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Canadian Society Promoting Environmental Conservation (SPEC)

Climate Adaptation for Small-Scale Producers

Working with our partner organizations we will facilitate a series of workshops/tours, create extension material and create a demonstration site that focuses on priority issues (identified by farmers themselves) which consider future growing conditions as they relate to climate change. To add rigor to the workshops/tours and extension information, there will be a component of community-based research that combines academic resources with hands-on demonstration, for example: improved water monitoring/utilization techniques for multiple soil types, site specific soil quality indicators, hedgerow demonstrations, or integrated pest management. This program will explore ways in which farmers within a particular locale, who share similar site-specific challenges, can identify shared concerns and access expert help/research in addition to providing and sharing their own knowledge and advice. This community-based learning, enhanced by expert knowledge and real-world demonstrations, can provide information that is site specific, current, adaptable to changing conditions and, most importantly, shareable. In this way, farmers can access better information without huge costs and augment the collective knowledge base of farmers in their area. This project will support farmers where there is an identified need, in their efforts of responding to water, soil/nutrient and/or pest problems and will improve and increase food production in BC.