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Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society

Redefining Get Outside BC (RGOBC)

RGOBC will change the way we act, what we believe and potentially the resources that flow to youth-centered programing. First, CPAWS-BC will accept that our current model of hosting a single summit in the Lower Mainland as the primary tool for youth engagement and leadership training is flawed. Instead, with the Vancouver Foundation’s support, we will host a four-day youth summit in Central Vancouver Island, the Okanagan, and the Kootenays, as well as focus and planning groups in various regions. To date, most youth programs are devised in Vancouver and implemented elsewhere. RGOBC will be devised and implemented locally, leaving space for the influence and sharing of ideas from other regions, ensuring a wider range of voices and experience are incorporated. Youth and a diverse group of educators, leaders and social innovators will collaborate in the program with the intention of critiquing, deconstructing and rebuilding the structure and approach. Youth will lead all aspects of the process. Non-youth participants, including potential corporate funders, will be engaged in the program, but will take guidance from youth throughout. It will help create “buy-in” for the concept and program, since adults will be part of the larger systemic change and will be asked to be a part of the long-term funding plan. The final program outcomes will be shared with the broader environmental community in an effort to change the wider movement. CPAWS-BC will demonstrate that change is possible

Nature Trust of British Columbia

KCP Landowner Outreach Program

In 2015 the Kootenay Conservation Program (KCP) worked with both it's West Kootenay and East Kootenay Stewardship Committees (55 partner organizations) to discuss KCP's role in Landowner Outreach in the Kootenay Region. The Committees identified the need to increase regional support for Landowner Outreach and addressed the need to develop a comprehensive plan for 2017/2018 to deliver: 1) a web-based landowner Stewardship Resource Centre 2) KCP landowner outreach support to partner organizations (i.e. conference/workshops, landowner resource guide, etc) In order to develop a comprehensive plan, KCP will host two 1 day facilitated workshops with both the East and West Kootenay Stewardship Committees to determine the goals for a Landowner Stewardship Resource Centre and how KCP can provide support to it's partner organizations. KCP will provide extensive background information and resources to the committees prior to the workshops and will compile the results of the workshops to create a comprehensive plan for 2017/2018.

Young Naturalists' Club of BC

Exploring Collective Impact to support an Enduring Nature Connection for Children to Older Youth

By exploring innovative ways to collaborate the organizations involved in this project will result in a continuum of opportunity for young people to a) build a deep connection to the natural world; b) develop agency to take action to protect it; and c) work to connect others with nature. Currently, organizations work in silos often with a particular age group or emphasis. There are few examples of organizations easing the transition for children and youth from programs offered by one organization to another. As a result, children may participate for a period of time with an organization but may be “dropped” when they age-out of one program or organization. With a collective impact (or similar) strategy, we can foster a highly supported cohort of children to develop into Nature Champions, who are able to influence the system as adults, both as parents and through their chosen careers. Through this project we will: 1) Invite 4-6 select environmental organizations working in BC, Natural Leaders Participants, as well as youth involved with these organizations, to participate in a facilitated dialogue about how we can create a “continuum of opportunity” for young people between our organizations and programs 2) Explore different models of collaboration that could be tested including a broader collective impact framework. 3) Determine if there is a readiness to proceed with a pilot for a new approach to address ‘Nature Deficit Disorder’ in B.C.