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Vancouver Foundation supports the launch of Streetohome with $500,000

February 2, 2009

Streetohome officially launched with an announcement of $750,000 in private funding to projects that address homelessness.

February 2, 2009
Streetohome Foundation contributes $750,000 of private donations to address homelessness

Streetohome Foundation officially launched today and gave $750,000 in private funding to
projects that address homelessness. The Foundation’s aim is to help ensure that, by 2015,
people who are homeless in Vancouver have access to safe, decent, affordable housing and
support services.
“This is the first, broad community-based initiative designed to tackle homelessness in
Vancouver,” said John McLernon, Chair of Streetohome and co-founder of Colliers
International. “Streetohome brings together 25 leaders from all sectors of the community:
non-profits, community groups, governments and business. Our work will bring new funding
(particularly from private donors), new partnerships and previously untapped strategic
resources to build on the work already being done to tackle homelessness.”
From private donors, the Streetohome Foundation raised funds for two projects:
• $250,000 toward the just announced London Hotel Project with 72 units. The funds
will be used to renovate rooms and bathrooms for use by people who are homeless.
• $500,000 toward renovations to the Aboriginal Mothers’ Centre. The renovations will
create 16 units of transitional supportive housing. The apartments will help aboriginal
women to get custody of their children who are in foster care, and help new mothers
keep their babies.
In addition to these donations, last December, again with the help of private donors,
Streetohome gave $500,000 to help the Province and City of Vancouver fund temporary
overnight shelter beds.
“Community partnerships are the best way to tackle homelessness, which is why the
Province provided $500,000 to help start the Streetohome Foundation,” said Rich Coleman,
Minister of Housing and Social Development. “Thanks to the Foundation’s links to the
community, we’ve had many anonymous donors step up and help fund shelters and
supportive housing.”
Besides the Province’s initial financial support, Streetohome Foundation was also given startup
funding — of $500,000 each — from the City of Vancouver and Vancouver Foundation.
“The work that Streetohome is doing to solve homelessness is catalyzing change across the
city,” said Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson. “In just a few short months, Streetohome has
created partnerships and collaborations across different sectors, and has made generous
contributions to fund shelters and housing. As Mayor, I am very excited about the work the
city can do with Streetohome in the years to come.”
Chief Justice Donald Brenner, who serves as Vice-Chair of Vancouver Foundation, explained
why Vancouver Foundation was eager to provide seed funding for Streetohome. “For us,
Streetohome represented a new approach to the problem of homelessness: an opportunity to
get everyone involved and tap new sources of energy, support and funding. And it tied in
well to the philosophy we have at Vancouver Foundation — which is that we all owe
something back to our community.”
Streetohome plans to focus its initial work on its “QuickStart Program” — an initiative to
fund housing projects that include on-site support services for chronically homeless
individuals. The Foundation will also develop a measurable, longer-term strategy to help
ensure access to safe, decent and affordable housing by 2015 for all people in Vancouver
who are experiencing homelessness.
For more information on Streetohome Foundation, its structure, goals and projects, go to:
For more information contact:
Vancouver Foundation
604.629.5184 (w)
604.561.5922 (c)
Streetohome Foundation
604.629.2711 (ext 503)

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