Vancouver Foundation is a certified Living Wage employer. This means that we meet or exceed the Metro Vancouver Living Wage rate for all direct and contract staff. As of 2021, this amount is a minimum of $20.52 an hour.

The Living Wage is calculated based on a two-parent family with two children, the most common family unit in British Columbia. The Living Wage also assumes each parent is working full-time.

Vancouver Foundation pays a living wage to all permanent and contract staff and is a certified Living Wage Employer.

This amount is what a family of four needs to cover basic expenses, including:

  • Food

  • Clothing
  • Rental housing
  • Child care
  • Two weeks of emergency savings for each adult

Living Wage for Families

We champion the Living Wage for Families Campaign because everyone who works at a non-profit or charity deserves to earn a living wage. To help support grant-seekers to pay their staff a living wage for their region, we do not cap the amount a grant-seeker may request in their application for funding.


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