Vancouver Foundation is committed to looking after and strengthening the charitable sector’s financial assets. Our donors have created more than 2,000 endowment funds with us. Together with our donors, Vancouver Foundation grants out about $100 million to charities and non-profits each year.

Investment Overview

When you create a fund at Vancouver Foundation, we pool your money with other donations and funds and invest it responsibly. The income of these investments then goes on to fund hundreds of charities annually, either granted by our donors or as directed by our board, staff, and community advisors.

Learn more about our asset classes, investment options and managers, and 2023 investment performance in our annual Investment Overview.

Audited Financial Statements

Vancouver Foundation’s financials are audited every year, and these statements offer detailed financial information.

T3010 Registered Charity Information Return

As a registered Canadian charity, Vancouver Foundation files a T3010 report with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) every year detailing our revenues and expenses.