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Vancouver Fringe Festival

Vancouver Independent Theatre

Vancouver Independent Theatre is a collective marketing initiative. In the first year we will partner with 5 or 6 small theatre companies based in Vancouver, and promote their work as a collective. We will be building a website. smartphone app, social media presence, and e-mail newsletter to promote partner companies throughout the year. We will use these platforms to execute a content marketing campaign, profiling members & their productions through written content as well as short-form videos. The website will also serve as a centre for buying tickets for all our partner's productions. By acting as the ticketing agent in addition to being a promoter, we will be able to use sales data to create customized promotions based on an individual's theatre preferences and buying behaviour. We will also create subscription packages to drive patrons' frequency of attending theatre, and to boost advance sales. We will also run will-call and at-door ticket sales for our member companies.

Vancouver Homework Club Society

Youth Engagement Project (YEP)

Working with students identified as at high risk of dropping out of school, the project has six elements: 1) engaging on a one to one basis with the students and their parents, working to keep the students in school and attending class; 2) bringing the students to the Homework Club three days a week for a minimum of six hours, providing access to Homework Club tutors and to hot meals served at the Club; 3) working with the students, using approved remediation programs, to develop their literacy and numeracy skills; 4) meeting with the students monthly over dinner to review their progress, plan for the month ahead and create supportive relations between the students in YEP and with the YEP workers. 5) providing a small monthly cash stipend to be spent under the direction of each student's YEP worker; 6) upon successfull completion of each school year, holding in trust a bursary of $500 for post-secondary education.

Vancouver Humane Society

Building capacity through increased brand awareness and effective fundraising

VHS would like to build our base of supporters and donation revenues. There are a number of initiatives for which we require funding in order to accomplish this goal, including: 1. design and distribute facebook ads to increase our followers and constituent base; 2. design and distribute image macros - photographs that include a statement or caption about an issue - to increase peer sharing of our campaign issues and grow our grass roots supporters (this project also requires training in Adobe Photoshop and purchase of software); 3. launch an e-newletter to distribute via email and mailchimp; 4. subscribe for 1 year to Give2Gether, an online fundraising service recommended by the BCSPCA to help convert onlin followers/constituents into donors (The BCSPCA began using Give2Gether in 2011. By 2013, they saw a 2000% increase in revenues, a 171% increase in average gift size and a 3700% increase in new donors. Other humane societies have also had success); 5. register with MMC Canada for Raisers Edge audit and training courses.

Website CMS and internet fundraising training

This is a capacity-building project, which aims to upgrade employees' skills in web-based environments such as content management systems (CMSs) and internet fundraising. We are seeking funding for courses on the programs Photoshop and Wordpress as well as internet fundraising training which is offered by Canadian experts in the field at Harvey McKinnon Associates (HMA). This will coincide and complement our current website redesign/upgrade, which is currently in progress.

Upgrades to Fundraising Database and Website Content Management Software

VHS is seeking funding in order to upgrade two software programs that are crucual to our program operations. The first program upgrade will update the Windows compatibility and feature enhancements of our fundraising database software. The second upgrade will update the content management software for our Chicken OUT! website to a simpler program that can be used by in-house staff instead of outsourcing to contractors.


Initiated in 2002, the goal of Chicken OUT! is to improve the quality of life for the millions of egg-laying hens that are raised in small wire (battery) cages in BC and Canada. We produce, gather and share research on the cruelty involved in raising hens in battery cages to educate the public about alternative cage-free production systems that offer higher welfare and thus improved life quality for hens. We believe that if people understand the issues, they will make choices that favour the purchase of more humane cage-free eggs. In addition to encouraging individual consumers, Chicken OUT! works with universities, municipalities and food businesses to adopt cage-free egg purchasing policies for campus and city-run food service facilities, restaurants and grocery stores. This growing public interest in cage-free eggs will in turn encourage more egg producers to transition to cage-free production methods, and thus reduce the suffering of egg-laying hens.

Vancouver Inter-Cultural Orchestra Society

The Composers' Intercultural Kitchen

The project brings 6 established composers of contemporary classical music together with a mixed group of professional musicians from Western classical, Chinese & Persian musical traditions, who are specialists in intercultural music. Using an innovative workshop format developed by the VICO, composers will work with musicians & 4 workshop leaders (all experienced intercultural composers) to acquire new knowledge & skills in writing for combinations of Western & non-Western instruments. Each composer will produce a 5-10 min. piece, to be premiered in VICO's 2015-2016 season. The project bridges a gap of knowledge & understanding between composers in the classical/new music scene & performers in Vancouver's world music scene. While both groups are working at a high level, they are unacquainted with (and often feel alienated by) each other's artistic practices. This project will provide valuable training & experience for composers & performers; increase mutual cultural awareness & respect; and lay groundwork for future collaborations that truly reflect BC's cultural diversity.

