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Empowering Philanthropy: Benefits for Your Clients and Your Business

Janice Loomer Margolis on October 18, 2018 - Empowering Philanthropy: Benefits for Your Clients and Your Business
October 18 , 2018
7:30am - 10:00am

Vancouver Foundation values its relationship with professional advisors, who play an important role in supporting the charitable sector. To learn about our services and upcoming events for professional advisors, join our Foundation Focus newsletter for professional advisors here.

Many financial planners find it challenging to build deep, personal relationships with their clients.  Those who go beyond a transactional relationship have often engaged clients in a dialogue about their values, which can be done effectively through philanthropy.

In an interactive breakfast workshop, led by philanthropy advisor Janice Loomer Margolis, professional advisors from the finance sector learned how to start the journey to charitable giving with their clients, in a way that results in deeper trust, stronger connection and a lasting relationship.

Attendees learned about:

  • Giving options for clients, including donor advised funds and private foundations
  • The discovery process to help clients to consider and share their values
  • Why people give, and how giving can benefit clients

By the end of the session, attendees had built a toolkit, to start having conversations about philanthropy with their clients. This included:

  • Suggested questions to lead to meaningful dialogue
  • Guidelines for navigating difficult conversations and situations within the client's family
  • An action plan to help incorporate philanthropy into their practice

To learn more about how Vancouver Foundation works with professional advisors to offer personalized services for your clients interested in philanthropy, click here.

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