Benefits of Working With Vancouver Foundation

Help your clients make an impact with our trusted team of experts. By partnering with Vancouver Foundation, professional advisors like you can help your clients reach their giving goals. As your partner, we offer a full range of services.

We work with your clients to set up an endowment fund —a permanently invested donation that will help the community forever and create a personal or family legacy. Only the fund’s income is granted out, so the fund keeps giving year after year.

Help Your Clients Achieve Their Charity Goals

Philanthropy is more important than ever before and at Vancouver Foundation, your clients can donate to causes that reflect their personal goals and values. Whether they want to address an urgent need in their community, honour a late loved one, or support a charity’s mission, they can make a big impact and improve people’s lives. And we can act as a trusted partner and advisor every step of the way.

Starting Your Client’s Fund

We make setting up funds simple and fast. That’s why we offer and can advise on various fund types, including Donor Advised Funds. We also offer other types, such as funds for registered charities and businesses.

To set up a fund, your client needs to contribute $10,000 (or $1,000 to start), and we can usually have the fund active in just a day.

See How a Fund Grows

Use our helpful Donation Calculator to show your clients how their fund can grow and continue to make an impact.

How We Can Help

We make giving easy. By partnering with us, we’ll happily join your team of experts and act as a trusted advisor, working with you to serve your clients (free of charge).

Here’s what we can offer you and your clients:

  • Charitable giving knowledge. Charity can be complex and personal. Whatever their needs are, we can find the best options out there and create a charitable giving plan for them.
  • Community connection. Vancouver Foundation has been operating for many decades. Over this time, we’ve developed deep community connections, expert advice, and grassroots knowledge.
  • Flexible ways to donate. Your clients can donate online or give in various ways, including through appreciated securities, life insurance, and beneficiary designations or bequest gifts in their will.
  • Maximum tax benefits. One of the many benefits of donating to Canadian charities is the opportunity for tax savings. We provide your clients with tax receipts for donations.
  • Ease of giving. Vancouver Foundation’s Donor Advised Fund offering is a cost-effective and easy alternative to a private foundation. We take care of all the investment, accounting, reporting and legal duties, and issue charitable tax receipts, letting you and your clients focus on what matters most — guiding funds to the community’s needs.

Tips, Tools & Resources

Explore our tips, tools, and resources to help you grow a partnership your clients will love.