Give back to the community you cherish. Vancouver Foundation helps you give to your favourite causes by offering you flexible, informed ways to donate so that you can improve the lives of others in your community. Philanthropy is more critical than ever, and with our expertise and investment options, your dollars will have the most impact.

How to Start a Fund

We’re excited to help you make an impact. You can create a fund under your name with a gift of $10,000 (or $1,000 to start). With this fund, you can support your favourite charities or causes, honour a loved one, or create your own lasting legacy.

Benefits of a Fund With Us

We know you’re here to give back. But working with us has its benefits for you too.

  • OUR FEE: As a charity, Vancouver Foundation’s fees are only designed to recover our actual costs and range from 1% to 1.5% annually.

  • TAX BENEFITS: Charity opens up great opportunities for tax savings. We can help you take advantage of this by structuring your giving plan with this in mind, and providing charitable tax receipts.
  • QUICK, EASY START: It shouldn’t be difficult to do good, so we make starting a fund as simple as possible. In one to two business days, your fund can be started and ready to receive gifts.
  • OPTIONS FOR GIVING: You can give to Vancouver Foundation with cash, or with assets like appreciated securities and life insurance.
  • WE HONOUR YOUR WISHES: We make sure your donations are invested well and that your wishes are carried out over the long-term.
  • SUPPORT ANY CHARITY YOU WANT OR LEAVE THE DECISION TO US: With a named Donor Advised Fund, you can change your preferences at any time. You have the option to support only your favourite charities in Canada or you can simply select the causes that you care about most. We’ll take care of the rest.

Types of Funds

Donor Advised Fund

Donor Advised Funds are the most popular way to give at Vancouver Foundation. Similar to a private foundation, Donor Advised Funds allow you to establish a charitable endowment fund, receive a donation tax credit, and recommend grants over time. We provide our expertise and investment options, so you can leave a lasting impact.

Grants can be made to any registered charity or our Focus Areas. Through our Focus Areas, our community advisors will evaluate hundreds of grant applications annually on your behalf, ensuring your dollars have the most impact.

Some Donor Advised Funds have specific goals, like:

Legacy Fund

Legacy Funds are a way to start making a difference today. When you leave a gift to Vancouver Foundation in your will, you leave a lasting impact in your community once you have passed. A Legacy Fund is a “start-up” permanent endowment fund. When fully established, it can support any registered charity in Canada.

You can establish a personally named Legacy Fund with a gift of $1,000 today, and a commitment that a future gift of $9,000 or more will eventually follow through your estate.

Memorial Fund

Memorial Funds honour and celebrate the memory of your loved one. Through these Donor Advised Funds, you can carry on someone’s remarkable spirit through charitable giving. The legacy you create also allows friends and family to pay tribute by contributing donations to the fund and help your community for generations to come. Learn how to set up a Memorial Fund with our help.

Start an Educational Award

An educational award, like a scholarship, can be life changing and support someone’s life path to achieve bigger and better things. Education improves peoples lives and helps our entire society to be more healthy, diverse, and equitable.

We can help you create an award that reflects your life experience and passions.

Support a Focus Area:

Community Impact · Addressing Homelessness · Animal Welfare · Arts & Culture · Children & Families · Education · Environment · Health · Social Services · Youth

We also support your fund’s long-term planning to make a long-term impact after your passing. You can appoint a friend or family member as the successor or ask us to carry out long-term support for specific charities or Focus Areas.

Designated Fund

You may also choose to start a Designated Fund, which is  ideal if you’re certain about what you’d like to support and want to secure your wishes with Vancouver Foundation.

With a Designated Fund, you can name specific Canadian charities to donate to or choose any of Vancouver Foundation’s Focus Areas. These choices will be permanent once the fund is started.

What Type of Fund Is Right for You?

For an Individual

You’re on the right page. Keep on reading to find out how to start a fund with us.

For an Organization

Do you have a CRA charity registration number?

  • If “yes”: Visit For Charities.

  • If “no”: Go to next question.

Are you a non-profit or for-profit organization?

  • If non-profit: Contact Mandy Pui for more information about starting a fund.

  • If for-profit: Visit For Businesses for more information.

Getting Started With a Fund

We’re here to make starting a fund easy and to support you through the process. Vancouver Foundation’s staff will work closely with you, your family, and your financial advisor, if you choose, to complete the following steps:

  1. Determine the amount of your gift (minimum $1,000 to start, or $10,000 for a fully established fund)
  2. Choose what assets to contribute (cash, securities, life insurance, etc.)
  3. Name the fund
  4. Consider which charities and Focus Areas to support

Once you establish a charitable fund, you also have the option to create a page for your fund to share your vision with your friends and family. Your supporters can then donate directly to the fund.

See the Impact of Your Donation

Our helpful Donation Calculator will show you how your donation can grow, and its long-term impact when used to establish an endowment fund.

Start a Fund Today

After you submit this form, we’ll contact you to discuss how we can help.