Awarded Grants

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BC Aboriginal Child Care Society

Transitions for Urban Indigenous Children and Families: Documentation and Partnership Development

This project responds to parent and early childhood educator concerns about transitions to formal schooling for urban Indigenous children, and the difficult conversations that are necessary—especially concerning cultural safety—among urban Indigenous early childhood education and schools. It is important to document challenges and gather invested partners to create changes to systems to properly support urban Indigenous children and families’ transitions on their terms, and those of UNDRIP. The project also explores the challenges of supporting requisite Indigenous leadership and related partnership development in an era of reconciliation among Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

Cetus Research & Conservation Society

Expanding Killer Whale Protection

The effects of living in a heavily industrialized,urbanized area & a massive increase in vessel traffic (as well as the live-capture business which killed/captured at least 47) has put intense pressure on KWs. With a complete picture of vessel interactions, this project will enhance their immediate well being and contribute to bringing about the systemic change necessary for their survival. The southern resident population has fluctuated since the 70's (hitting a known high of 98) but is now at 78, with the loss of 6 individuals in the last year. Their crisis is caused entirely by human activities. Only meaningful action on our part will bring about the conditions needed for them to survive.

Kinsight Community Society

Kudoz: From Prototype to Scale

One's possibilities are limited to one's experiences, and for persons with intellectual disabilities (PWD), there is often a significant a poverty of experiences. Too many are repeating the same daily routines, and recycling the same conversations with the same people. They are not flourishing in our professional systems nor in our communities. Kudoz is an experience catalogue that bridges PWD with community members around shared passions--from song-writing to animation. The platform is based on evidence-based theory and design-thinking, and is built to address the determinants that lead to outcomes around quality of life, social connection, employment, and the reduction of social stigma.

Matsqui-Abbotsford Impact Society

Who We Are, What We Are, Why We Are (WWA3)

WWA3 develops from the words of Sq’éwlets elder Reg Phillips: "The past can either imprison us, or set us free. That is our choice. And so, link that with the tremendous culture and customs and traditions that we have as Xwelmexw people. All of the sacred things that the native people do or live through—like culture is a way of living. And I think just beginning to understand who we are and what we are and why we are. And I believe that last one… why we are, what are we really here on this earth, at this time, for—I really believe it has to do with a lot of healing." ( This project allows us to support a staff person to continue to span the Fraser-Salish region—collecting the aspirations communities have for their youth (especially youth in care), and helping them come together to realize these aspirations. This position (2014-2016 VYPER, 2016-2018 YEP) has been widely embraced and utilized to support the sharing of power with young people so they can have a consistent and growing role in community-developed projects and develop their own projects—their own ways of defining who, what and why they are—constructing their own healing, identity & freedom—to steward the land, themselves, and the future 7 generations. The project has been developing along 5 streams: 1) Youth co-facilitated interactive workshops, 2) Youth-led, adult-supported regional conferences, 3) Local youth and elder events, 4) Youth advisory/action groups, 5) Knowledge exchange activities.

Sunshine Coast Community Services

Improving socio-economic outcomes for adults living with mental illness

This project will bring together the Food Bank and Arrowhead Club House to test a volunteer and employment training initiative for adults living with mental illness. A key component will be the implementation of organizational change in the structure of the Food Bank to incorporate a capacity building training component for ADLMI that could lead to employment in the community and will incorporate long term sustainable employment in the food bank for adults living with mental illness. The results of this pilot will provide ongoing support to potential employers building our communities capacity to support this population and shift the communities perception of the abilities and positive contributions ADLMI can make to the health and well being of the community. Participants will have an increased sense of self worth, increased income, references for other employment and will have the skills and support to seek employment. Local employers, support services and adults living with mental illness will be engaged in workshops and dialogues to discuss the barriers and benefits of employing this population. These activities will shift their perception of ADLMI and increase their ability to support this population. In addition the new volunteers and employees will increase the Food Banks capacity to serve the community and to better serve users of the Food Bank who have Mental illness.

The Only Animal Theatre Society


SLIME is a world premiere of a play by Bryony Lavery about the impact of climate change on ‘the great animal orchestra' from which we have become disconnected by our infatuation with the sound of our own voices. The play is set in a fictional conference on marine extinction. Audience are welcomed as conference delegates and seated among animals. You hear a dolphin at your elbow or a sea bird on your shoulder: animals too have something to say. We come together to face an absolute threat to life on earth—an insatiable creature taking over seas called SLIME. Like other forces in our 21st century lives, facebookslime or googleslime, SLIME moves with viral force, gobbling up all available resources. We must learn a new way to survive. This conference is the last hope for salvation. SLIME is an immersive event, where audiences are decision-makers with the world at stake. It requires us to tune into our animal sensibility and operate within natural systems instead of as super-predators. SLIME requires of its audience a new kind of listening - listening to our indivisible relationship with the biosphere. As we return from the world of the play to our lives, SLIME asks that we confront our connection to all inhabitants of the earth. The Only Animal's process of creation extends each show into a year of curated programming to more deeply affect audiences and issues. This year of SLIME also engages the ensemble in seeding future work creating legacy and impact in the community.

Theatre Conspiracy

Victim Impact

Victim Impact examines the Samji Ponzi scheme involving $110 million & over 200 victims – mainly the elderly in Surrey’s South Asian community.  Over two years, the project will fuse investigative journalism, community engagement, media and inter-disciplinary theatre. With direct community engagement in the creation, the project is a catalyst for education and outreach.. Engagement consist of: Research: Ongoing process attending court trials/hearings; interviewing victims & key players including lawyers, regulators, psychologists and victim support groups; sourcing/ analyzing of documents (transcripts; judgments; media, legal & accounting reports); research into financial law and practices.   Creation: October 2017 workshop - two weeks with artists of diverse practices, staged reading with community feedback session.   Podcasts: Five 35-45 min. episodes of interviews and dramatizations: Through the Samji case examine the causes of fraud; educate & provide context to recognize fraud; destigmatize victims; facilitate support networks; encourage participation in future episodes, workshops and theatre attendance.   Performance/ Events: Workshop Production Performance (PTC, 2017) and The Cultch Premiere Performance (Spring, 2018) will include community activities such as: Open rehearsals, post-show talks, a facilitated public forum by experts on financial law; facilitating dialogues with victim services; address the social stigma & its effects on families/ communities.