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Friends of the Old Hastings Mill Store Museum

First Nations Basketry Project - Exchanging Baskets (Working Title)

The Old Hastings Mill Store Museum (OHMSM) contains thousands of objects from diverse origins and cultures. The collection represents the meeting of aboriginal North Americans and a diverse group of pioneering peoples. We can sum this up as a unique collection representing 'contact-culture' primarily but not limited to Vancouver, British Columbia or Canada. A questionnaire survey in the summer of 2014 identified the aboriginal artefacts especially the basketry as interesting, but badly labelled, ill contextualised and poorly understood. The grant will be utilised to: 1) Label and catalogue the basketry collection. 2) Create and execute new educational initiatives. 3) Build bridges with the First Nations and increase their participation in the museum's activities. 4) Seek to increase the number and diversity of the Friends of the Old Hastings Mill Store. 5) Initiate inroads into basketry and artefacts from the varied communities of Vancouver. 6) Lead the Native Daughters back to their origins as an organisation that serves the community in all of its diversity.

Georgia Strait Alliance

Building Local Oil Spill Resilience

This project is central to GSA’s Energy & Shipping program’s strategic objective of improving oil spill prevention and response, an urgent issue given the projected sixfold increase in tanker traffic through Georgia Strait should the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion proposal gain approval. GSA will: • Raise awareness of the impacts of an oil spill on a community • Advocate for improved local government spill prevention and response (to address the existing risk of diluted bitumen transport); • Use the absence of adequate local response capacity and plans as a strategy to raise local government concern about diluted bitumen transport (to advocate against increased transport via Kinder Morgan’s proposed expansion. The 2014 municipal elections provide an opportunity to work in a non-partisan way in a few communities with the most influencing potential, ultimately converting heightened concern about the increasing threat of an oil spill and lack of municipalities’ ability to respond into action by newly elected officials to improve spill planning and response capacity.

Global Youth Education Network Society

Frontrunner Young Women's Campaign School

To increase the number of women in politics we need to get more women to run. To get more women to run, we need to get them in the habit of campaigning and running for office - or at least thinking about campaigning and running for office when they are young. Frontrunner is a campaign school and support network for young women that will train and support 18-24 year olds to participate in elections at the college and university campus level. The program will bring together seasoned instructors who have previous electoral campaign experience and who have been elected to student government. Participants will leave with the necessary skills and support to confidently enter electoral races. In order to reinforce a culture where it is clear that women should be involved in political office, Frontrunner will also establish a support network for alumni that will encourage young women to engage in political circles and participate in political dialogue through events and hands-on experience.

Golden Community Resources Society

Community Team Development

A well-developed Community Team will align the Golden & Area A non profit community, build established and emerging leaders, creating a well-supported community team that guides community development and decision making in 2014 and beyond. Over time, as the Team changes in members and composition, training and support needs will be reviewed. With this funding, the creation of a Community Team and Coordinator role, the Community Team will be developed to improve community decision-making and resource allocation. Then, additional resources ($200,000/yr) will begin to flow to Golden & Area A through Columbia Basin Trust's Community-Directed Grant Program (not to be confused with the partnering CBT Community Development Funds). The fledgling Community Team needs support – specifically to develop their capacity to collaborate and lead. We are seeking resources from the Vancouver Foundation to do that for them, whether it be for planning, leadership, CED, grant making training, collective impact, and/or community development courses for our Team members.

Gordon & Marion Smith Foundation for Young Artists

Robert Davidson: Progression of Form

Robert Davidson is an internationally renowned multidisciplinary artist who is critically engaged in the contemporary arts and deeply rooted in Haida cultural expression. Davidson is a vital force in the Haida community and an advocate for First Nations culture, education, ceremony, politics and art and also shares cultural knowledge with broader multi-cultural communities. 'Robert Davidson: Progression of Form' is a multi-faceted project which will explore Davidson's latest artwork within the context of the current landscape of contemporary Canadian art and Davidson's cultural and artistic history. Comprised of a three-month art exhibition, an exhibition catalogue, programs, workshops & performances, the project will recognize the importance of the integration of the visual and performing arts and their intrinsic relationship with culture, ceremony, and Haida identity. The exhibition will showcase twenty of Davidson's most recent paintings, four epoxy-coated aluminum sculptures, two new masks, two totem poles and a house post to be finished specifically for the exhibition.

