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Sunshine Coast Community Services

Improving socio-economic outcomes for adults living with mental illness

This project will bring together the Food Bank and Arrowhead Club House to test a volunteer and employment training initiative for adults living with mental illness. A key component will be the implementation of organizational change in the structure of the Food Bank to incorporate a capacity building training component for ADLMI that could lead to employment in the community and will incorporate long term sustainable employment in the food bank for adults living with mental illness. The results of this pilot will provide ongoing support to potential employers building our communities capacity to support this population and shift the communities perception of the abilities and positive contributions ADLMI can make to the health and well being of the community. Participants will have an increased sense of self worth, increased income, references for other employment and will have the skills and support to seek employment. Local employers, support services and adults living with mental illness will be engaged in workshops and dialogues to discuss the barriers and benefits of employing this population. These activities will shift their perception of ADLMI and increase their ability to support this population. In addition the new volunteers and employees will increase the Food Banks capacity to serve the community and to better serve users of the Food Bank who have Mental illness.