seek its own solutions in ways in which the public parent can support youth to successfully transition out of care into the community. This project will continue to educate members of the community on the particular issues youth in care face as they transition to adulthood. This project will create opportunities for mentorship, learning, and employment for participating youth. And it intends to create new knowledge to aid in ways in which adults can involve themselves in the role of the public parent.

Association of Neighbourhood Houses of British Columbia

Frames Film Project: Increasing Community Connectedness for Youth in Care

The Frames Film Project provides training, support, and voice to multi-barriered youth ages 16-24. Each twelve week intake includes 15-20 youth participants, 3 Frame graduates/mentors, and 2 part-time staff. Youth meet one evening each week to provide peer support; receive life and employment skills training; and collaborate to conceptualize, film and edit stories for community change. Previous Frames' films addressed community issues of substance misuse, mental health, multi-culturalism, and crime prevention. Intake 9 films will focus on youth approaches to increase community connectedness for youth in care. All Frames films are shared at quarterly community screening events. Over the past two and a half years, our approach has proven to help youth with significant barriers develop a wide range of skills and take steps towards employment and community attachment. Frames is recognized by the Globe and Mail, CBC, partner organizations, and film industry professionals as a leading youth program.

Aunt Leah's Independent Lifeskills Society

The Friendly Landlord Network

The Friendly Network will create and systematrize a private sector network of resources specific to youth transitioning from care to adulthood. In addition this project will create a communication tool to enhance the increased inter-organizational coordination desired through the Fostering Change project.

Ballet BC


Ballet BC is seeking support for the commissioning, development and creation of a full-length program of contemporary ballet inspired by The Rite of Spring. The ground-breaking 1913 collaboration between choreographer Vaslav Nijinsky and composer Igor Stravinsky had monumental impact on 20th century music and dance for its bold rhythmic, tonal and choreographic language that is still considered revolutionary more than 100 years after its premiere. Drawing on the spirit of innovation and risk-taking that is the legacy of The Rite of Spring, RITE, will include two innovative World Premieres to be performed in our 2014-15 Season in May 2015. The first part of the program will highlight an interdisciplinary collaboration between Ballet BC Artistic Director and choreographer Emily Molnar with Vancouver-based designer, Omer Arbel and composer Jeremy Schmidt. Part two of the program will be a newly-conceptualized, full company contemporary ballet choreographed by Spanish choreographer Gustavo Ramirez Sansano, using Stravinsky's original musical score.

Ballet Victoria Society

Ballet Victoria's Dracula

To open Ballet Victoria's 12th season, the company will create a new full-length narrative ballet based on Bram Stoker's classic gothic novel, Dracula. Ballet Victoria will create a unique score comprised of: modern music mixed by Jason King with special effects, a pair of commissioned sections (a tango by Ruy Boff and a classical section by Robert McBride) as well as a selection of works by Gustav Mahler, Arvo Part, and Knut Nystedt. The present-day setting and plot of this production will make it unique and more widely appealing. The demanding choreography will be rooted in classical ballet vocabulary (pointe work) with a strong emphasis on contemporary movement quality. As with the recent successful production of Frankenstein, Paul Destrooper's Dracula will incorporate humour and popular culture references in his effort to recount the story of the infamous vampire as he attempts to fit in new surroundings. Ballet Victoria strives to bring the highest technical and artistic quality to all its creations, as well as appeal to as wide audience and introduce many to the art form.

Bard on the Beach Theatre Society

Enhanced Training and Coaching Initiative

We hope to create the Bard Artist Training Department, expand on our existing training offerings and build a strategic three year plan to make a significant contribution to artist training in Vancouver. We will create a Head of Training and Coaching position who along with the Artistic Associates will identify what training will be most beneficial, source and consult with appropriate coaches, and create a curriculum that addresses the ongoing needs of the company and community. Over the course of three years, we will expand and enhance existing training opportunities by adding time and additional instructors and experts; we will increase the honorarium for participants making training more accessible and we will offer more coaching resources throughout the performance season, ensuring the health and safety of our company. We also plan on developing a workshop program for the community year-round, welcoming local and international master instructors, and will offer professional development opportunities to our artistic staff to benefit both the Bard Company and greater arts community.

BC Farm Museum Association

Interactive Presentation Terminals

We plan to incorporate six interactive presentation terminals into our displays to explain and demonstrate the purpose of the heritage artifacts. "Show and Tell" is an effective manner to pass on historic knowledge. By incorporating advances in technology, we can provide a unique experience for our visitors and further our educational goals. We propose to construct kiosks with interactive terminals and place them about the museum. Each unit would consist of a tablet connected to a television with a supporting structure. We create {or have created} and present program content. Program content at each station would consist of information regarding the artifacts the visitors are viewing. This information could include actual stories or demonstrations of real pioneers using the artifact in their every day life. We also plan to allow our program content to be accessible across technological boundaries as well as cross language and cultural boundaries.

