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Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra Society

Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra Main Subscription Concerts 2015-2016 Season

The VMO is dedicated to the artistic, personal and professional development of outstanding young musicians. We create opportunities for talented young musicians to perform with the mentorship of seasoned professionals in front of live audiences. These are opportunities these young gifted musicians may not have otherwise had. We see the untapped potential in people caught between being professional musicians and music students. Many of these young musicians need a stepping-stone to embark on their professional musical career, and that’s what we do. Development Opportunities The VMO provides: mentorship of experienced professional musicians via live, public performances, instructional seminars, classes and workshops led by experts within the music profession. In the past eleven years, the VMO has helped launch the careers of many young talents who are now performing with renowned musical organizations around the world. As a testimonial to the success of the VMO, many of our alumni have continued their involvement with the organization by becoming a VMO mentor. We will provide additional sectional, master class and rehearsal prior to each concert. There are three different ways that we are able to equip our students towards a better musical knowledge and understanding of classical works. With the added sectional, master class and rehearsal, we are stressing a stronger focus towards mentorship between our young musicians and sectional-leaders.

Volunteer Victoria

Stage Based Solutions for Volunteers Aging In Place

To meet the gaps generated by shifting demographics Volunteer Victoria will need significantly more information, strategies, and tools to support one, two, or all of the following groups: a. senior volunteers aging out of their current volunteer positions, b. agencies relying on large numbers of senior volunteers aging in place and/or staging out of volunteering, and c. organizations that serve seniors to become more efficient and innovative in how they use, train, and recruit and retain volunteers The process involves: Forming an advisory committee made up of seniors and senior serving agencies Developing and implementing a methodology and system to collect data from a minimum of 500 seniors and 250 local organizations Designing research questions and formats for gathering information and reviewing the landscape Identifying potential partners who share a vision to serve seniors more effectively Reviewing the data and making recommendations with the advisory group Assessing the development phase Working with partners to articulate a shared vision and preferred outcomes moving forward Developing a 3 to 5 year program plan that involves multiple stakeholders groups and seniors in a scaleable model

West Kootenay Women's Association Nelson & District Women's Centre

Rooted in Community

To create an innovative and comprehensive community-based volunteer training program accessible to all residents in the Nelson area. The training will be using an anti-oppression framework and include workshops from a variety of different social service organizations discussing the services they offer, the challenges they address in the community and volunteer opportunities in their organizations. The training will take place over several weeks, giving participants not only the time necessary to find the right fit between themselves and a volunteer opportunity, but also to create connections and a network of support with each other.