Awarded Grants

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McCreary Centre Society

A youth led investigation of BC adolescents’ substance use and associated protective factors

McCreary Centre Society and Vancouver Aboriginal Child and Family Services Society are engaging young people in a participatory action research project to better understand how social determinants of health impact substance use among diverse BC youth and how these can be addressed. Young people will analyze data from the 2018 BC Adolescent Health Survey and engage those who may not be included in a mainstream school survey to identify how protective factors for substance use might look different among their peers. The project aims to engage those most likely to be impacted by problematic substance use to inform systems planning to reduce substance-related harms among diverse BC youth.

University of British Columbia

Universal for whom? Improving sexual and reproductive health access for im/migrant women living with precarity in BC.

How can we improve sexual and reproductive health for marginalized im/migrant women in British Columbia (BC)? A quarter of BC residents are immigrants or refugees (i.e., an im/migrant) and women need timely access to services like contraception and pregnancy care for their health, their families’ health, and as a basic right. Given the serious barriers faced by racialized im/migrant women living with precarity (such as insecure immigration status), this community-based collaboration aims to ensure that their knowledge guides research and identifies relevant solutions to improve access and support their right to safe and voluntary sexual and reproductive health in our universal system in BC.