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Vancouver Moving Theatre Society

Weaving Reconciliation

The TR Commission calls for Canadians to grapple with Canada’s history of colonization in a process guided by principles of respect, reciprocity, mutual recognition, shared responsibility. WR speaks to Native communities vitally interested in seeing their experiences on stage; settler/immigrants vitally interested in learning about Aboriginal presence, history, concerns; and Canadians seeking to participate in reconciliation process. People will witness: • Original, innovative local art informed by Indigenous cultural practices and impact of 500 years of colonization; • Re-balancing of power relations between Indigenous/non-indigenous artists; • Native-led cultural resurgence in Canada

Black Strathcona Interactive Project

Black Strathcona is an innovative, interactive new media project celebrating Vancouver's vibrant black community that flourished in the East End neighbourhood of Strathcona (1920's -1970's). The project will consist of ten to twelve short video stories, highlighting the rich and cultural heritage of the community. The video stories will be presented by professionals and combines storytelling with rarely seen archival photographs and brings to life aspects of the community's history in the location it occurred. The project provides two access opportunities: 1) by a standard website where users can take a virtual tour of the culture, history, and personalities from anywhere in the world, and, 2) by using a mobile device such as a smart phone, anyone can access the rapidly downloadable 'mobile' site. The mobile website displays a map of the Strathcona neighbourhood with markers depicting the locations of the video stories. Viewers scan the QR codes that downloads 'a' video story onto their device. eg. Springfield Stories, Username: guest Password: letmein2011

The V6A Project - A Downtown Eastside Community Art Resource

Using stories and images of individual theatre projects, Vancouver Moving Theatre Society aims to raise the profile of the Downtown Eastside as an artistically complex, culturally rich community. They will create a 40-page illustrated booklet featuring seven watershed productions from 2002 to 2010, as well as a visual exhibit, website and a PowerPoint presentation. The booklet will be distributed to community partners, educational institutions, funding bodies, elected officials and Canadian colleagues.

Vancouver Native Housing Society

The Orwell Mural Project

A team of urban Aboriginal artists in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside will work together on a mural for the large west wall of the newly renovated Orwell Hotel. The project will be developed collaboratively by engaging input from the urban Aboriginal community in the Downtown Eastside. Estimated at 6,000 square feet, this prominent six-story wall mural will create a significant landmark statement based on themes that reflect renewal and positive directions in the community.

Vancouver Opera Association

Stickboy: a new chamber opera on the bullying cycle

In the Fall of 2014, VOA will commission a new chamber opera on the impact of bullying on youth: Stickboy. With a libretto penned by acclaimed Canadian spoken word artist Shane Koyczan and a score by celebrated BC composer Jordan Nobles, this 90-minute chamber opera will be adapted from Koyczan's 2008 novel chronicling his personal experiences as both a victim and perpetrator of childhood bullying. Workshops of this piece will showcase the Opera's second roster of Young Artists Program participants in principal roles. Following the completion of this phase, Stickboy will see its fully-staged and orchestrated premiere at the Vancouver Playhouse on October 23rd, 2014. It will serve as VOA's second 2014-15 mainstage offering. Supported by a substantial educational program, and utilizing the guidance of an expert advisory committee, Stickboy will subsequently be adapted and toured by way of VOA's 2014-15 Vancouver Opera In Schools (VOIS) program - thereby furthering the life of this commission and expanding its reach to nearly 50,000 province-wide.

VOIS New Production Creation: 'Hansel & Gretel'

For the 2011/12 Vancouver Opera In Schools (VOIS) touring season, Vancouver Opera plans on creating a new production of the classic fairy tale opera Hansel and Gretel. This would include an adaptation of the full length opera to a 45-minute opera in English, a new transportable set and new costumes. In 40 years VOIS has brought opera to over 1.6 million children.

Young Artists Program (YAP) Development

This project focuses on researching and developing the Young Artists Program, which will launch in 2011. The mission of this program is to engage, enrich, mentor and train rising young Canadian opera artists. This program will bridge formal academic educational programs and the professional world in a supportive and encouraging environment. Artists will train in a formalized setting with industry leaders through master classes, one-on-one coaching and performance opportunities.

Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue VOKRA

Application & Website Enhancement Project

VOKRA has a custom application and integrated website. This application manages cat intake, foster home management, cat medical care, and adoptions. We have identified a number of enhancements to support our expanding rescue operation’s processes and procedures - such as foster self-service data entry, automated medical treatment reminders, and better search capabilities for adoption matches. Our website ( , which is integrated with the application, needs an overhaul to provide a “fresh face” for VOKRA. This is part of an ongoing strategy to update our brand identity. We would also like to address some useability issues of our current website structure. We are hoping that these improvements will make our site more attractive, drive up the number of cats adopted, increase donations and help us fulfill our mandate of helping the homeless cats and kittens of the Lower Mainland.

