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Scott Trapp Memorial Scholarship Fund

The Scott Trapp Memorial Scholarship Fund has been created to honour and recognize the enormous impact that Scott Trapp had on the countless lives he touched in his 20 short years. The recipient of this scholarship will be a Brookswood Secondary Student that exemplifies the values and character traits that Scott portrayed. The criteria for this award will be based on leadership and service within the school and community, along with academic performance.

Scott was born on June 20, 1994 and grew up in the Brookswood neighbourhood of Langley, BC where he attended Langley Fundamental School from kindergarten to grade 10 and graduated from Brookswood Secondary School in 2012.  

Following graduation, Scott was accepted into the Faculty of Engineering at UBC. While living in residence he was involved in Place Vanier Residence Association as their Sports Representative, planning and managing several intramural sports teams and tournaments. In the fall of 2013, Scott joined Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity and often said that joining DKE was the best decision of his UBC life.

Scott had many friendships from the various branches of his life, including friends he met as a toddler, in high school and in university. He was able to carefully intermingle the many different personalities and interests' among all these different groups to make sure that everyone felt like "part of the group". He picked his friends wisely and was referred to as the "glue'. He was blessed with friends that loved and supported him right to the end.

He was a sports enthusiast from an early age and was involved in soccer, karate, rugby and lacrosse. As a teenager, he found his passion in lacrosse and was selected to the BC Summer Games Team in 2010, going on to win the Gold Medal. He received an additional honour being chosen to deliver the Athletes Oath for the Opening Ceremonies. Scott gave back to lacrosse and his community by refereeing and was always a strong advocate for fair play and fair treatment of players and teams.

Scott only saw the best in people.  He believed in community service and was proud to give his time serving meals to the less fortunate in Vancouver's Downtown East-Side and in Surrey.  He was known for helping those less fortunate, and would buy a meal or offer bus fare whenever he could.

In November of 2013, Scott was diagnosed with a rare childhood cancer, Rhabdomyosarcoma.  He battled with a vengeance, determined to beat the odds, through a year of chemotherapy and radiation treatments. With his strength, will and perseverance, in October of 2014, Scott beat the odds, being advised he was all clear, and there was no sign of cancer. He had just started to make exciting plans for how he would travel through the next phase of his life when on December 8, 2014, he was told the cancer had returned and his diagnosis was now terminal.

He faced every challenge in life, head on, with a smile on his face.  Even in his darkest days his priority was making sure everyone else was OK.  He assured his visitors that he was "doing OK" and always had a hug to greet them.  He was polite, and even in some of his weakest moments, would stand to say hello and thank a friend for the visit.  His compassion, his love, his manners and his grace never left him.

Scott didn't take life for granted and lived life to the fullest with every moment he faced.

Scott passed away on December 26, 2014 surrounded by his family and friends. It was fitting that he had many people in the house during his final hours. People, gatherings and love are what defined him, and what his legacy will be.

Scott didn't take life for granted and lived life to the fullest with every moment he faced. The Scott Trapp Memorial Scholarship is something he would be proud of. To be sharing with others, and supporting the values he embodied. This scholarship is his way of offering someone a hug, and a hand to move forward and pursue their goals in life, making a commitment to make this world a better place. Scott would take pride and feel honoured to continue lending that helping hand.

Scott Trapp Memorial Scholarship Fund

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Scott Trapp Memorial Scholarship Fund