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Staff & Directories

With an intimate knowledge of local priorities, our staff champions what matters most by directing grants, expertise, leadership, and investments towards community identified priorities.

Office of the President & CEO

Kevin McCort, President and CEO, Vancouver Foundation

Kevin McCort

President and CEO

Glenn Ewald

Director, Communications

Shaffina Hirji

Director, Human Resources

Rebeccah Mullen

Manager, Communications, Office of the President

Jody Kooner

Payroll & HR Coordinator

Andrew Kohlgrueber

Board Secretary and Assistant to the Office of the President

Donor Services

Craig  Hikida

Vice President, Donor Services
Calvin Fong, Director, Donor Services

Calvin Fong

Director, Donor Services

Kristin Helgason

Director, Donor Services

Tyler Davis

Manager, Communications & Marketing, Donor Services
Nicole Jeschelnik, Manager, Donor Services

Nicole Jeschelnik

Manager, Donor Services

Kim Macphee

Manager, Donor Services
Linda Morgan, Manager, Donor Services

Linda Morgan

Manager, Donor Services (Leave)

Claire Vivier

Manager, Donor Services

Lisa Haydl

Coordinator, Communications & Marketing, Donor Services
Kerri Waite, Manager, Donor Services

Kerri Kirincic

Manager, Donor Services
Charlotte Jones, Associate, Donor Services

Charlotte Jones

Associate, Donor Services
Samantha Smith, Associate, Donor Services

Samantha Smith

Associate, Donor Services
Rob Gagliano, Estate Officer, Donor Services

Rob Gagliano

Estate Officer, Donor Services

Grants & Community Initiatives

Deborah Irvine

Vice President, Grants and Community Initiatives
Dave Doig, Director, Grants and Community Initiatives

Dave Doig

Director, Field of Interest Grants
Lidia Kemeny, Director, Partnerships, Grants and Community Initiatives

Lidia  Kemeny

Director, Partnerships

Vi Nguyen

Director, Youth Engagement
Trilby Smith, Director, Learning and Evaluation

Trilby Smith

Director, Learning and Evaluation
Jon Garner, Manager, Communications, Grants and Community Initiatives

Jon Garner

Manager, Communications
Terra Kaethler, Manager, Grants and Community Initiatives

Terra Kaethler

Manager, Field of Interest Grants - Environment & Animal Welfare, Health & Social Development
Alejandra Lopez Bravo, Manager, Fresh Voices

Alejandra Lopez Bravo

Manager, Fresh Voices
Niveria Oliviera, Manager, Grants and Community Initiatives

Niveria  Oliveira

Manager, Field of Interest Grants - Arts & Culture, Education & Training
Trina Prior, Manager, Grants and Community Initiatives

Trina Prior

Manager, Partnerships

Meseret Taye

Manager, Partnerships

Amanda Card

Coordinator, Grant Systems and Operations
Natalie Ord, Coordinator, Fostering Change

Natalie  Ord

Coordinator, Fostering Change

Kristina Chan

Grant Administrator, Youth Engagement
Mike Conroy, Grant Administrator

Mike Conroy

Grant Administrator, Field of Interest Grants - Environment & Animal Welfare, Health & Social Development
Stephanie Falcon, Grant Administrator

Stephanie Falcon

Grant Administrator, GMS Project
Natalie Moravek, Grant Administrator

Natalie Moravek

Grant Administrator, Partnerships
Jill Shouldice, Grant Administrator

Jill  Shouldice

Grant Administrator, Field of Interest Grants - Arts & Culture, Education & Training

Finance & Operations

William Hallett, Vice President, Finance and Operations

William J.  Hallett

Vice President, Finance and Operations
Eugene Lee, Vice President, Investments

Eugene Lee

Vice President, Investments

Emily Thorner

Director, Finance and Operations
Charles Boname, Manager, Information Systems

Charles  Boname

Director, Information Technology

Edward Holbrook

Manager, Finance
Julie Howald, Accounting Manager

Julie Howald

Accounting Manager (Leave)

Anne Wong

Manager, Finance

Laura Wren

Manager, Finance, Special Projects and Programs

Bonnie Wong

Investment Analyst
Kelly Kim, Systems Analyst

Kelly Kim

Systems Analyst
Jennifer Williams, Senior Manager, Finance

Jen Williams

Manager, Finance
Ying Xiao, Accountant

Ying Xiao

Camelia Bus, Finance Assistant

Camelia Bus

Finance Assistant

Hayleigh Chafe

Operations Administrator