Grandview-Woodland Community Policing Centre

RestART Pilot Project

With support from the City of Vancouver and the Vancouver Police Department, this two year pilot seeks to achieve sustainability for an on-going program focussing on community-involved diversion from the criminal justice system. Through victim/offender mediation, and participation in all aspects of developing and completing non-destructive public art, RestART fosters broader involvement in other community activities through mentorship. The work focuses on community engagement to address illegal graffiti. Illegal graffiti arises when a person’s efforts at completing public art transgress into destructive behaviour, for themselves as well as the community, and they have entered the criminal justice system. Related issues include: a person’s sense of isolation from the community, self-esteem, need for other health services, and lack of prosocial alternatives. A key piece of work for the pilot project is the design and completion of an evaluation incorporating the delivery priorities of a targeted long-term funder, the Federal Crime Prevention Action Fund.

Grendel Group (Family Advocates)

"Training For Growth"

Food security and healthy eating are of utmost concern for residents of the Bulkley Valley. Employers in the agricultural sector (local farms, garden markets, plant centres, etc) have expressed interest in hiring Grendel participants with well-developed horticulture skills. In order to accomplish this, the Grendel Group will hire a Support Worker to focus specifically on honing the participants' skills to meet the expressed needs of local employers in the agriculture sector, as well as developing communication, math and customer service skills. This worker will also be responsible for outreach with potential employers, job placements, and continued support of the participants. Of course, this project adheres to the Grendel Group's principles of providing opportunities for hands-on training, peer education, community integration, and programs based on quality produce and food preparation.

Greyhaven Exotic Bird Sanctuary

New Sanctuary Feasibility Study

The purpose of this project is to complete a feasibility study to assess the needs of the organization and determine a suitable location to establish a new permanent sanctuary.

Haida Gwaii Museum Society

Research and Development-Contemporary work of Robert Davidson and Haida Society

The proposed exhibition will not only consider how Robert Davidson engages with concepts of abstraction, but also how Davidson reveals Haida concepts of form and representation and how these concepts should be seen as contemporary critical discourse. This exhibition will demonstrate how Davidson is drawing inspiration from history and grappling with the challenges of interpreting traditional design and transforming it into contemporary Haida art practice. In his work, Davidson shifts between abstract and representational images, often blurring the boundary between the two, and continually challenges himself to expand his knowledge and evolving art practice. This exhibition will be one of the first thematic examinations focusing on Davidson contemporary art practice and its relationship to artists in Haida society that will be researched, developed and presented by the Haida Gwaii Museum. This exhibition will feature current and new works from private collections as well as the artist's collection.This exhibition will feature current and new works from private and public collections.

Hard Rubber New Music Society


Riot will be a live music/ video piece of the 2011 Vancouver Hockey Riot. We will use new and unique elements not used in any other show in Vancouver to our knowledge. We aim to treat the 2011 riots as a sociological phenomenon, something that was powerful, disturbing, intense and confusing. Woven into the fabric of the event will be interviews of UBC psychologists and sociologists to create context and theories about what lead to the riot, as well as reporters, bystanders and police to describe their perspectives. Brian Johnson will create visuals, John Korsrud, the music and Andrew Laurenson of Radix Theatre will design the look of the show. Possible venues are The Roundhouse, CBC Studio 40, the Vancouver Main Library Atrium and possibly the soon-to-be empty Main Post Office. The 2011 riots were a powerful BC event that gained attention around the world. But there has yet to be a documentary or an art piece made about this. We hope to convey the energy and the horror and the chaos of those few hours.

