Learn how to keep track of your grant resources, how to request payments, how to report, and how to contact your grant manager

Congratulations on your grant! We’re thrilled to support the important work that you do.

Please get to know the Grant Management System (GMS) so that you receive all your payments on time. This is where you can view your application, request payments, and submit reports.

How to Request Payments

We’re so excited to support you. Below you’ll find the steps to access our GMS and request payment(s).

  1. Log in to our grant portal. You must be the Project Contact associated with the grant to request payments.
  2. Check under “My Activities” to see if there are any conditions associated with your grant. If so, follow the instructions for these activity types before requesting payment(s).
  3. Submit your Payment Request. Under “My Activities,” you’ll find a Payment Activity form to fill out and submit. Submit this form when you’re ready to start project activities or request your next payment.
  4. Please allow up to two weeks to receive the payment via Electronic Fund Transfer.

Projects With Multi-Year Funding

If you have been approved for two to three years of funding, repeat the steps above for all payments. Payments are usually scheduled one year apart.

Reporting is Now Optional

We don’t want to burden you with too many reporting requirements. That’s why the only required field is the “General Information” tab within the report(s).  Beyond that, you choose how much of the rest of the Progress (multi-year grants) and Final Reports (all grants) you want to share with us.

Licensing Project Materials

Vancouver Foundation encourages you to consider which of your project materials may be made available for others to use through a Creative Commons license. Learn more about our Open Licensing practice

If your project involves partnering with Indigenous communities, we also encourage you to respect the First Nations Principles of OCAP — ownership, control, access, and possession — in how you collect and use data in your project.

Appealing a Grant Decision

You can’t appeal a granting decision. If your project application isn’t successful, we’ll share why it didn’t meet our criteria.

We recognize that sometimes you may disagree with the granting decision or process. In these cases, we encourage you to speak with your grant manager so we can learn about your concerns and continue to strengthen our relationships.

If the issue can’t be resolved through dialogue and feedback, please consult our Complaints Policy.

How to Contact Your Grant Manager

When you log in to the GMS, you’ll find your Grant Manager listed under Grant Contact within the “Active Grants” or “My Activities” sections.

Throughout your project, timelines and goals may shift or change. Please contact your Grant Manager with any updates or if you have questions or need support.

We look forward to a continued relationship with you.