To support the sharing of good ideas, research, and resources in the charitable sector, Vancouver Foundation openly licenses our data and intellectual property wherever possible.

Open licensing is a global movement. Public institutions, governments, and charities contribute a shared pool of nearly one billion licensed works in arts, music, culture, science, educational resources, and more. You may use, share, and remix these works at no cost to support your mission.

What You Can Use

Look out for the “CC by 4.0” mark on our materials – this means that you may use, share, and remix those materials for both commercial and non-commercial purposes if you name Vancouver Foundation as the creator of the work.

Most data sets, reports, and resources that are developed or produced by us, will bear the “CC by 4.0” mark.
We encourage (but do not require) grantees to also include an open license of their materials wherever possible.

What You Can’t Use

This does not mean everything you see on Vancouver Foundation’s website and other channels may be used. Something may not be openly licensed because:

  • It is owned by someone else, not Vancouver Foundation
  • It contains sensitive or private information
  • It would go against Indigenous principles of ownership, control, access, and possession (see OCAP [])


If you have questions or comments about our open licensing practice, please contact the Communications team: