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BC Multicultural Health Services Society

Umbrella Mobile Health Clinic

Approximately 4,000 temporary foreign agricultural workers (TFWs) come from Mexico to the Lower Mainland each year. Although they have mandatory, self-paid, private health insurance many of these workers face language, cultural and logistical barriers to accessing health services. The Umbrella Mobile Clinic provides culturally-appropriate health services via a van that has been converted into a medical clinic. This mobile clinic is staffed by a site coordinator, a BC-licensed physician, a cross cultural health broker and volunteers. This year, the project will also incorporate health promotion workshops (as requested by the patients), and expand ongoing relationships with farm owners and extend outreach to local pharmacies, laboratories and hospitals.

Umbrella Mobile Clinic Pilot Project

About 4,000 temporary farm workers come to BC each year. Despite having mandatory, self-paid, private health insurance, these workers are rarely able to access health services. This project will pilot a mobile clinic, specially targeted to the needs of farm workers. The clinic will consist of a recreational vehicle, converted into a medical clinic, capable of seeing patients at the farms where they work, and offering primary, preventative health care. The clinic will be staffed by a physician, office assistant and cross-cultural health worker.

BC Wheelchair Basketball Society

The Let's Play Program

Young children with disabilities far too often face needless exclusion from physical activity. The Let’s Play program helps give kids the ability to confidently participate in play, sport, and physical education with their peers. It provides kids with specially designed wheelchairs, training for facilitators, and maintains a comprehensive website with resources for building knowledge, skills, and abilities. The sport wheelchairs allow kids with and without disabilities the freedom to enjoy fun activities together and raise the bar for awareness and inclusion for them as well as their parents, teachers, and other facilitators. The program has been operating for approximately two years and is now in need of expansion in order to include many more kids in the province than we have been able to help so far. To help the kids most effectively, it is essential to be able to provide the necessary education to their adult facilitators on an individual basis. The grant we request will provide the needed physical activity resources to young children with disabilities and their facilitators.

BCCDC Foundation for Public Health

Preventing syphilis among HIV-positive gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men (gbMSM)

Since 2010, there has been a 4-fold increase in the number of cases of syphilis diagnosed in BC. gbMSM, specifically HIV-positive gbMSM, have carried the disproportionate burden of this epidemic. This is concerning as syphilis enhances the transmission of HIV, and people living with HIV are at higher risk of complications and more severe disease.Other bacterial sexually transmitted infections (STIs) are also more prevalent in the gbMSM population, and similarly enhance HIV transmission. The environment for gbMSM has shifted significantly within the last two decades, with the advent of new drugs (from life-saving HIV medication to more recent HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis) combined with changes in how gbMSM meet sexual partners. Additionally, gbMSM may be adapting their sexual behaviours to reduce their risk of HIV transmission, such as substituting oral sex for anal sex or choosing partners with the same HIV status, which have impacts on risk of STIs. Research has not kept pace with these changes, providing a need for a qualitative research study to understand the current landscape for gbMSM. As part of a larger project, researchers at the BC Centre for Disease Control (BCCDC) plan to test the efficacy of daily doxycycline to prevent new syphilis infections, and its safety and tolerability. While the biomedical aspect of the project is key, the team would focus on examining the further upstream determinants of health associated with syphilis infection in gbMSM.

Be the Change Earth Alliance Society

Greenest School Lab

The Lab is a proposal to convene a multi-stakeholder coalition that will guide participants in addressing the personal, social, and environmental conditions necessary for creating a model ecological culture in a school. By engaging the knowledge, shared values, and professional resources of stakeholders BTCEA will be informed and positioned to ensure that this initiative delivers: 1. An impact-driven coalition of stakeholders who will come together at various stages of collaboration to share their knowledge, experience, and concepts. 2. A deliberative and dynamic process developed around shared values that will effectively surface innovative ideas and prototypes for building a model school necessary for a sustainable future. 3. A knowledge-rich network of relationships that will sustain the process for surfacing innovative ideas for school-based initiatives to be prototyped and piloted in a school in the Vancouver and Surrey districts. To bring the greenest school into reality, BTCEA will identify the different users of a greenest school, determine what design interventions they can create together, and deliver a prototype that they can test together. Stakeholders will share ideas and insights, first individually and then collectively, on supporting systemic change as already advanced within provincial and municipal policy change to develop the greenest school model and work to align school-based social interactions with sustainability principles.

