We harness the gifts of energy, ideas, time, and money to make meaningful and lasting impacts in BC communities.

We are BC’s Community Foundation

Vancouver Foundation grants to hundreds of charities and non-profits in BC every year. Our vision is to create healthy, vibrant, and livable communities, and we focus on supporting projects that address the root causes of important issues. Our funding comes from generous gifts from the community, as well as from managing endowment funds for people, charities, and businesses.

How We Work

Vancouver Foundation works with individuals, charities, and businesses to create endowment funds, most of which are permanent. The original capital is then invested strategically so it can continually generate an income, making your donations last a lifetime. We then use that income to support charities across BC. We also offer grants to support projects that address the root causes of important issues and help build a healthy, vibrant, and livable BC.