High Road Services Society

Innovations' Kitchen

Innovations' Kitchen is a social enterprise jointly managed by the Supported Employment Program and Special Projects program of HIGH ROAD Services Society. Innovations' Kitchen(IKitchen) operates five days a week in the cafeteria space of the local high school, providing nutritious snack and meal options prepared by the individuals employed part time by IKitchen. The individuals receive instruction and support in learning industry standard skills that can be transferable to other employment settings. Employers often do not have the time or resources to provide one on one continual training supports for individuals with disabilities. IKitchen removes this obstacle by providing on the job training in the areas desired by potential employers, while providing a fair wage for the individuals. Individuals are instructed in Food Safe and Health and Safety procedures while experiencing realistic employment expectations such as being on time for scheduled shifts, following an appropriate hygiene routine, working coherently with coworkers and completing tasks according to direction given.

Hollyburn Family Services Society

Life Sucess - The 4 R's (Residence-Resources-Relationships-Resilency)

This proposal will provide intensive transitional support for youth exiting government care by providing transitional and permanent housing, connecting youth to community-based resources and providing skills in the area of employment, education, interpersonal relationships, financial and domestic competence, facilitating connections to healthy relationships with peers and adults while providing opportunities for success to motivate future achievement while building resiliency. Prior to the youth turning 19, a youth support worker will conduct an intake assessment, client registry, referral and screening, and assessment. The information will be translated into a Life Plan where the youth will play an active role in developing, revieiwng and updating the plan and goals.

Youth Unedited

Based on current research that youth in government care often feel powerless during the transitional process, the idea of 'Youth Unedited' was born. Youth Unedited, is an organic and youth driven process with short and long term goals that provide leadership and skill development training to empower youth to be leaders and advocates for positive change in the foster system. It is an intentional three part process that acts as a continuum for youth to share, dialogue, express and then transform their experiences living in and transitioning from government care. Youth Unedited has three specific objectives - share experiences - document experiences - transform experiences.

Home Is Where We Live Lifecycles Project Society

The Urban Seed Library will create a sustainable and transferable program model capable of institutionalizing seed collections and seed saving and biodiversity programming in BC's urban public libraries. Working with the Surrey Libraries, the Greater Victoria Public Library, and Richmond Food Security, we will collaboratively create an effective program model that will enable community members to establish viable seed collections in their local library. This project will create management systems and community resources that aim to make seeds and seed saving education freely accessible and publically shared. This will strengthen local food security, community health and biodiversity.

Horse Protection Society of BC

Organization assessment and strategic planning

In this environment of constant change, organizations need to maximise their efficiency and effectiveness to meet changing demands. Over the past 2 years HPS has focused on grant research and application. We have secured a number of grants that have enabled us to achieve many of the projects outlined in our business plan. We have received grants from BC Gaming, The Township of Langley and Greygates Foundation and have several other applications being considered. At this time we would benefit from a professional assessment of our organization and subsequent strategic plan. We need to identify organizational issues through detailed analysis of the organization and work collaboratively to implement effective solutions. Focusing on key objectives (specific, actionable, results oriented and time-bound) would strengthen our organization and improve its overall operations as we move ahead into the future, taking on larger projects and enhancing our effectiveness in partnering with other like minded organizations.

Intrepid Theatre Company Society

I Have Seen Beautiful Jim Key - a new play by Janet Munsil

Inspired by the magical true story of an educated horse and the man who trained him, this new Canadian play for families will premiere in Oct 2014, and remounted in Feb 2015 as part of Black History Month celebrations in Victoria. Using only patience and kindness (and apple slices) former slave William "Doc" Key trained his horse Jim to read and count, and their travelling show became an inspiration for millions of school children learning their letters and numbers. The most enduring children's stories feature animals with human-like abilities. I Have Seen Beautiful Jim Key is a story of the relationship between humans and animals, the mysteries of animal intelligence, and the value of friendship, cooperation, kindness and patience. The play features two actors, live music(vocals/banjo), and shadow puppetry. Each show is followed by an invitation to the audience to share their own amazing animal stories and drawings, to be added to the Jim Key Hall of Fame. Development of the script has been supported by the BC Arts Council, Canada Council for the Arts and the Stratford Festival.

