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Neighbourhood Small Grants program is growing

February 13, 2013

Vancouver Foundation is very pleased to announce that its Neighbourhood Small Grants program (NSG) is expanding, again.

February 13, 2013 — “Our Neighbourhood Small Grants program started in Vancouver in 1999, with one neighbourhood,” says Vancouver Foundation President and CEO Faye Wightman. “It soon expanded to nine, and then 16 neighbourhoods. In the last two years, NSG has grown into Surrey, North Vancouver, and New Westminster. Now, we’re going to include all Vancouver neighbourhoods through existing partners; South Burnaby Neighbourhood House will cover all of Burnaby; and services on the north shore will be expanded to include West Vancouver.”


Wightman is quick to point out that the basic philosophy of NSG — empower neighbourhoods to make small grants of up to $1,000 for local projects that build connections between residents — stays the same. “The model has worked so well, that we won’t change the basic structure — but just expand it to a larger area.”


Neighbourhood Small Grants help to stimulate creativity, encourage local solutions, build connections between neighbours, and engage people from all backgrounds and circumstances in the life of their community.


With this expansion, a growing number of metro residents will have the chance to get their hands dirty in a community garden; or learn how to preserve their harvest at a canning workshop, and enjoy it year-round; or listen to stories told by an elder; or meet neighbours at a street party or movie night; and leave a book at the book exchange. These are just a few of the hundreds of wonderful resident-driven ideas we fund each year.


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Vancouver Foundation helps build more vibrant and resilient communities in BC. We do this by harnessing the gifts of energy, ideas, time, and money of caring citizens to make meaningful and lasting impacts. We are Canada’s largest community foundation and we have been investing in communities since 1943.


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