Vancouver International Children's Festival Society

Me on the Map (MOTM)

A multi-media installation performance about city living and civic responsibility sourced from real children's experiences. A two-phase project, in Phase 1 (2012/13) artists Adrienne Wong and Jan Derbyshire will engage with children ages 4-12 in workshops to discover how kids view the city and their own place within it. We are requesting support for Phase 2 (2013/14), where the artists will synthesize the workshop material into a 30 minute narrative play and multi-media installation. The audience will enter a 3-dimensional performance environment envisioned as a small-scale city. There will be portholes to peer into and at the centre a child (played by an actor) adventures through the city, encountering obstacles and allies and, ultimately, discovers her place on the map. The performance environment will be designed with inclusivity at the core, making assistive technologies like audio description an integral part of the performance and not a clunky add-on for patrons with disabilities. The environment also doubles as an installation that kids can explore themselves.

Vancouver International Dance Festival Society

Gathering Project

The project that we are proposing is a gathering of contemporary Aboriginal and culturally diverse dance artists from across Canada with the purpose of sharing our artistic practices and our methods of disseminating our artistic practices with each other. We will do this by inviting over forty dance artists/companies to come to Vancouver to take part in the gathering. The gathering will take place over a six day period in the month of March, 2013 during the Vancouver International Dance Festival. During this week, we will use the Roundhouse Performance Centre and the Roundhouse Exhibition Hall as open spaces that will offer alternating sessions of performances and discussion. We expect that this gathering will result in the development of an active and mutually supportive network of Aboriginal and culturally diverse contemporary dance artists' network that increasingly helps one another to get their artistic creations seen by more people outside of their own communities.

Vancouver International Writers Festival Society

Vancouver International Writers Festival Reading Series

The Vancouver International Writers Festival proposes to establish a year-round reading series in partnership with the Vancouver Public Library. Each year the series will host approximately 20 free events in the Alice McKay room at the central branch, including on-stage interviews, panel discussions and readings. There will be fiction, non-fiction, poetry, crime, science fiction/fantasy, travel, graphic novels and zines. The Festival will record the events and make them available on their website.

Vancouver Island Compassion Dogs Society

Assessing the Effectiveness of Team Training Veterans diagnosed with PTSD and their Service Dogs

PTSD is prevalent among veterans of the military and RCMP. VICD helps veterans cope with many self-destructive and anti-social behaviors symptomatic of PTSD by matching dogs with veterans and training them as a team to achieve BC service dog certification. VICD’s team- training model is innovative and produces improvements to veterans’ mental health and their interactions with family members and society. VICD will evaluate and document the best practices of its program. Based on the evidence, service dog trainers can improve their programs, and government agencies that fund and provide veteran health care will be able to make informed decisions about policies addressing PTSD treatment.

Vancouver Island Symphony

Send a Symphony Musician to School Program

A new 3-year collaboration has been established between VIS and School Districts #68 Nanaimo-Ladysmith; SD#71 Comox Valley; SD#72 Campbell River; and private schools. Send a Symphony Musician to School Program assigns one musician to each school in our Education Partnership. Their role is to be our ambassadors for the Vancouver Island Symphony and to perform for and inform the Grade 4 students about the orchestra and how it works. Schools often have the entire school attend the musician's presentation, expanding the music education experience to hundreds of students from K-5. In the 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 seasons there will be 63 visits per season from a professional musician to a partnering school (33 visits to SD #68 and private schools; 15 visits to SD #71; and 15 visits to SD #72). Professional musicians will be paid $150 per visit and the Coordinator will allocate 125 hours each season to coordinate visits and to look after the administration of promotion, printing, evaluations, etc. The budget for 2014-2016 is $22,900, we are requesting $9000 from the Vancouver Foundation.

Vancouver Island University

Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program

The “Inside-Out Prison Exchange Program" offers prison-based post-secondary academic courses to groups composed of both university students (hereinafter called outside learners) and incarcerated students (hereinafter called inside learners) who learn together. Founded in 1997 in Philadelphia by one university professor inspired by one incarcerated man, the program is based on the simple hypothesis that incarcerated men and women and college/university learners might mutually benefit from studying together as peers. Together, they build classroom communities based on dialogue, collaboration and serious, shared inquiry. The Inside-Out Program places a human face on justice issues while giving both inside and outside learners a powerful academic and experiential learning opportunity, grounded in a philosophy recognizing that each human being has innate worth and a story to tell. Expansion of Inside-Out into Canada offers the chance to implement and evaluate the program’s impact in a country with a different population and systems. VIU will be among the first five universities in Canada, and the second Criminology department, to offer Inside-Out, building on the successful experiences of over 140 US universities and colleges.

