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Kwantlen Polytechnic University Foundation

Including All Citizens Project: Inclusive Post Secondary Education for Students with Disabilities

As with all employment rates, education is key to getting and keeping a job. The low rates of employment for people with ID is reflected in the low rates of post-secondary training and education. More than half of people with intellectual disabilities reported experiencing barriers to training. Almost 42% of people with ID received work-related training; however, 25 % reported that the training they received was insufficient and discouraged them from looking for work. On-the-job training was most common among people with ID compared to classroom-based training. Post-secondary education for all students can be a critical factor in finding and keeping employment as well as offering the ability to create social connections and community engagement. IACP will influence systemic change in the following ways: (1) provide a successful pilot as a model of inclusive programming; (2) create a teacher’s guide to assist other instructors in transforming their teaching to reach a wide range of learners; (3) identify policy barriers located within the educational system; and, (4) provide leadership and encourage innovative pedagogical practices. The pedagogical foundation of this project has far reaching potential including, but not limited to, programs that offer English as Alternative Language (ESL) services. IACP also has the potential to influence pedagogical reform in secondary education.