Securities are a more tax-efficient way to support Vancouver Foundation and your favourite charities.

You can donate securities like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds to create or top-up an endowment fund at Vancouver Foundation. It’s easy to do – and it could save you money at tax time.

Benefits of Donating Securities

Instant Tax Receipts

You receive an immediate donation receipt for the fair market value of the security, which is usually set on the day we receive your gift.

Save on Capital Gains Tax

You reduce how much you’ll pay in capital gains tax on your securities. This applies whether you donate your securities in your lifetime or through your estate. This means your gift can go further.

Start a Fund

You can open an endowment fund at Vancouver Foundation right away with a gift of securities worth $1,000 or more.

Calculating Your Tax Savings

How much would you be saving in tax by donating securities? Use our Donation Calculator to find out.

Here’s an example: If you purchased shares for $1,000, and those shares have now appreciated to $10,000 in value, this means you have a capital gain of $9,000.

When you sell those shares at that value, you must pay a capital gains tax on half that amount, or $4,500.

However, you can avoid paying the capital gains tax by donating the shares directly to Vancouver Foundation or any charity of your choice.

To sweeten the pot, you’ll also receive a charitable tax receipt for the full value of your donation.

How Donating Securities Works

Your professional advisor can help you with donating securities to Vancouver Foundation, including gifts of paper share certificates.

You’ll need to also complete and sign our Authorization and Direction Form and send it to us.

Donate Securities Today

Our Donor Services team can you help you with donating stocks, bonds or mutual funds.

Phone: 604.688.2204