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LifeCycles' Fruit Tree Project: Harvesting Abundance in the Urban Orchard

Working with key members of our network we will reflexively asses, develop, design, implement and evaluate communication materials and food literacy programs that can be delivered in public spaces with support from social service agencies. These programs will provide skills and knowledge to help people engage as co-producers in the local food system. Program will be open to all, but targeted at those who are marginalized and living with food insecurity. Communications and programs will aim to promote a cultural shift from consumption to co-production, aiming to deepen participant's desire to participate as active agents in a healthy, sustainable food system. Collectively our choices can bring great change to how food is cultivated and produced. Much is made about the price of food, and cost is often cited as a primary barrier for healthier options. Our project challenges people to think deeper about food, to see beyond a consumer product to a local resource that requires collective stewardship and care to keep healthy. By shifting this attitude, we support more local food production and create the conditions for an equitable local food economy to thrive. Together we will begin to explore what a healthier, tastier and more responsible diet means in our region. With more aware and informed consumers - or rather co-producers - our food system is more motivated to work using techniques that safeguard food diversity, the environment and quality.

SFU - Centre for Dialogue

CityStudio Vancouver: Education and Community Hub

Education and Training. We have a powerful learning community of students, alumni, faculty and administrators, City staff and elected leaders, and community builders. We need to deepen their collaborative learning experiences and impact by building and practicing the skills needed to respond to the big challenges that cities face. We are helping to create the workforce that our future cities need, today. We need to build new partnerships that reflect the full diversity of learning and action that happens in the city. Community Learning Hub. We need an interactive communications tool set and strategy to enable project development that results in creating higher quality projects that can be shared. We want to increase the use of our studio space as a hub of skills building, action, changemaking and connection amongst young people, educators, city-builders and organizations. We want to more fully use our skills, experience, and space to encourage network building, experimentation, and deliver real-world projects that matter. Organisational Learning. We need a stronger organisational structure to be resilient and grow our impact. This project is key to us establishing charitable non-profit status, a Board, and good governance and management practices. Ongoing evaluation needs to become more meaningfully integrated into our work in order to more deeply understand the effectiveness and impacts of our social innovations in the communities and systems that we work.

Vancity Community Foundation

Connecting Community to Surrey Youth Leaving Care, Phase 2

Building on the outcomes and learning from phase 1, this project will take the next step in engaging community members to support Surrey youth transitioning from care. The goals of the project are: youth engagement/voice; taking local action; raising public awareness; and collaboration with the local Aboriginal friendship centre. An advisory group of youth in and from care will guide every stage of the project. They will participate in a weekend retreat, where they will prioritize ideas from the key themes of education; skills training and employment; housing; physical and mental health; and connections with others, identified in phase 1. Phase 1 participants and others will then convene to develop specific action plans and mobilize the community to roll out initiatives for 3-5 priority activities, which will be evaluated and revised if necessary, to ensure that they continue after project completion. We will convene events in years 2 and 3 that bring together community stakeholders in Surrey, to share knowledge and solutions for youth aging out of care. A web-based resource will be developed and distributed widely, to profile the project, list current initiatives for use by practitioners and youth aging out of care, and describe systemic reforms needed for lasting change. Partnership with FRAFCA will enhance Indigenous cultural awareness and inform priority activities. The final activity will be a public engagement event intended to promote and sustain the projects.