Flexible, general operating grants of $50,000 for BIPOC-led organizations in BC to support work in racial equity and racial justice.
Status: Grants will be offered in January 2023.
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Key Dates:

January 2023: Stage 1 Letter of Intent

February 2023: Stage 1 LOI Assessment

March 2023: Invitation to Stage 2 Full Application

March – April 2023:  Stage 2 Full Application – Oral or Written format available

May to July 2023: Advisor Review

July 2023: Grants Meeting

July 2023: Decisions communicated via email

The LEVEL BIPOC Grants Program offers flexible, operating grants of up to $50,000 to BIPOC-led charities and other qualified donees to cover costs that will contribute to their stability and capacity to advance racial equity and racial justice within their communities.

BIPOC-led organizations face disproportionate barriers to accessing reliable and flexible funding, which impacts their capacity to run programs and initiatives, manage resources, and respond to emerging needs. Addressing racial inequities and injustices is important systems change work and racialized communities are at the forefront of solutions by and for their communities. These grants are intended to be used at the discretion of these organizations based on their need and priorities to ultimately support the aspirations and hopes of BIPOC leaders in their work to advance racial justice. Learn more about why Vancouver Foundation offers LEVEL BIPOC Grants.


  • Applicants must be a qualified donee; or, if you are not a qualified donee, you can apply as an intermediary in partnership with a qualified donee organization to carry out the activities associated with the funding request.
  • Must be based in and serving communities in BC
  • Be a BIPOC-led organization (defined as groups where at least two-thirds of senior staff or board leadership positions are held by those who self-identify as Black, Indigenous or People of Colour) and serving BIPOC communities in BC


  • Indigenous and Black-led organizations because we recognize the disproportionate impact of institutional and systemic racism on Indigenous and Black communities both historically and currently.
  • Organizations led by young BIPOC leaders, organizations with a demonstrated track record of meaningfully engaging and centring the experiences and wisdom of Indigenous, Black, and racialized immigrant and refugee young people in their organization’s decision-making process.
  • BIPOC-led organizations in remote communities that have limited access to funding opportunities.