LEVEL Youth Policy Program 2020 — Now Accepting Applications

November 5, 2019

From now until December 12, the LEVEL Youth Policy Program (LEVEL YPP) is  accepting applications for its second cohort.

The LEVEL Youth Policy Program is a six-month leadership program for a cohort of 12 young BC residents to learn how to influence the public policy process and address issues impacting their lives. The LEVEL Youth Policy Program is only open to Indigenous, racialized immigrant, and refugee youth. Each cohort learns from a diverse range of instructors — from journalists to lawyers, and elected officials to Indigenous policymakers.

Go to the LEVEL website >> https://levelvf.ca/


Indigenous and racialized newcomer youth are disproportionately impacted by certain public policies and are rarely included in the development and implementation of public policy process. That’s why we created the LEVEL Youth Policy Program — to address this racial inequity in the policy arena.​

The 2019 LEVEL YPP cohort meets with BC Premier John Horgan, and MLAs, in Victoria for a module.

How It Works

Between February and September, the cohort will meet for two days every month.

At the end of program, each participant will have developed a policy project that they are interested in pursuing. Participants will learn to build coalitions, work in multi-stakeholder environments and locate power in government, among other key concepts in public policy. A key focus of the LEVEL Youth Policy Program’s curriculum is learning how to approach policy and advocacy work on unceded Indigenous territories.

Go to the FAQ >> https://levelvf.ca/youth-policy-program/faq/

Who’s Eligible?

LEVEL YPP is only open to residents of BC between the ages of 19 and 29 who identify as being Indigenous, a racialized immigrant, or a racialized refugee. Applicants do not need to be a permanent resident or Canadian citizen.

Check Out the 2019 Student Stories >> https://levelvf.ca/news-happenings/student-stories/

Follow the journey at #YPP2020 on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

The hashtag for the 2019 cohort is #YPP2019.

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