SLS: Student Leadership in Sustainability

In 2009, BTCEA began adapting its community education program for use within secondary schools. A further four years of research and development ultimately yielded the Student Leadership in Sustainability (SLS) program. SLS provides teachers with an experiential, solutions-based educational curriculum that empowers their students to take leadership on environmental and social justice issues, while at the same time fostering self-awareness, confidence, and meaningful connections between fellow students, their families, and the community. SLS is currently being used in 25 schools by over 4,000 students in Metro Vancouver, and BTCEA now stands poised to introduce sustainability education to other school districts in BC and ultimately across Canada. This project will build on the early success of SLS in Vancouver and: 1) Significantly augment and refine SLS program materials 2) Increase the integration of sustainability education in high schools throughout BC while contributing to the professional growth of educators 3) Provide a French translation of SLS curriculum materials

Beaufort Association for Mentally Handicapped

Pet Treat Bakery Expansion Project

Pet Treat Bakery, a social enterprise business operated by Beaufort Association, has experienced tremendous success in marketting and selling our products on Vancouver Island, and in providing employment for people with developmental disability, In four years, our annual sales have grown from $55000 to $125000 and we are projecting similar increases over the next three years. Our workforce has grown from four to eleven hourly employees at our dehydration facility, working from 2 to 22 hours per week, and paid minimum wage and better. In addition we have a flexible work crew of four to eight piece-work employees to do packaging and labelling. We are ready to take the next step, hiring a manager and increasing production capacity. This will require renovation to upgrade electrical service, improvements to water supply and plumbing, purchase of additional equipment and other upgrades. We estimate a 50% increase in production will create between 24 and 28 addtional hours of work per week. This will mean an increase in hours for some employees and the hiring of additional staff.

Beauty Night Society

Life-Makeover Program

This program brings health care professionals and beauticians together to provide services to marginalized women in the Downtown Eastside. Makeovers are a method of reintroducing touch to women who experience violence, and make a huge difference to their outlook. In nine years, this program has given 11,000 makeovers and engaged 1,000 volunteers. They seek funding for a program coordinator to make this volunteer-based program sustainable and provide more support for the women and mentees.

Belfry Theatre Society

Island of Hope

We are seeking support for the commissioning of a large-scale musical by the local award-winning team of playwright Jacob Richmond and composer Brooke Maxwell (Ride the Cyclone). Titled Island of Hope, this is a unique project based on a true 'stranger than fiction' story that addresses the dire consequences of environmental degradation and the depletion of natural resources.

Home is a Beautiful Word

The project for which we are requesting funding is a production of a new play, Home is a Beautiful Word, to be presented on the Belfry Theatre Mainstage in the 2013-14 Season. In 2010, the Belfry Theatre commissioned playwright and journalist, Joel Bernbaum, to create a piece of verbatim theatre that addresses the issue of homelessness in Victoria, an issue that Artistic Director Michael Shamata felt could be addressed in a meaningful and unique way through the forum of theatre. Homelessness is a highly visible and controversial issue in Victoria and communities across the country. Verbatim theatre refers to the process of constructing a play using dialogue drawn from interviews conducted with members of a community. Verbatim theatre facilitates the inclusion of voices not usually heard - in the theatre or elsewhere. It allows us to bring many sides of the homelessness discussion to the stage. This project fits well within the Belfry's mission to produce contemporary theatre that generates ideas and dialogue, and that helps our audience to see the world from different perspectives.

Better Environmentally Sound Transportation Association

Seniors on the Move

The transportation system does not support all people in accessing services or meeting their day-to-day needs independently. Older adults, people with disabilities, and others without a driving license and/or access a car are “transportation disadvantaged”. A lack of transportation sharply constricts the world they live in. The Seniors on the Move project encourages individuals and communities to plan for age-related changes in transportation and make resources available for alternatives to driving. Working with key system actors, our goal is to develop a transportation system that is responsive to climate change, social equity and inclusion.

Capacity Building in Community Based Seniors Transportation

Access to transportation has become more difficult for frail and elderly seniors (especially those in rural BC). This project will provide hands-on training in feasibility analysis, business planning, and operations management for local agency transport services to eight senior-serving agencies per year for three years. It will also provide a quantitative and qualitative analysis of accessible transportation needs in rural BC.

BEST Living Streets Youth and Citizen Engagement

The project educates and trains community members to conduct Community Street Audits in Surrey, which will help develop safe streets and better mobility for non-car travel. The concept has worked well in the UK. The project will engage at-risk youth, immigrants and others to create input for city planners. Volunteers will share the results at meetings attended by Surrey municipal planners, providing solution-oriented local input on low-cost changes to improve neighbourhood safety for non-car travel.

Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Victoria Capital Region

Focus Mentoring Program

Focus Mentoring is a program for children and youth referred to BBBS because they need additional support in their lives to help manage and overcome disadvantages associated with an individual or family-based mental-health challenge. In 2012 an audit of case files revealed that 53% of families stuggle with issues related to poverty, a chronic health condition or mental health issue. There is a direct correlation between the number of risk factors in a family and early match closures. 25% of match closures were the result of family issues which had mentors feeling overwhelmed. Focus will increase supports to families as children are matched in a one to one relationship with a mentor. Mentors receive relevant training and ongoing support so that they are better equipped to manage some of the challenges presented by families struggling with mental health. Children will receive child safety training while parents will have access to parent education and referral to additional community resources. Focus will provide a lasting relationship and help children reach their full potential.

Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Quesnel

Organizational Development

We are a very efficient and successful agency. In 2009, with only 1.7 FTE staff, the organization served over 120 children/youth in the community. The Executive Director is responsible for fund development, marketing, strategic planning, community involvement, organizational development, board related tasks and overall operations. She is also responsible for all mentoring programs (casework duties - recruiting/screening/training volunteer; screening children/youth matching and monitoring. The Administrative/Marketing Assistant' s duties include: office manager, bookkeeping,financial duties, and local fundraising events coordinator). An In-School /Teen Mentor Coordinator position would help to sustain the integrity of the school program and the continued need for mentors. The Executive Director would then be better able to address other pertinent areas such as fund development, building more community partnerships and financial sustainability. To continue to maintain our high standard of servicce, we need to augment our staff.

Bill Reid Foundation

Indigenous Youth Governance

The project we are proposing is based on the research completed for the Develop Grant: Indigenous Communities Consultation Project (CCP). The Indigenous Youth Governance Project (YGP) is a three year long project that will seek to safely integrate Indigenous youth representation into the governance structure of the Bill Reid Gallery. We are asking the Vancouver Foundation to support Year 1 of this plan which includes the creation of an Indigenous youth board position in order to increase youth visibility at the leadership level of the organization. The Youth Candidate (YC) will be an Indigenous youth between the age of 16-24 and preference will be given to youth from the Squamish, Musqueam, and Tsleil-Waututh host Nations. The YC will receive an honorarium for their participation at Board and advisory meetings. Under regulation, Board members cannot receive remuneration, therefore we will work with the Board Chair and governance committee to determine an appropriate position title for the youth participant that will allow them to have a fulfilling governance experience and receive appropriate compensation for their expertise. The YC will undergo an orientation period with the Education Coordinator and learn about the Gallery's relationships with different organizations and artists. Near the end of the project, the YC will have the opportunity to develop youth oriented programming with the Education and Program Coordinator.

Bill Reid Gallery of Northwest Coast Art

Indigenous Communities Consultation Project

Through this project, we are seeking to change the status quo of the ways in which arts institutions create and deliver programming. We are addressing the colonial history of arts institutions and exploring ways to break down the barriers between institutions and the Indigenous community. We will address this issue by creating a community consultation process that will seek to build strong, long-lasting, and reciprocal relationships with community organizations and members. Our goal is to create a space that builds bridges between people. We want to create a space that is shaped by and for the community to support them in participating in safe and accessible educational opportunities.

Reconciliation through Traditional Knowledge and Creativity

Reconciliation as a catalyst for social change. The Bill Reid Gallery honours the legacy of Bill Reid by programming to build bridges among First Nations and between First Nations and other peoples. It plans to leverage this commitment and expertise by working with key partners to develop an adaptable education program designed to engage a wide range of age groups, from K-12, and play an important role in the reconciliation of Aboriginal peoples and other Canadians. This interactive education program will utilize the transformative power of cultural treasures and indigenous knowledge to change basic routines and beliefs by creating a greater awareness of the interconnectedness of all things. Participating students will develop a sense of their place in the world, and an understanding of how ancient knowledge can inform and impact their lives today. This program will be piloted during our upcoming exhibition Land, Sea, People (October 15, 2015 – March 27, 2016) which celebrates the story of Gwaii Haanas, and documents the leadership role it’s playing by developing one of the first integrated land-sea-people plans in Canada. The Gallery will build upon the expertise of key partners like the David Suzuki Foundation, Reconciliation Canada and the Aboriginal Education experts at the Vancouver School Board to ensure scientific and environmental accuracy, cultural sensitivities, and links to new curriculum.

