Awarded Grants

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Lake Windermere Ambassadors Society

Citizen Science Series - Year 2 & 3

The era of climate imposed decisions regarding source water protection and water allocation for humans and the ecosystems upon which we depend, has arrived.  The Water Sustainability Act, a modernized Columbia River Treaty and localized watershed governance, will rely on accurate data, since water policy and data are inextricably intertwined. Community based monitoring includes open source, transparent, accessible, scientifically robust and indigenous relevant water data to inform decisions.  21st century challenges will require forging innovative, collaborative partnerships to collectively ensure economically and ecologically viable, climate resilient communities in Canada. 

McCreary Centre Society

Youth Research Academy: Post majority research pilot

A shortage of longitudinal data exists about the challenges, supports and successes youth aging out of care experience. McCreary aims to use the expertise gathered by conducting surveys such as the BC AHS and Homeless and Street Involved Youth Survey (HSIYS), and longitudinal studies (e.g., 3-year evaluation following youth leaving PLEA) to support the YRA to develop and deliver a pilot study tracking youth as they age out of care. The YRA have been trained in survey development, data entry, analysis and dissemination. They have also been involved in focus groups and consultations with youth in and from government care. They will apply their developing research skills to this project. The project will follow established research ethics protocols for data collection and storage consistent with those used in other McCreary projects. Established protocols are also in place to ensure the secure handling of identifying information. Following youth and adult stakeholder consultations and with support from McCreary, TRRUST Collective Impact partners, and the YRA advisory committee, YRA members will develop a pilot study about the experiences of BC youth who age out of care. This post majority survey will canvass responses from youth approaching their 19th birthday and at two future time points (6 and 12 months). The YRA will be involved in all aspects of the project, from survey design to data analysis and dissemination.

New West Hospice Society

New West Hospice: Helping to Build a Compassionate City through Good Neighbour Partnerships

Healthcare today can’t meet all the practical, social and emotional needs for people and families at end-of-life. These unattended needs often lead to isolation, loneliness and social inequality. New West Hospice Society is adopting the Compassionate City Charter to address 13 social changes to normalize dying, death and loss. Our Good Neighbour Partnership will link a person/family living with palliative care needs at home and those in their circle of community who are able to offer social and practical support. The issues around dying, death and grief have been shrouded in a “mind your own business” attitude. We believe that care for one another at this time is everybody’s business.