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Japanese Community Volunteers Association

Exploring challenges in finding and coordinating support for community-dwelling older adults

Community-dwelling older adults have a difficult time navigating and coordinating various support services and programs that help them to continue living independently at home, affecting their safety and quality of life. This project explores the disconnect between older adults in need of support and available services and programs, and to envision possible solutions that help individuals find and receive the support they need to maintain their wellbeing.

OCCA Communities Association

To Empower the Society for Youth Leadership and Employment

We plan to organize multiple workshops and seminars for board and society training in the topics related to racialized immigrant youth leadership and employment in the non-for-profit organizations, more specifically to prepare the OCCA ready for younger generations of executive and management staff. The project aims to train our team to adapt to ideas of youth and to make known in the racialized immigrants and community in large the facts that the OCCA has great strength and potentials attributed to its principles: transparency, fairness, accountability and integrity in every aspect of the operation - financial management, administration and carrying projects/programs/partnership, that the society is governed by non paid board of directors, that financial rules are clearly stated in the Bylaw and implemented in daily practice. Professional facilitators and university/college students will be invited. We hope to spread the news that career and training opportunities are available for youth in the OCCA.

Or Gallery

Schooling the Institution

This initiative addresses a well-documented lack of access to artistic leadership and management roles for racialized members of the arts community. This issue needs to be addressed to enable BC's non-profit arts and cultural sector to reflect real inclusivity for a broader share of its residents. Schooling the Institution enables local non-profit arts and youth communities to benefit from the research and expertise of the workshop leaders in a manner that is transparent, collaborative and intensive, to inform a training document for arts organizations co-designed by the very community members this project is developed to support.

Pacific Foundation for Understanding Nature Society

Connecting Classrooms and Communities: Transforming Education in B.C.

With a new K-12 curriculum in B.C., teachers and students across the province are excited to be inquiring into real world issues and taking action to connect people, place and planet. There is now a critical need to transform teaching and learning in our education system by connecting classrooms and communities, with place as a guiding focus. Our emerging network of educational partners is actively working to support this transformation. A collective plan of action, supported by a Develop Grant, will enable us to more deeply and widely grow networks of collaboration, expand support for educational leadership and mentorship, and ultimately transform education in our schools and communities.

Story Studio

Finding the Hidden Learner: Connecting with literacy learners

As Canada faces rapidly growing wealth inequality, literacy becomes even more important in ensuring that all citizens have access to employment and educational opportunities. Low literacy rates are tied tightly to issues of poverty and inequality. The current pandemic crisis is exacerbating this situation, and literacy-focused organizations are struggling to identify and support the populations that need their help the most. This project brings together organizations and individuals from across Victoria to gather information and insights into how literacy organizations can best meet the needs of the community.