Prevention and Preservation

This project aims to revitalize First Nations cultural practices and preserve cultural knowledge in a digital medium while increasing community research capacity. Aboriginal youth will document the knowledge of their elders on issues related to health, lifestyle and community history, and transmit this knowledge to other youth. The project will enhance intergenerational knowledge-sharing and connection to community while promoting healthy lifestyles. It will also enhance the capacity of youth to engage in digital media, create digital stories, and develop facilitation and research skills. The project’s long-term goal is to reduce the disproportionate number of individuals in First Nations communities suffering from diabetes and other chronic diseases.

Vancouver Island University Foundation

Physical Literacy Development Grant (Co-lead Researchers: Dr. Paige Fisher, Vancouver Island University, and Mr. Drew Cooper, PacificSport - Vancouver Island)

Complications from our sedentary lifestyles are seen as the main culprit behind this life expectancy decline. Too much screen time, an unfounded culture of fear that deem it unsafe to allow our children to play outdoors unsupervised and the absence of the simple acts of walking or riding one's bike to school are just some of the contributing issues. However it is the loss of elementary school physical education specialists that is probably the most significant factor in this demise. As a result, the fundamental skills necessary to be able to fully participate in physical activity are seen to be lacking in a growing number of children and young adults to the point where their physical health is in jeopardy. For many children, the lack of fundamental skills makes even basic physical activities an unpleasant experience thereby contributing to an even more sedentary society and putting increased pressure on an already burgeoning health care system. Just as literacy and numeracy are deemed essential tools for success in the 21st century, there are fractions within the health, education, and recreation sectors who maintain that enhancing a community's appreciation for physical literacy is essential to stem the advancing obesity epidemic.

Vancouver Maritime Museum


In Lured, visitors explore all aspects of the sea and its eternal draw. It steps into the life of those who are lured to the sea for their livelihood and touches on the economic and social impact on Vancouver - a port city. Lured will be presented as two unique, but complimentary exhibits, each with different components and elements yet linked through the individual works of three artists and their interpretation of common themes. The underlying themes include: globalization and economics - who works on the cargo ships in our harbour and who provides seafarer's social safety net. The artists, Allan Sekula , Stan Douglas and Uriel Orlow, are renowned both locally and internationally. Using the artists existing work, and tying into the museum's multidimensional objects and archival materials, the exhibit will look at the evolution of container shipping and its profound impact socially and economically on the city of Vancouver. We are pleased to have Vancouver based artist Stan Douglas participate in this unique project.

Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra Society

Vancouver Metropolitan Orchestra Main Subscription Concerts 2015-2016 Season

The VMO is dedicated to the artistic, personal and professional development of outstanding young musicians. We create opportunities for talented young musicians to perform with the mentorship of seasoned professionals in front of live audiences. These are opportunities these young gifted musicians may not have otherwise had. We see the untapped potential in people caught between being professional musicians and music students. Many of these young musicians need a stepping-stone to embark on their professional musical career, and that’s what we do. Development Opportunities The VMO provides: mentorship of experienced professional musicians via live, public performances, instructional seminars, classes and workshops led by experts within the music profession. In the past eleven years, the VMO has helped launch the careers of many young talents who are now performing with renowned musical organizations around the world. As a testimonial to the success of the VMO, many of our alumni have continued their involvement with the organization by becoming a VMO mentor. We will provide additional sectional, master class and rehearsal prior to each concert. There are three different ways that we are able to equip our students towards a better musical knowledge and understanding of classical works. With the added sectional, master class and rehearsal, we are stressing a stronger focus towards mentorship between our young musicians and sectional-leaders.