Vancouver Out On Screen Film & Video Society

Out In Schools - Indigenous Perspectives of Gender and Sexuality

The BC education system lacks adequate representation for LGBT2Q+ Indigenous people. This lack of representation is pervasive, present in curricula and staffing throughout BC. Additionally, BC curricula lack an intersectional understanding of the disproportionate effects of colonialism on Indigenous and queer people. This has led to the further marginalization of Indigenous and Two-Spirit people within the education system and in broader communities. We aim to change this by providing all levels of the education system with the policy, expert, curriculum resources, and support to create an educational experience where Two-Spirit people are fully and complexly seen and able to thrive.

LGBT2Q+-inclusive education through effective policy creation and implementation

We will begin to scale our program by adding capacity within our team and conducting an environmental scan of the provincial education system, including an analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that might impact our goals. We will identify both potential champions and laggards at the provincial, district, and school levels, and undertake targeted outreach to build relationships with these key stakeholders. Simultaneously, we will work with others to build political and administrative support at the provincial and district levels for SOGI policy and implementation, as well as the valuable training that Out in Schools provides. With the support of our champions, we will strategically participate in professional development days for teachers and support staff, equipping them with the tools and knowledge necessary to communicate change within their schools. While we currently reach teachers and support staff incidentally as part of our presentations within schools, scaling up will allow us to implement our program more strategically and at the network level across school districts. As we are working to encourage policy and curriculum improvements at the provincial and district levels, we will concurrently support new champions for these changes at the school level by strategically focusing the location of our presentations on districts that have not yet implemented SOGI policies and that we have assessed to have the greatest possibility for change.

Celebrate Queer Vancouver

Celebrate Queer Vancouver will present a multidisciplinary body-of-work Out On Screen commissioned from 18 celebrated Canadian artists and upward of 250 community participants that speaks to the valuable contributions queer people have made to Vancouver’s history and identity. This current request augments funds already received and is directed towards extraordinary production and presentation activities, specifically, those activities outside of our Festival dates.

Vancouver Poetry House Society

The Spoken Word Marquee Series

When Shane Koyczan performed at the 2010 Winter Olympic opening ceremonies, it heralded a new era for spoken word poetry. Koyczan honed his poetic craft as a six-time member of the Vancouver Poetry Slam team. His meteoric rise began with the opportunities he found through Vancouver Poetry House. The current need is to raise the profile of talented local spoken word artists and to highlight voices from underrepresented communities. The Spoken Word Marquee Series at VIPF would showcase established and emerging spoken word artists alongside each other. We plan to program 4-6 events as part of this Marquee Series including: a musical-literary collaboration with Shane Koyczan, Dan Mangan, and The Fugitives; a Dub Poetry partnership between the Black Dot Roots & Culture Collective (BeDRoCC) and two-time Juno award-winning poet Lillian Allen; Hip Hop Poetry featuring Beat Nation, Zaccheus Jackson, and CR Avery; and Queer Stories featuring Ivan Coyote and Tara Hardy. These shows celebrate today's premier spoken word poets and bring forward the next generation.

Vancouver Society for Early Music

G.F. Handel's "Theodora"

This project consists of three concert performances of Handel's baroque oratorio 'Theodora'. The artistic forces involved include the Pacific Baroque Orchestra (28 players), five vocal soloists and the Vancouver Cantata Singers (36 singers), all led by music director Alexander Weimann. Featuring some of the composer's most glorious music, this tragic work depicts the self-sacrificial love between a Christian virgin and a Roman imperial bodyguard. It serves as a timeless parable of spiritual resistance to tyranny and an indictment of religious persecution, topics that still resonate with audiences today. These performances will employ roughly 50 Vancouver-based professional performers out of a total of 70.

