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B.C. Arts Renaissance Fund

Vancouver Foundation

 Vancouver Foundation

A unique program creates stability for B.C. arts organizations. With a $25M donation from the Province of B.C., Vancouver Foundation offers arts and cultural organizations matching grants to create their own permanent endowment funds. In other words, if an arts organization creates a $25,000 fund, it can turn into $50,000. This program helps art organizations maintain their functional needs and artistic ambitions.

The Vancouver International Writers Festival Society and the Gordon and Marion Smith Foundation for Young Artists are two of the numerous organizations that have benefited from these matching endowment funds.

This program is sustainable and makes a huge difference for these organizations. Art organizations now have a secure source of funding that offers them financial independence and stability. This guarantees these organizations will live into the future and continue to provide B.C. with a lively arts and cultural community.

(Originally aired: 2007)

BC Arts Renaissance Fund - Vancouver Foundation

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