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Prometheus Corporate Giveback Fund

With the help of the Vancouver Foundation, we've created a Prometheus Private Advisory Group (PPAG) give back fund or "donor advised fund", where we can pool our donations together and support many different charities.Prometheus Private Advisory Group logo

The main focus of this fund will be on youth and education. By giving any amount, we can create a stronger, more prosperous community together!
PPAG believes in the importance of giving back to our community, and it's something we want to inspire in you as well!

In addition to regular fundraising, we provide our education workshops in order to empower everyone with the financial knowledge they need at no cost, and if people are able to, we ask them to consider donating to the PPAG Give Back Fund. 

Please note:

  • This fund’s granting purpose is subject to change.
  • Unless you have check the anonymous box on the donation form, your name and donation value will be shared with the fund advisor.
  • All donations to this fund will be permanently endowed.

For questions about this fund or Vancouver Foundation, please email Craig Hikida.

Prometheus Corporate Giveback Fund