Vancouver Society of Children's Centres

Moving Forward on Quality in Child Care

VSOCC and our 9 project advisory members wish to convene key child care sector, research, policy and funding representatives to address the gap in a quality assurance assessment/monitoring approach that supports the implementation of BC's Early Learning Framework (ELF)and effectively measures service quality in the child care context. This convening project will: *identify, recruit and support the participation of stakeholders in project forums and working groups *undertake a systematic and comprehensive review of assessment research literature and tools currently available in Canada and internationally that best align with ELF *examine international resources such as the OECD's Quality Tool Box and the European Commission's Quality Targets in Services for Young Children *create the research framework and a detailed proposal for developing and piloting a child care quality assurance approach based on ELF *determine the lead agency for the next phase of the work *seek financial support from community and government funders for the next phase

Vancouver Summer Festival Society

Ancient Cultures / New Sounds - a major concert in MusicFest Vancouver 2013

Ancient Cultures / New Sounds is a major project planned for MusicFest Vancouver 2013 (August 9 - 18). Under the curatorial direction of Persian-trained instrumentalist and vocalist Amir Koushkani, this contemporary music collaboration will see Canadian world music ensemble Safa welcome several performers including Azerbaijani singer Alim Qasimov to create and perform new compositions and improvisations performed on instruments from the Arabian, Iranian, and Turkish traditions. The focal point will be a MusicFest Vancouver BMO Main Stage public concert in the stunning acoustics of the Chan Centre at UBC. It will also include a free educational lecture/demonstration within MusicFest Vancouver's Inside the Music series. As part of MusicFest Vancouver and supported by the Chan Centre, this project will receive extensive media coverage both with the complete festival and in targeted outreach marketing to specific cultural and artistic communities.The venue is beside the Museum of Anthropology, which will be exhibiting contemporary art works from the same region.

Supernatural Noir - a new music theatre piece

Supernatural Noir is a dark, but comic tale, sung from beginning to end. It will be performed in lyric opera style – with a nod to the golden age of old-time radio dramas. The score, composed by Vancouver’s Cameron Wilson, is an original blend of jazz and classical music with a 1940s retro feel. The libretto is by Kico Gonzalez-Risso, a Vancouver writer/director who has written successful projects for MusicFest Vancouver. The project is a collaboration with Fugue Theatre commissioning and raising funds, and MusicFest overseeing the presentation.

Vancouver Symphony Orchestra

VSO's New Chapter: Connecting People, Connecting Cultures

The VSO will create, experiment, produce, and disseminate 10 high-profile cultural events over the next three years chosen for topical and cultural relevancy that challenge the assumption that cultural institutions are discretionary resources for selected members of society. The adaptive power inherent in cultural institutions when they envision themselves as a civic asset will be tested via projects that focus on a broad spectrum of ages, ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, employing exceptional artistic talents to demonstrate the potential of social inclusion. We believe this deep and broad initiative to connect people and cultures will transform not only VSO’s current and future practice, but by sharing our findings, will transform the practice of similarly motivated institutions. VSO’s New Chapter focuses on three areas for their collective ability to foster change: 1. First Nations: Creation of a 3-year partnership of reconciliation beginning with First Nations Artist-in-Residence: Marion Newman, and ending with a multi-faceted First Nations-sourced commission to be performed in Vancouver, B.C. and Victoria, B.C. 2. Community Engagement: The “Beat of the Drum” commission will create music for all abilities; integrating deaf and disabled communities with all music lovers and genres collaborating with world-renown deaf percussionist Evelyn Glennie. 3. Gender Balance and Equality: Virtuosic female talent give voice to stories of our past, present, and future.

U.S. West Coast Tour

The Vancouver Symphony Orchestra has been invited to undertake a tour of the U.S. West Coast in January/February 2013. The invitation was extended by Columbia Artists Management (CAMI), one of the world's most experienced and prestigious classical music artist management firms. Interest from presenters has been high, and the tour will consist of 8 concerts taking place in Seattle, Las Vegas, Santa Barbara, Northridge and Alisa Viejo (suburbs of Los Angeles), Palm Desert, Scottsdale and Tucson. Our Music Director, Bramwell Tovey, will conduct all concerts and the piano soloist will be world-renowned Vancouverite Jon Kimura Parker. The program will include a new work the VSO has commissioned from Edward Top, our Composer-In-Residence, entitled 'Totem' (a reflection on First Nations themes), the Grieg Piano Concerto and Prokofiev Symphony No. 5. The VSO has a long history of touring and most recently toured Central Canada in 2009 with concerts in Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal and Quebec City and Asia - Korea, Macau and China in 2008. It last toured the U.S. West Coast in 1978

Vancouver Symphony Centre and VSO School of Music

The new Vancouver Symphony Centre and VSO School of Music will be a 25,000-square foot cultural space on the first four floors of a new 46-story residential tower. The Centre/School will contain a 120-seat flexible-space recital hall, 18 teaching studios, 10 listening stations, 6 practice rooms, 2 large classrooms and more. The project has the support of the City of Vancouver Planning Department and Cultural Affairs. Constructed by Wall Financial Corporation and designed by Bingham Hill Architects, it is scheduled to open in January 2011.

Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra Society

Inspiration from the Professionals

The Vancouver Youth Symphony Orchestra 'Inspiration from the Professionals' project is an initiative that will provide 115 young VYSO musicians an opportunity to work closely and intensively with dynamic young professionals from the metro Vancouver community. These young VYSO musicians will be greatly enriched with musical knowledge and inspiration through this mentorship. The mentors engaged for this 2013 project are the talented young men, Anthony Chung, Alex Chung and John Littlejohn, of the local and professional ensemble named, Infinitus Trio. The 'Inspiration from the Professionals' partnership project will comprise of one weekend of collaborative rehearsals, workshops and one final public performance. VYSO Debut and Junior musicians and the Infinitus Trio professionals will share the language of music on the concert stage, at Vancouver's beautiful Kay Meek Centre on Mother's Day, May 12, 2013.

Vantage Point

Rebalancing BC's Economic and Political Systems

The project addresses the central role not-for-profits play in resolving complex challenges of our time and will shift the pendulum of political debate to offer an opportunity for partnership of the 3 sectors that drive well-being in BC. Past initiatives to advance BC's not-for-profit sectors have not built structures to ensure equity and inclusion are at the core. Outcomes of those initiatives have been shortlived (ie GNPI, Step Up, 3rd Voice). To draw from the private sector and large institutions but ensure the plan supports the involvement of smaller not-for-profits, we need the Development Phase to design structures that will address perceived and real power imbalances.

Via Choralis Performance Society

Music for Kings and Queens

Via Choralis will perform Mozart's Coronation Mass and Handel's Coronation Anthems accompanied by a 20-piece orchestra and with 4 student soloists chosen from the Victoria Conservatory and UVic. The performances will take place at St. Elizabeth's Church in Sidney on the Saturday and the Sunday afternoons. The purpose of this project is to continue with Via Choralis' mandate of producing and performing one major work with orchestra each season. These large works from the standard classical repertoire form part of our western cultural heritage, and we are pleased to have the skills and resources to perform such works for the community. The singers and orchestral players, of course, enjoy learning and performing these works, but it is also for the public that we put on these concerts - producing choral masterpieces of this calibre for Victoria audiences.

Vibrant Surrey Poverty Reduction Society

The Collaborative Research Project on Poverty in Surrey

The research project has compiled existing data from a wide spectrum of sources including local level measures and indicators as well as key socio-demographic and economic data available through the Census. The analysis of the data has produced an overall picture of poverty in Surrey who is affected, what are the key challenges facing people living in poverty, and what measures or actions are working to address the issue? The research project has identified a number of policy issues that have significant impact on people living in poverty. These policy areas are transportation, housing, income and supports. Fact sheets have been developed and will be presented at a community forum, where stakeholders will help to create an Action Plan that identifies key activities to be pursued by various sectors in the community – social service agencies, businesses, and local and senior levels of government. This collaborative work will enable Surrey-based community agencies to plan and evaluate programs, to establish need for services, and to influence public policy.

Victoria Brain Injury Society

Survivor, Supporter, Success!

The "Survivor, Supporter, Success!" program provides volunteer and employment training and mentorship to brain injury survivors. A large percentage of survivors are unable to return to their previous professions post-injury and must find gainful employment or volunteer opportunities in an environment that works with their disabilities. This program aims to rehabilitate and retrain survivors so they are able to volunteer or re-enter the workforce. Participants complete a peer support training course which enables them to become certified peer support volunteers. They develop transferable skills, including active learning and listening, problem solving, critical thinking, social perceptiveness, time management and communication skills. Once in their position as peer supporters, they support other survivors during their rehabilitation. This mutually beneficial program enhances the capacity and self-confidence of the peer supporters and is utilized as a stepping stone to paid employment, while also providing recent survivors with educated, understanding peer mentors.

Survivor, Supporter, Success!

The “Survivor, Supporter, Success!” program provides volunteer and employment training and mentorship to brain injury survivors. A large percentage of survivors are unable to return to their previous professions post-injury and must find gainful employment or volunteer opportunities in an environment that works with their disabilities. This program aims to rehabilitate and retrain survivors so they are able to volunteer or re-enter the workforce. Participants complete a peer support training course which enables them to become certified peer support volunteers. They develop transferable skills, including active learning and listening, problem solving, critical thinking, social perceptiveness, time management and communication skills. Once in their position as peer supporters, they support other survivors during their rehabilitation. This mutually beneficial program enhances the capacity and self-confidence of the peer supporters and is utilized as a stepping stone to paid employment, while providing recent survivors with educated, understanding peer mentors.