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Bringing a bog back to life

Pacific Parklands Foundation

Pacific Parklands Foundation

They call them the crazy boggers. In 1999, a group of volunteers with the Pacific Parklands Foundation set about restoring the Camosun Bog on the fringes of Pacific Spirit Park in Vancouver. Six years later it is a perfect bog habitat.

Many similar projects are in the works at Pacific Parklands Foundation, which aims to bridge the gap between government funding and the needs of our urban parks. With support from Vancouver Foundation and income from their endowment, they fund various projects in our parks.

As for the bog, the sphagnum moss is still growing and dedicated volunteers are raising money to extend the boardwalk, reclaim more bog, and provide education about the bog and its important environmental role.


(Originally aired: 2005)

Bringing a bog back to life - Pacific Parkland Foundation

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