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Diana Guenther

Diana started her career in the 1990s working in a community development context. She has worked in that context in various capacities (front-line, management) for most of her career.

Her early career has focused on working with marginalized youth and marginalized communities in Europe (UK, Netherlands, Germany). Since the early 2000s, she has worked in Vancouver in the areas of recreation, youth homelessness, mental health and addictions, and community youth development.

During the last decade, Diana has branched out. While she is still working on the same issues and in the same fields, she now also works as a researcher and policy analyst.

Her research focus and interests include precarious employment, poverty reduction, mental health, addictions, youth homelessness, youth (sub)cultures, dissecting community service provision in the neoliberal age, the precariat, social and sharing economy, social purpose real estate, community and recreation infrastructure, community economic development, social determinants of health, immigration, and social procurement.