Featured Grants

Burrard Marina Field House

A collaborative art project bringing artists and the community together to address social issues.
Arts & Culture


Providing marginalized Vancouver residents with access to emerging creative technologies.
Arts & Culture | Education

Out In Schools

Ground-up advocacy to create welcoming and inclusive schools for LGBT2Q+ students.
Education | Youth

Bird Aware Cat Care

Cats are adorable, but left free to roam are responsible for millions of bird deaths in Canada each year.
Animal Welfare | Children & Families | Education | Environment | Youth

Climate Adaptation For Small-Scale Farmers

Hands-on research and education addressing the impacts of climate change on local food producers.
Education | Environment

Neighbourhood Love Letters

An art and dialogue project to strengthen community connections for foster care youth.
Addressing Homelessness | Arts & Culture | Youth

Pivot: Preventing Re-Victimization

Preventing women from being re-victimized when reporting sexual assaults.
Health | Social Services

Through Our Own Eyes

Understanding the damaging impact HIV non-disclosure laws have on women.

LIVING IN COMMUNITY: Balancing Perspectives on Vancouver's Sex Industry

Beyond The Margins

Uniting efforts across the province to create safer communities for sex workers.
Health | Social Services

Research: Harm Reduction in Homeless Shelters

A study of drug use in Victoria’s homeless shelters, and key policy recommendations.
Addressing Homelessness | Health

Democratizing Our Stage

The Cultch is expanding its work with diverse artists to reach out to new audiences.
Arts & Culture | Education

Through A Different Lens

Enabling teachers to focus on alternative teaching methods for vulnerable students K-12.
Education | Youth

Local Economic Development Lab

A place-based initiative to generate, implement, and scale community designed ideas in Vancouver’s DTES.
Addressing Homelessness | Education | Health | Social Services

Humane Wildlife Control Accreditation

Developing a humane and ecological accreditation program for wildlife control across Canada.
Animal Welfare | Environment

Missing Women

'Missing' bears witness to missing and murdered Indigenous women in an opera about one unknown woman.
Arts & Culture | Education

Reconnecting to Laxgalts'ap (Old Town)

A community driven research project to pass on cultural / ecological knowledge from generation to generation.
Education | Environment | Health | Youth

Oil Spill Response

An education and advocacy campaign to improve community strength and resilience to oil spills.
Environment | Health

Binners’ Project

Building urban resilience, social inclusively, and community connections for "binners".
Addressing Homelessness | Environment | Health | Social Services

Older Women’s Dialogue Project

Older women come together to take action on legal and policy issues that affect them.
Addressing Homelessness | Health | Social Services

East Van Green

A community hub to promote sustainability, local food, and organic waste management.
Children & Families | Environment | Health | Youth

Breastfeeding Art Expo

A community art project to shift awareness and understanding of the health benefits of breastfeeding.
Arts & Culture | Children & Families | Education | Health | Social Services