Our Evolving Field of Interest Grants

Over the last three years, Vancouver Foundation’s Field of Interest Grants program has focused on funding projects that address the root causes of pressing issues, and we’ve referred to these kinds of projects as social innovations. We’ve done so because we believe these kinds of projects can make meaningful and lasting impacts in communities.

Over the last three years, we’ve listened to feedback from grant applicants, our volunteer expert advisors who evaluate applications, our board members, and many other stakeholders.

Reflections and New Directions

In early December, the Vancouver Foundation Board held its last meeting of 2017. As with many events nearing year-end, the timing offered opportunity for reflection.

Our guest speaker that day – Vu Le, Executive Director of Rainier Valley Corps – reminded us that diversity, inclusion, and equity is a continuing challenge for many in the philanthropic sector. He encouraged us to enter difficult conversations about leadership and to listen well to the experiences of others, especially those whose voices may go unheard.

Inviting everyone to participate in community life more important than ever – according to 2017 Connect and Engage report

Vancouver, BC – According to new research published today by Vancouver Foundation, falling participation in community activities and greater vulnerability to social isolation among some groups means that now – more than ever – it`s time to invite everyone to take part in community life.

Money, Meaning, and Mindfulness with Tracy Themes

In November, Tracy Themes, Financial Advisor and Co-Founder of Sophia Financial Group, led an engaging  discussion about Money, Meaning,and Mindfulness. Money is the currency of modern life, and yet we are socially conditioned not to talk about it. Understanding how to align our economic behaviour with personal values and beliefs can be a challenge, especially when conflicting ideals and sometimes confusing backgrounds add to the tension. 

Small Steps, Big Goal

Ten years ago, Matt Hill and Stephanie Tait laced up their sneakers and left Vancouver to run a marathon. The next day they ran another, and then another – and about a year later they had completed 369. Over the Rockies, through the Maritimes, across Louisiana’s bayous and stretches of the Arizona desert, they ran a total of more than 17,700 kilometers. A few times a week, they stopped at elementary schools for rallies with students. “There were a million reasons that it wouldn’t work out,” says Tait, “but when you’re in the moment, you just sort of do it.”


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