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Archway Community Services

Community Connections

In place of service delivery to youth who have aged out of care, we will increase readiness in the community to support these youth. A part-time staff will focus on: • Youth friendly landlord engagement • Youth friendly employer engagement • Community connections for youth We will build on existing landlord relationships by: • Establishing a youth friendly landlords group • Hosting regular landlord events • Promoting a tenant readiness program to landlords (i.e. ready to rent, existing Autumn House curriculum) We will partner with previously identified youth friendly employers to develop: • Employer & youth developed workshops, delivered at companies employing a high number of young people on: expectations for employees and a “how to communicate with young people” • Education & awareness for employers of challenges/barriers faced by young people • Completion of curriculum and workshops, with employer participation, for youth, to increase employment readiness We will support youth in building natural supports in the community through: • Creating a regular opportunity for young people & those who want to support them to spend time together • Developing a sponsor network: Former youth in care who are doing well, are interested in being “sponsors” for struggling youth. We will recruit more “sponsors” through our relationships with youth and the MCFD Youth Team • Using settings that youth are already comfortable with i.e. Abbotsford Youth Health Centre

Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria

Youth Employment Development for the Capital Region

This is a Youth Employment Development Initiative to prototype and test best practices and models we have identified in other places in Canada to create effective labour market pathways for young people who are disadvantaged. We have conducted research for the Enterprising Non Profit Program and the BC Centre for Employment Excellence on models in other jurisdictions of employment development systems inclusive of "employment social enterprises" to create pathways for young people to sustainable livelihoods. We discovered that there are best practices in engaging and promoting employer partnerships with community training agencies that are market based and entrepreneurial We are proposing to adapt and test these models in our own region which currently lacks infrastructure for youth employment development. We also intend to engage a larger group of stakeholders in BC in a learning community on our experiences and lessons learned to inform practices in other regions, through our partnerships with the Canadian Community Economic Development Network and the BC Centre for Employment Excellence. We will have a strong evaluation component to test impacts on income, skills and educational attainment, and employment to share with policy and program stakeholders to embrace more innovative and effective public policy. We will test this model in growth sectors of the economy that also have sustainability impacts, like the resource recycling and renewable energy sectors.

Hope Action Values Ethics Culinary Training Society

HAVE ITA Accreditation: Professional Cook Level 1 Course

HAVE is expanding our 8 week culinary training program to offer an additional accredited 21 week culinary program for participating students to receive their Professional Cook Level 1 Certification recognized by The Industry Training Authority (ITA). The Professional Cook Level 1 program is the first level towards becoming a Red Seal certified chef and can cost upwards of $3,300.00 per person for a 32 week program at a postsecondary institution. HAVE plans to offer inclusive and accessible ITA accredited training at no cost to our students. This program includes classroom lessons and testing, beyond the regular 8 week program. For our students that wish to further their culinary training we work quite hard to either help them access funding for post secondary school or place them with an employer that offers an in-house apprenticeship program. Both of these options are typically difficult to come by and do not include the ongoing support many of our students need, be it due to recovering from addiction, PTSD, or mental health. Our goal with this program is to create opportunities, foster inclusiveness and acceptance, and bring about change for those who are most in need. What has made itself very clear to us over the years is that when people are given the opportunity to succeed, they do. Individuals that lack basic needs when applying for work such as no fixed address, no phone, and no ID, are often excluded from mainstream society.

PHS Community Services Society

Creating Bee Space

Our mandate is to enhance community through apiculture and to connect people & pollinators. We believe in the therapeutic value of beekeeping, its ability to connect all people to community, to nature and to themselves. We bring bees into marginalized urban communities and manage them side by side with community members through our mentorship program; we create green spaces and green opportunities for training, employment and education; we diversify our ecosystem by supporting pollinators and increase our food security by pollination of local food and production of local honey. The bee hive is the centre point of our programming, out from which a spectrum of opportunity radiates. The bees are an incredibly fertile substrate for meaningful connection, green skills training and access to nature. Our programming is socially innovative in its ability to reach out and connect to those considered hard-to-reach, welcoming and supporting individuals and their communities, building bridges of communication, de-stigmatizing bees and people and taking leadership in environmental stewardship. There is a wealth of opportunity in the city for bees and people of all kinds, and our project is helping our city to realize its potential and be a model for other cities. This project will grow our ability to offer meaningful programming that builds community capacity to support native pollinators & honey bees; extend our programming to new geographies & peoples; and embeds us in our community.

The Mustard Seed

The Capital Regional District Food Rescue

The CRD Food Rescue is about rescuing good, edible and healthy fresh food from heading to the landfill or laying on the farmer's field. Food Banks for the past 30 years have been alleviating food insecurity, but have not addressed the root causes of poverty causing individuals to access social supports. Moreover, non-perishables, which have been the staple of food banks, have created long-term health issues for vulnerable communities as they are high in sugar and sodium. Our project is about reclaiming fresh foods, diverting it from the landfill, gleaning it, then re-distributing it to local non-profit agencies not only to increase the health outcomes of their clients, but also to cut agency food budgets so as to increase spending on supportive or poverty elimination programs, specifically housing supports. Most importantly however, with such high expected volumes of food, we will create a social enterprise where low-income earners who do not access food banks, but are food insecure due to economic barriers, may access this project through extremely subsidized cost. This would not be the sale of the food so as not to cut into the market share of retailers, but for the service of distribution including online component and operations costs. This piece would be linked to income levels to ensure a different customer base than our retail partners. We project generating 30% of our operations cost in the form of revenue within the first 3 years and 50% within 5 years.

The Only Animal Theatre Society


Known for ambitious theatre set anywhere from swimming pools to igloos, The Only Animal now takes us deep into the wilderness. Tinkers is a large-scale, site-specific theatre show set off-grid in a threatened old-growth forest. We were drawn to the Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by Paul Harding, because of the transcendentalism: it proposes that Human = Nature = Divine. This is the heart of the piece--a deeply hopeful message in our times. As activists trying to protect a local old-growth forest, we saw the opportunity to create a sited performance piece with a conservationist agenda. Working with both professional artists of the highest caliber (including international art superstar, Cornelia Konrads) and up to 30 local community makers/performers, and an activated audience, our goal is to nurture a deep, creative relationship to place. The story centers on an epileptic peddler, estranged from his wife, distant from his children, but in an ever-ecstatic relationship with the natural world. Our version of Tinkers asks: How can we embrace the wilderness within ourselves? With a surreal set that integrates with the growing forest and choral music based on local birdsong we nurture in our team and audience a new connection with their nature. For 10 months, we host a weekly events combining theatrical elements of the show and solutionary activism. Summer 2016 we rehearse and premiere the piece as the first professional theatre show created in/for the rural Sunshine Coast.