BC Living Arts

Gestural Loop

'Gestural Loop' uses gaming technologies and mobile devices that capture physical movement to transform the human body into a musical instrument. The project includes concert performances of new professional works and allows for attendees to create their own artistic experiences through direct interaction with the technology. Through this UBC platform, projected media will also be manipulated and incorporate three additional collaborative works with visual artists from the BC Interior that further explore the theme of 'metaphoric gesture' (as it relates to culture, heritage, communication, language, action, metaphor, interaction with space and time, dance and music). For a full explanation of the artistic platform and details as to who is involved, please see support documentation (Letter of Support from Dr. Bob Pritchard). For a brief video explanation of the technology, please view BCLA Artistic Director Alan Corbishley approached Dr. Pritchard (UBC Music) who agreed to integrate UBC's new music technologies within the 2015 THRiVE Festival.

BC Multicultural Health Services Society

Voces Maternas: Empowering Latin American women in the child birthing year

Voces Maternas, a coordinated maternal and infant healthcare service for Latin American mothers, uses a cross cultural health broker model to strengthen the capacity of immigrant women to make informed health choices during the birthing year. Cross Cultural Health Brokers (CCHBs) are bilingual, bicultural workers who come from the communities they serve and are recognized as experts regarding their clients’ cultural contexts. CCHBs provide one-on-one and group support as well as providing language and cultural interpretation during appointments with health service providers. The program team will include family physicians, midwives, doulas, pediatricians and a CCHB. The interdisciplinary team will collaboratively provide maternity health education and support through Spanish-language, culturally-relevant workshops. The workshops will include information on pregnancy, postpartum care, and early childhood development. The group setting will provide a socialization opportunity for women to build healthy relationships in a supportive and non-judgmental environment.

Beaufort Association for Mentally Handicapped

Pet Treat Bakery Expansion Project

Pet Treat Bakery, a social enterprise business operated by Beaufort Association, has experienced tremendous success in marketting and selling our products on Vancouver Island, and in providing employment for people with developmental disability, In four years, our annual sales have grown from $55000 to $125000 and we are projecting similar increases over the next three years. Our workforce has grown from four to eleven hourly employees at our dehydration facility, working from 2 to 22 hours per week, and paid minimum wage and better. In addition we have a flexible work crew of four to eight piece-work employees to do packaging and labelling. We are ready to take the next step, hiring a manager and increasing production capacity. This will require renovation to upgrade electrical service, improvements to water supply and plumbing, purchase of additional equipment and other upgrades. We estimate a 50% increase in production will create between 24 and 28 addtional hours of work per week. This will mean an increase in hours for some employees and the hiring of additional staff.

Belfry Theatre Society

Island of Hope

We are seeking support for the commissioning of a large-scale musical by the local award-winning team of playwright Jacob Richmond and composer Brooke Maxwell (Ride the Cyclone). Titled Island of Hope, this is a unique project based on a true 'stranger than fiction' story that addresses the dire consequences of environmental degradation and the depletion of natural resources.

Blue Bridge Theatre Society

Roxy Theatre Electrical Upgrade

The Roxy Theatre is currently in its first phase of renovations wherein BBRT has: constructed a raised stage for performance, installed lighting trusses, painted the lobby and auditorium, and installed flooring in the auditorium, amongst many other aesthetic enhancements. These improvements allowed BBRT to open our season with our first Roxy show "True West" in November; however, all of the productions this season have been required to make significant technical compromises due to the current limitations of the space. For the Roxy Theatre to progress, these limitations need to be addressed - and one of the most important is the upgrade from 200Amp electrical service to 400Amp electrical service. The current electrical service for the building is not sufficient to power a proper lighting and sound setup for live performance. The audiences and artists who have come to the Roxy Theatre thus far have shown great support and understanding for the current 'in-process' status of the renovations - but we need to address these shortcomings as quickly as we can.

Boca del Lupo

Big Bad

The Vancouver International Children's Festival (VICF) is commissioning Boca del Lupo to create Big Bad, a deconstructed fairy tale for children and adults to experience together. Big Bad tackles the sensitive and complex issue of identifying danger in the modern age. Recognizing that the metaphors present in Little Red Riding Hood are very different for a parent than for a child, the performance will utilize technology such as synchronized split audio tracks and split screen video to provide very different experiences for parent and child even as they sit side by side. Working with child psychologist, Elizabeth McLaughlin, there will be sensitive and meaningful treatment of this important subject matter and the dynamic artistic team will bring an immersive world to life. Big Bad will be presented at the Revue Stage on Granville Island. Creation will take place over the course of 18 months. It is the final production phase starting in March 2015 that we are applying for in this application.

British Columbia (BC) Chihuahua Rescue

BCCR Marketing/Organization Development Campaign

Assistance is requested to help us increase our capacity to effectively carry out our charitable mission and improve our ability to care for homeless small dogs in BC by helping us upgrade our website and create new organizational/marketing documentation. The project we are seeking funding for is a marketing campaign to increase awareness of our rescue work adn the dogs we assist. The project would include uprgrading our existing website including adding mobile capabilities and video streaming to promote our dogs for adoption. The website would have a storefront created for online fundraising to assist the BCCR in raising much needed funding. The campaign would also include creating and/or upgrading existing handouts, brochues, and marketing materials. A new banner to match the website and materials would also be considered given enough funds were available through our fundraising and the grant.

British Columbia Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Cat Overpopulation Strategy

Cat Overpopulation Strategy