John Howard Society of the Lower Mainland of B.C.

Community Living Skills Centre

The Community Living Skills Centre will provide individuals with developmental disabilities specialized employment training, supports, and workshops designed to build confidence, challenge attitudes, and support individuals transitioning into the workforce. The program will consist of a number of workshops and training programs, including facilitation of the Job Readiness program, a Job Club, employment support, and vocational job skills. By building work structure into the program and providing access to volunteers able to accompany individuals in work placements, participants will be assisted through the transition to working life and improve one's quality of life. Participants will: -Learn life and job skills necessary to obtain and retain employment -Build motivation and decision-making skills required to be successful in the workplace -Have the opportunity to recognize and understand the career path that they desire through the development of a customized work plan -Increase belonging and inclusion through the development of pro-social peer and community support

Kamloops Art Gallery


As part of the KAG's mandate to bring art, artists and communities together, it proposes to organize an event for residents to take pride in the creative energies and achievements of their city. From October 31 to November 8, 2014, the KAG will present Luminocity, a week-long public art project featuring video projection and new media works in public spaces located throughout the downtown core of Kamloops. This new offsite initiative will broaden the scope of the Gallery's audience to engage new communities and expose the public to innovative new media works by contemporary artists. Luminocity is a critical forum for independent media arts regionally, nationally and internationally and provides artists a public platform in which to present their projects. The selection of artworks and events will evoke the overall theme of light and dark/sound and time and are linked critically through an interest in bridging traditional and contemporary cultural forms and an underlying examination of the constant flow commodities through the movement of goods and people and its impact on our city.


Eco-Cultural Restoration in Katzie Traditional Territory

The Katzie First Nation have participated at multiple levels of involvement in the restoration efforts of several organizations over the past decade. The KCES recognizes that restoration success in the traditional territory can be improved with clear goals and a bioregional scale of planning based on the principles of ecosystem and adaptive management. Of particular importance is the inclusion of traditional knowledge and values. The KCES propose to address these gaps by combining both scientific and traditional knowledge and values in a restoration plan for the Katzie traditional territory. To meet this goal, an Eco-Cultural Restoration Plan will be developed and shared with community participants that will be based on a wide spectrum of values distilled from community engagement workshops. This Plan will be bioregional in scope, but will contain site-specific guidelines that will identify key issues and solutions derived from traditional and scientific knowledge. Based on the Plan guidelines, three model sites will receive restoration efforts and will be monitored for success.

Kelowna Art Gallery


Preserves is a community project that will explore the development of Kelowna and the history of the people who have shaped it. As Kelowna develops into a hub for the high-tech industry, and as the wine industry flourishes, the regions multicultural history is becoming less apparent. Our aim is to use art and technology to create a bridge among generations and ethnicities, such as the Aboriginal, Asian, and Indo-Canadian communities, and to explore the history of land use and development. The inspiration for Preserves came from a conversation with BC artist Maggie Shirley about the desire to hear and document people's stories and memories of the area. Kelowna's community is fragmented, and a project like Preserves would strengthen and maintain the spirit of tolerance and understanding in our city. This project will consist of an exhibition where works of art will be created by local artists who are paired with elders and individuals from various ethnic groups, community workshops to preserve objects in mason jars filled with clear gelatin, and use of augmented reality technology.

Kickstart Disability Arts and Culture

The Fine Line Project

The Fine Line Project is a series of cutting edge art events in the burgeoning field of disability arts. The theme for this series is a Fine Line, referring to the hazy boundaries in disability art, the line between therapy and art that heals; the line between individual production and art with assistance; the line between acoustic musicianship and technologically assisted music. Kickstart wants to take this opportunity to examine the particular boundaries disabled artists face. Through partnership with the Art House in the Field Collective and Vancouver Adapted Music Society, we are able to present readings, music, talks and workshops in an intimate accessible venue (Slocan Hall) that is a thriving neighbourhood centre for the arts. This project emerges from our multidisciplinary festival experience, and represents a change in delivery of programming, increasing our year-round visibility while maintaining our goal to present authentic non-sentimental expressions of the disability experience.

