Donation Processing Made Easy

The Legacy 150 Celebrations Society reached out to us last year to help them process donations in support of their Canada 150 Atlantic to Pacific Celebration being held on July 1st, 2017. The celebration will feature a simultaneous drumming event across Canada to embrace diversity, create understanding, and to celebrate unity on Canada Day.

Donor Information Session

In early April, Vancouver Foundation hosted our annual Donor Information Session. Tom Bradley and David Christopher, members of our Investment Committee and our new Vice President of Investments, Eugene Lee shared updates about our strong investment performance in 2016.

Community Social Services Awareness Month

March is “Community Social Services Awareness Month.”

Why should that matter?

After all, it might be tempting to view this as another cause proclaimed for the cure of what ails us. One more awareness campaign, among many, that cover the calendar – each day, each month, every year.

Except it is far more important than that.

Community social services workers tend to the needs of our children. They heal our families. Care for our elders. Advocate for inclusion. Counsel us in our struggles with mental illness or substance abuse.

Explore our new ‘Featured Grants’ stories

Each year, Vancouver Foundation’s Grants and Community Initiatives team works closely with our volunteer Advisory Committee members to make discretionary grants to charities and other qualified donees across the province.

We do this primarily through our broad-based and responsive Field of Interest Grants program, which focuses on funding social innovations in Arts and Culture; Education and Training; Environment and Animal Welfare; and Health and Social Development.

Community Causes Learning Series - Arts & Culture: Democratizing our Stages

In February, we celebrated Vancouver Foundation’s 36 years of support for The Cultch through a collaborative Community Causes Learning Series event. These events are designed to inform and inspire donors and community members about a variety of community issues. Through story-telling and site tour visits, we are proud to showcase our funding partnerships with charities.


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