Awarded Grants

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Meal Exchange

Real Food Challenge BC: launch phase

The Real Food Challenge’s goal is to transform the environmental impacts of the millions that BC colleges and universities spend annually on food. Current policy treats this procurement as a simple ancillary service: necessary like the bookstore, but not connected to campus mission or community wellbeing. The result: campus purchasing is supporting our global agricultural industry, which is a top contributor to climate change, freshwater use and pollution, and destruction of wildlife habitat. By auditing campus supply chains and demonstrating public support for shifting purchasing policies, we will leverage the power of public procurement for investing in our province’s ecosystems.


The Next Generation

The Next Generation is an innovative professional training program for MP alumnae and young artists/ professionals struggling with various mental, physical and developmental disabilities as well other issues of marginalization; as well as a socially innovative public education campaign directed at artistic leaders, and arts-based funders. The vision is to develop un- and under-employed young arts professional within a unique career skill development environment, working alongside professional artists and arts administrators; and pushing forward a message about their vision of the future. Through an artistic educational campaign (a series of short films for social media developed by the youth interns and staff and distributed internationally) which will begin with an analysis of intersectionality and tokenism in the hiring practices in the next generation of artistic leaders, conduct outreach to arts organizations and relevant funders and promote a message of inclusion of diverse artists in their hiring practices and educate powerful leaders about community-engaged artistic practice. Our history working with marginalized youth makes us uniquely positioned to meet their needs by providing them with tailored opportunities to gain the necessary professional artistic and business skills to promote these innovative ideas in the arts sector, to advocate for pro-active systemic change in the arts and create possible models to address the imbalance of artistic leadership in BC.

The Polis Foundation

ReFRESH Water Lab - Exploring the Future of the Columbia River Treaty

The reFRESH Water Lab, seeks to address transboundary watershed governance challenges.  The Lab will provide an opportunity to tackle the complex challenges of watershed governance in the context of a modernized Columbia River Treaty. Transboundary watershed governance is multijurisdictional with complex legislation, policy and institutional architecture that can challenge collaboration. The Lab will provide a structured yet creative process for deep collaboration among multi-disciplinary teams of diverse rights and stakeholders to work together on an interconnected challenge– How might ecosystem values be incorporated into Columbia River Treaty Governance?

Vancity Community Foundation

$10aDay Child Care Implementation Project

Child care in BC is at a historic turning point. With public support and political will for systemic change now in place, we can move from child care chaos – high fees, long wait lists, under-valued early childhood educators - to child care system. We have a profound opportunity to turn community priorities into government policies and funding that will provide significant social and economic benefits across BC. CCCABC is the provincial leader on child care advocacy, bringing the $10aDay Plan to the forefront of the 2017 election. It is now in a powerful and unique position to engage families, communities and partners to guide effective implementation of a child care system for BC.

Victoria Cool Aid Society

Housing, Health & Well-Being Through Indigenous Cultural Community

In Greater Victoria, and throughout Canada, homelessness is a condition which afflicts the Aboriginal population disproportionately -- although First Nations comprise only 4.1% of the local population, 20-30% of the people Cool Aid serves in shelters identify as Indigenous. But they are under served. To improve Cool Aid's housing, healthcare and support services for Indigenous clients, we have partnered with the Victoria Aboriginal Coalition to End Homelessness to appropriately house and support more chronically homeless Indigenous people, develop cultural learning materials and training for staff (300 employees), and share the materials and results locally, provincially and nationally.