A reason to smile in Kamloops

Nowadays, many Canadian children grow up without cavities, thanks to regular check-ups and daily oral hygiene. The reality for some Aboriginal children, however, is far different.

Without ready access to oral health services and education, rates of tooth decay are two to five times higher among First Nations children. And they are more likely to need dental surgery than their non-Aboriginal peers.

A Dedicated Philanthropist

A dedicated philanthropist, Wosk has had a long involvement with Vancouver Foundation. He is a member of the Foundation's Education Advisory Committee and in 2005 established the Yosef Wosk Libraries, Museums and Archives Fund to honour the past, and inform the future.

"Libraries, museums and archives are temples for recording and understanding knowledge," explains Wosk who has established or endowed over two hundred libraries and museums worldwide. "In this quickly-moving world, many people have lost a sense of context, of where they came from and the wisdom of tradition."

The Healthy Harvest Box

The Healthy Harvest Box is the brainchild of the Penticton and District Community Resources Society. Families who subscribe get a large box of local, organic produce for only $12 a month.

This non-profit social enterprise was supported by a $25,000 grant from Vancouver Foundation.

Their organizational vision is a strong community with opportunities for everyone, including the ability to access healthy, affordable food.


(Originally aired: 2005)

Out in Schools

Out in Schools is working hard towards a safe learning environment for all students.  The project hosts anti-homophobia workshops at local high schools addressing three issues: reducing isolation of queer youth in schools, creating safe learning environments and creating inclusive, engaging learning tools using media art.

“Queerness isn’t bad, we’re just like everyone else” says Jacks Cheng, a high school student.

Medical Bursaries

Over the years, advances in medicine have enhanced the quality of life and extended the lifespan for people throughout our province. Since the 1960s, Vancouver Foundation health and medical research grants have played a part, funding projects with wide-ranging health impacts—from studies to assist practitioners who look after our frail and elderly, to research into emerging health concerns of children in remote communities.

Sharing the Harvest

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia operates a student driven farm dedicated to teaching and research. The 24 hectare farm not only belongs to the university, it belongs to the wider community, including the downtown east side and native groups.

“It’s a satisfaction, because a lot of people don’t realize that they should be thankful not just for the land but for the stuff that grows on it,” says Marie Croswell from Our Elders Speak Wisdom Drum Group.

Staying Active

411 Seniors' Centre Society

As we get older, it's important to stay physically fit and keep our minds active.

The 411 Seniors Centre in Vancouver offers a host of activities to give seniors a place to keep learning, meet new people and stay active. The Centre also facilitates an advocacy training program that teaches seniors to advocate for themselves and others.

Support group for people with epilepsy

BC Epilepsy Society

People can live active and fulfilling lives with epilepsy, thanks in part to resources provided by BC Epilepsy Society. The Society has support groups for people with epilepsy, an information line and a variety of educational resources.

They support their work through their endowment fund at Vancouver Foundation, as well as various grants from the Foundation.


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