Carrying on "Irregardless": Humour and Creativity in Contemporary Northwest Coast Art

Aboriginal art incorporates humour for many purposes, yet to date no exhibit in contemporary NWC Native art has treated humour in any critical fashion. Aware of this serious gap after having experienced Bill Reid's wit in his artwork, M. Reid invited Tahltan curator Peter Morin to co-curate 'Irregardless' to further explore the nature and dimensions of humour in the artworks, writings, and interviews of 15 Aboriginal NWC artists to contextualize and interpret humour in their creative processes and artistic practices. 'Irregardless' will exhibit a diverse body of recent works in many media, including videos, by internationally recognized and mid-career artists to explore how humour allows Aboriginal people to cope with change with resilience and amusement while maintaining a sense of community and continuity. 7 Public programs will celebrate humour's power to heal and unify. A 120-page colour catalogue will accompany the exhibition. 'Irregardless' will provide Aboriginal and art communities as well as the general public opportunities to 'decolonize' their minds with a sense of play.

Time Warp: Contemporary Textiles of the Northwest Coast

Time Warp is the first comprehensive exhibition of contemporary northwest coast textiles, a vital force in the cultural revitalization of Northwest Coast Aboriginal art. Fabric arts have often been dismissed as women’s art, therefore decorative or meaningless. Time Warp explores how gender, identity and the characterization of textile-making as a feminine activity contributed to their lack of recognition within northwest coast art genres.

Bird Studies Canada/Etudes d'Oiseaux Canada

Shifting the Agricultural Sector to Bird-Friendly practices through certification

The project aims to address the role of agricultural intensification in the decline of birds. Our entry point into this complex issue are aerially insectivorous birds, which are protected under federal legislation, and which rely on farmlands for their survival. We will co-host stakeholder workshops with ECCC and the FPSI to understand barriers to implementing bird-friendly farming practices. Collaboratively, we will develop actions farmers can take towards bird-friendly farming certification. We will then engage the relevant stakeholders in the Fraser River Delta with experience applying third party certification process, and develop a model to ‘test-drive’ these actions on the ground.

Birthing Families Foundation

BIPOC Operating Grants

In 2020, Vancouver Foundation launched a new granting initiative to offer flexible, general operating grants of up to $50,000 for BIPOC-led organizations in B.C., to support their work in racial equity and racial justice.

Blind Beginnings Society

New Parent Workshop Series

The ‘New Parent’ Workshop Series will provide information and access to peer support for parents who are new to raising a blind child. Parents with blind or visually impaired children of any age can attend monthly workshops on a variety of topics such as: orientation & mobility, self-directed discovery, importance of braille literacy, how to optimize the vision a child has, social skill development, funding sources available to blind children, assistive technology options, sports and recreation opportunities, daily living skills, organizational techniques, parenting skills, and looking ahead to the future. Following each workshop, parents can participate in a Support Group meeting facilitated by a registered clinical counsellor. As a drop-in program, parents can attend the topics that are of relevance and interest to them. Child-care allowance will be offered to help reduce barriers to participation. New parents can also be matched with Support Parents who have experience raising a blind child and can provide ongoing peer support and guidance.

Blue Bridge Theatre Society

Roxy Theatre Electrical Upgrade

The Roxy Theatre is currently in its first phase of renovations wherein BBRT has: constructed a raised stage for performance, installed lighting trusses, painted the lobby and auditorium, and installed flooring in the auditorium, amongst many other aesthetic enhancements. These improvements allowed BBRT to open our season with our first Roxy show "True West" in November; however, all of the productions this season have been required to make significant technical compromises due to the current limitations of the space. For the Roxy Theatre to progress, these limitations need to be addressed - and one of the most important is the upgrade from 200Amp electrical service to 400Amp electrical service. The current electrical service for the building is not sufficient to power a proper lighting and sound setup for live performance. The audiences and artists who have come to the Roxy Theatre thus far have shown great support and understanding for the current 'in-process' status of the renovations - but we need to address these shortcomings as quickly as we can.

Boca del Lupo


Expedition is a suite of performance works and installations set in 2167 that explore how climate change might affect our future and how our future selves might look back upon the present. Placing the audience as complicit participants in this collective future, the key creators include scientists, journalists and academics working together with artists to disrupt the inertia of now, drive away despair and engender hope. If one imagines back to 1867 and considers how people lived their lives, the place of women in society, notions of race and ethnicity, the treatment of the LGBTQ community, it quickly becomes clear that there has been progress. In the study of ethics there is a theory, supported by research, that tells us when two cultures intersect and are not ethically aligned, it is the more progressive ethical position that most often prevails. This is not a linear path, of course, but whether it be the subjugation of women or slavery or colonization, ethicists tell us that liberty, emancipation and independence eventually take the day. It is in this notion of progressive ethics that we found hope for the future and inspiration for this project. As an iterative and participatory live performance movement, the ongoing nature of presenting a suite of works that share a common frame serves to deepen impact, expand reach and points of access, lengthen engagement and increase the chances of authentic transformation with participants.