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Matsqui-Abbotsford Impact Society

Who We Are, What We Are, Why We Are (WWA3)

WWA3 develops from the words of Sq’éwlets elder Reg Phillips: "The past can either imprison us, or set us free. That is our choice. And so, link that with the tremendous culture and customs and traditions that we have as Xwelmexw people. All of the sacred things that the native people do or live through—like culture is a way of living. And I think just beginning to understand who we are and what we are and why we are. And I believe that last one… why we are, what are we really here on this earth, at this time, for—I really believe it has to do with a lot of healing." ( This project allows us to support a staff person to continue to span the Fraser-Salish region—collecting the aspirations communities have for their youth (especially youth in care), and helping them come together to realize these aspirations. This position (2014-2016 VYPER, 2016-2018 YEP) has been widely embraced and utilized to support the sharing of power with young people so they can have a consistent and growing role in community-developed projects and develop their own projects—their own ways of defining who, what and why they are—constructing their own healing, identity & freedom—to steward the land, themselves, and the future 7 generations. The project has been developing along 5 streams: 1) Youth co-facilitated interactive workshops, 2) Youth-led, adult-supported regional conferences, 3) Local youth and elder events, 4) Youth advisory/action groups, 5) Knowledge exchange activities.