You can support the causes closest to your heart without having to choose a specific charity. By directing your gift to a Focus Area, our experts and advisors will ensure your gift responds to the most relevant, pressing needs of the community — now and into the future.

Donate to Education

Education enriches communities and fosters shared critical thinking skills that help us solve important problems. Donors like you can build brighter futures for BC students by starting a fund that supports the Education Focus Area. You can help education experts at Vancouver Foundation flexibly direct your gift to educational charities and organizations that improve access to education, training, and lifelong learning.

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Start a Donor Advised Fund and direct your giving to the Education Focus Area.

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Focus Areas are Guided by Community Advisors

When you support a Focus Area, you join a powerful force of like-minded donors and community advisors to make a profound impact on the causes you care about. Our Focus Areas fuel our grant programs. Each program also has its own team of community advisors who are all experts in their fields. This team reviews grant applications and directs your donation to the ones.

Funded Projects

Learn about the great work that our donors have supported through the Education Focus Area, like these projects: