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Preparing for the big one - neighbourhood disaster preparedness
Preparing for the Big One Lourette Swanepoel works as an urban planner , and so she was very aware that her neighbourhood was lacking one key plan: earthquake preparedness. “I didn’t have my act...
Act of Faith - Hijab Awareness Day
One day soon after the November 2015 terrorist attack in Paris, Shazia Suleman was walking home from a neighbourhood park with her two young children when a man started yelling at her. “Go back to...
Cultivating Friendships with Neighbourhood Small Grants
Community can start with carrots —along with rosemary, squash, rhubarb and pumpkins. That’s been the experience of Carlson Hui, Matt Cooke and other residents at a 155-unit condo complex called James...
Vancouver Foundation Magazine Fall 2016
We are pleased to release the Fall 2016 edition of the Vancouver Foundation Magazine, The Nature of Belonging. Vancouver Foundation Magazine brings you stories of modern philanthropy. It features the...