Kidcarecanada Society

KidCareCanada Educational Series: Closed-Captioning and Translation

This project will respond to the urgent need to increase accessibility to our educational resources for parents, caregivers and the professionals who support them. It will expand our inclusivity to enable BC residents (from teen parents to grandparents, incl. refugees) with hearing loss and/or who do not understand English to have access to this crucial information that impacts life-long mental and physical health of current and future generations. Step 1: Closed-captioning 1 in 4 BC residents suffers from hearing loss - from deafness to difficulty in deciphering spoken words in videos. We need to closed-caption (include subtitles) the 93 videos (avg length 6 min) in our educational program, HUGS FOR A BRIGHTER FUTURE. Step 2: Translations In 2011, approximately 147,000 people in BC self-identified as having no English language ability. We need to translate our videos into a minimum of five of BC's most frequently-used languages. The translations will appear as sub-titles in the videos. In this way newcomers can hear spoken English and read the translation in their own language.

Kidd Pivot Performing Arts Society

Betroffenheit (working title)

From November 2015 to July 2015 Kidd Pivot and Electric Company Theatre will work together to create Betroffenheit (working title), an ambitious, full-length work for six dancers and an actor that merges theatre and dance. The project was conceived through a shared desire between key creative collaborators, choreographer Crystal Pite and writer/performer Jonathon Young, to create a full-length stage work that fuses beautifully integrated design, technology, musicality, physicality, and story. The relatively large scale of the work will make it a unique creation in Vancouver's, and Canada's contemporary dance landscape. The project will be developed primarily in Vancouver throughout 2014-15. The completed piece will premiere in Toronto July 23 - 25, 2015 as part of PANAMANIA Arts and Culture Program of the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am and Parapan Am Games. The work will receive its Vancouver premiere in 2016, and will tour throughout Canada, and to the UK in spring of 2016. Kidd PIvot is seeking funding support from Vancouver Foundation for the phase of the project beginning in Jan. 2015.

Kindale Developmental Association

Employment Readiness for Youth and Young Adults

Kindale's project will assist youth and young adults with developmental disabilities to gain the skills, habits, attitudes, and experiences necessary to become employed in real jobs in their local community. The program is individualized based on the development of a personal employment plan for each of the 20 participants, focused on their abilities, needs, and goals. It includes employment skills assessment, training, coaching, on-the-job support, and reinforcement of the learned skills and habits at home. The project also works with local businesses to provide job-specific training and employment opportunities for the participants. Program staff work with employers and their employees to allay fears, raise awareness, and foster relationship building. On-the-job support is provided as needed by the program participant, employer, or their employees. This direct linking of personal employment planning, employment readiness training, job specific skills coaching, and employer development makes this project different from, and closes gaps in, services for this population.

Kingfisher Environmental Interpretive Centre Society

Debris Flood Restoration

The Kingfisher Interpretive Centre incurred heavy damage by a catastrophic debris flood that roared down Cooke Creek on May 2nd, 2014. The damage to the site and our salmon hatchery is devastating but not insurmountable. We are working hard at re-establishing our ability to raise salmon and educate today's youth. We have major repairs to undertake including building an appropriate protective structure (berm in Cooke Creek), certified by an engineer, in order to regain our regular occupancy. We would like to have the new berm built and the majority of repairs (including re-establishing our compromised water sources) completed before the next Spring freshet (May) so that we will be allowed to use the site for raising our beloved salmon and educating local school children. We would also like to rebuild our internationally acclaimed watershed model that was completely destroyed by the flood and replace our lost inventory. We would like to request assistance from the Vancouver Foundation to aid us in our recovery and help us rebuild and recover our lost materials.