Vancouver Moving Theatre Society

Weaving Reconciliation

The TR Commission calls for Canadians to grapple with Canada’s history of colonization in a process guided by principles of respect, reciprocity, mutual recognition, shared responsibility. WR speaks to Native communities vitally interested in seeing their experiences on stage; settler/immigrants vitally interested in learning about Aboriginal presence, history, concerns; and Canadians seeking to participate in reconciliation process. People will witness: • Original, innovative local art informed by Indigenous cultural practices and impact of 500 years of colonization; • Re-balancing of power relations between Indigenous/non-indigenous artists; • Native-led cultural resurgence in Canada

Black Strathcona Interactive Project

Black Strathcona is an innovative, interactive new media project celebrating Vancouver's vibrant black community that flourished in the East End neighbourhood of Strathcona (1920's -1970's). The project will consist of ten to twelve short video stories, highlighting the rich and cultural heritage of the community. The video stories will be presented by professionals and combines storytelling with rarely seen archival photographs and brings to life aspects of the community's history in the location it occurred. The project provides two access opportunities: 1) by a standard website where users can take a virtual tour of the culture, history, and personalities from anywhere in the world, and, 2) by using a mobile device such as a smart phone, anyone can access the rapidly downloadable 'mobile' site. The mobile website displays a map of the Strathcona neighbourhood with markers depicting the locations of the video stories. Viewers scan the QR codes that downloads 'a' video story onto their device. eg. Springfield Stories, Username: guest Password: letmein2011

The V6A Project - A Downtown Eastside Community Art Resource

Using stories and images of individual theatre projects, Vancouver Moving Theatre Society aims to raise the profile of the Downtown Eastside as an artistically complex, culturally rich community. They will create a 40-page illustrated booklet featuring seven watershed productions from 2002 to 2010, as well as a visual exhibit, website and a PowerPoint presentation. The booklet will be distributed to community partners, educational institutions, funding bodies, elected officials and Canadian colleagues.

Vancouver Native Health Society

Innovating a Primary Healthcare System to Reduce Structural Violence

The social innovation of this project is the inclusion of Indigenous Elders in genuine partnership with primary care providers in urban clinic environments. Although this sounds simple, genuine partnership with Indigenous Elders necessitates tackling the systemic challenges of discordant values and epistemologies, that underlie the perpetuation of structural violence and associated lack of infrastructure and resources for Indigenous health services. Although this process has already begun at VNHS, there are still significant system challenges that need to be addressed. VNHS's attempt to address systemic challenges will include creating more opportunities for Elders, primary care providers, community members, and administrators to engage in meaningful dialogue. The dialogue will focus on establishing a clear set of shared health system values and identifying and addressing causes of structural violence. Resources can then be used to draft a shared clinic mission statement, and collaboratively seek solutions to systemic barriers such as inadequate space for ceremony within the clinic. We also aim to foster increased opportunities for meaningful participation by patients, community members, clinic staff and physicians in Elder-led ceremonies, which we have identified as a key cultural process with strong potential to diminish power inequalities.

Vancouver Native Housing Society

The Orwell Mural Project

A team of urban Aboriginal artists in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside will work together on a mural for the large west wall of the newly renovated Orwell Hotel. The project will be developed collaboratively by engaging input from the urban Aboriginal community in the Downtown Eastside. Estimated at 6,000 square feet, this prominent six-story wall mural will create a significant landmark statement based on themes that reflect renewal and positive directions in the community.

Vancouver Opera Association

Stickboy: a new chamber opera on the bullying cycle

In the Fall of 2014, VOA will commission a new chamber opera on the impact of bullying on youth: Stickboy. With a libretto penned by acclaimed Canadian spoken word artist Shane Koyczan and a score by celebrated BC composer Jordan Nobles, this 90-minute chamber opera will be adapted from Koyczan's 2008 novel chronicling his personal experiences as both a victim and perpetrator of childhood bullying. Workshops of this piece will showcase the Opera's second roster of Young Artists Program participants in principal roles. Following the completion of this phase, Stickboy will see its fully-staged and orchestrated premiere at the Vancouver Playhouse on October 23rd, 2014. It will serve as VOA's second 2014-15 mainstage offering. Supported by a substantial educational program, and utilizing the guidance of an expert advisory committee, Stickboy will subsequently be adapted and toured by way of VOA's 2014-15 Vancouver Opera In Schools (VOIS) program - thereby furthering the life of this commission and expanding its reach to nearly 50,000 province-wide.

VOIS New Production Creation: 'Hansel & Gretel'

For the 2011/12 Vancouver Opera In Schools (VOIS) touring season, Vancouver Opera plans on creating a new production of the classic fairy tale opera Hansel and Gretel. This would include an adaptation of the full length opera to a 45-minute opera in English, a new transportable set and new costumes. In 40 years VOIS has brought opera to over 1.6 million children.

Young Artists Program (YAP) Development

This project focuses on researching and developing the Young Artists Program, which will launch in 2011. The mission of this program is to engage, enrich, mentor and train rising young Canadian opera artists. This program will bridge formal academic educational programs and the professional world in a supportive and encouraging environment. Artists will train in a formalized setting with industry leaders through master classes, one-on-one coaching and performance opportunities.