Sharing the Harvest

University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia operates a student driven farm dedicated to teaching and research. The 24 hectare farm not only belongs to the university, it belongs to the wider community, including the downtown east side and native groups.

“It’s a satisfaction, because a lot of people don’t realize that they should be thankful not just for the land but for the stuff that grows on it,” says Marie Croswell from Our Elders Speak Wisdom Drum Group.

Staying Active

411 Seniors' Centre Society

As we get older, it's important to stay physically fit and keep our minds active.

The 411 Seniors Centre in Vancouver offers a host of activities to give seniors a place to keep learning, meet new people and stay active. The Centre also facilitates an advocacy training program that teaches seniors to advocate for themselves and others.

Support group for people with epilepsy

BC Epilepsy Society

People can live active and fulfilling lives with epilepsy, thanks in part to resources provided by BC Epilepsy Society. The Society has support groups for people with epilepsy, an information line and a variety of educational resources.

They support their work through their endowment fund at Vancouver Foundation, as well as various grants from the Foundation.

A Loving Spoonful

Loving Spoonful, A

A Loving Spoonful is a very appropriate name for the organization, says one man with AIDS who is extremely grateful for the healthy meals they deliver.

The organization provides over 100,000 free, nutritious meals each year to men, women and children living with HIV and AIDS in Metro Vancouver.

Learning by doing

Scouts Canada

The Lower Mainland is the ideal playground for Scouts. Their community-based programs take kids on field trips, outdoor activities, camping and conservation projects. Over 12,000 kids take part in our region.

Scouts Canada is focussing on attracting people from diverse cultures. They also offer financial assistance to low income kids.

Ultimately, they provide an opportunity to try new experiences, develop leadership skills and learn by doing.

(Originally aired: 2005)

Helping people get back to work

Fast Track to Employment

A former drug addict and welfare recipient finds work thanks to Fast Track to Employment. This non-profit consortium of 30 employment service suppliers helps unemployed people return to the workforce.

They work with employers to meet their needs, while helping people develop work skills, communication skills and upgrade their education.

They persuaded Mills Basics, an office supply company, to hire five people from the Downtown East Side.

It turned out to be a winning situation for the employee and the employer.

Helping parents prep kids for kindergarten

HIPPY Britannia Community Centre

Not everyone can afford pre-school for their children. HIPPY, which stands for Home Instruction for Parents of Pre-School Youngsters, helps teach parents how to prepare their young children for school.

Vancouver Foundation was one of the first to fund this school readiness program for low-income and immigrant families. It’s based on the premise that the parent is the first and best educator of their children, and that it is important for children to be prepared when they start kindergarten.

What's Age Got to Do With It

BC/Yukon Society of Transition Houses

Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate. Regardless of ethnicity, income or age, women need support to deal with it.

What’s Age Got To Do With It? offers a crisis line, shelter, safe home, counsellors and support groups on education, assertiveness and boundaries. With support from Vancouver Foundation, the program has expanded into Penticton, Creston, Victoria and Whitehorse.

(Originally aired: 2005)

Enterprising Non-profits and Starworks

Enterprising Non-Profits

Starting a business with an ulterior motive of helping the community can be a challenge. Enterprising Non-Profits aims to make it easier by helping social enterprises develop business skills, including business planning.

Starworks is one of the organizations they helped. Creating employment for people with developmental disabilities, Starworks provides customized light manufacturing and kit assembly work – anything from assembling road signs, parts kits or just stuffing envelopes. Their clients include BC Hydro, Finning Canada and more.

Child care for teenage moms

Emma's Daycare

High school education is the foundation for adult life.

Emma’s Daycare, provided on-site at Sir Charles Tupper School, helps make it easier for teenage mothers to finish their education. At the same time, their children get quality early learning experiences that make a difference later in life.

Emma’s Daycare, operated by the YWCA, has helped many moms and their children get a good start.

(Originally aired: 2005)


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